Be Not Nice – Be Good Instead!

Be Not Nice – Be Good Instead!

            This weekend is Respect Life Weekend!

ProLifeCorner-   And Western Civilization is dying!  The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is dying! And Orthodox Christianity is dying!

These things are not simply dying as in natural old age. Just a few decades ago it could have been argued that each of these things were in their prime. But now, just a few short years later all three institutions are, it appears, near possible death. These institutions, Western Civilization, the United States of America and Orthodox Christianity are being murdered. Each of these three has been placed upon a Satanic altar and stabbed repeatedly and all three are now bleeding out quickly and proficiently. There is precious little time remaining to tend to these wounds.

What is the instrument that is being used to murder western civilization, the United States and Orthodox Christianity? I know you’re probably thinking I’m going to say abortion or contraception, right? But the most effective instrument of murder is being “nice.” Yes, that’s right, being nice, or rather, “nice-ness.” The last fifty years has seen the Satanic Marxist/Socialist/progressive/liberal infiltration of every aspect of our lives and now we are seeing the hyper-infiltration of Radical Islam, which is a political system very similar to Marxism in its ends.  You see, Satan is highly flexible, he uses atheistic systems such as Marxism and he uses religious systems such as Radical Islam. He doesn’t care what the means are to our destruction. All that matters to him is that as many souls as possible end up separating from God, which is to say in Hell.

His number one tactic in the Western Judeo/Christian world over the last century has been the endless insistent drilling of the new post-Vatican II cardinal human virtue; that only the most important and the most knowledgeable person is able process the true message of Jesus Christ in the gospel – that being that everyone must always, always, always be Nice. Not only is nice not a virtue, St. Thomas Aquinas would argue that it is sin of defect against the moral virtue of truthfulness! A virtue is a good habit practiced in a perfect manner according to the standards of revealed Truth! When a person acts excessively or defectively, they commit a sin. For instance, Truthfulness is a moral virtue aligned with the Cardinal Virtue of Justice, because it is just and virtuous to be truthful. Boasting or exaggeration would be a sin of excess against the moral virtue of truthfulness. Lying or being silent in the face of falsehood would be a sin of defect against the moral virtue of truthfulness!

Nice is a defect of virtue that steadily weakens and handicaps the true virtues to the point where they are no longer present at all. At that point, all that remains is an empty dried shell where a person once was. When Western Civilization, the United States, and finally the Church is filled with nothing but these empty shells called nice people, then collapse and being overthrown by the enemy is a complete certainty and we are not too far from that right now.

Now, some of you are probably very confused as to why I am rallying against being nice. The reason we might be confused is many don’t know what the word nice means. Many may think they do, but, many really don’t.  Words have meaning.  And too often today many people use words that they don’t know the meaning of and this is all part of the Satanic Marxist plan. This dumbing down of language through the education system and secular mass media has allowed for the twisting of language so that now completely contradictory concepts can be presented as linguistic equivalence. For example: the statement, “Islam means peace,” well no it does not, or that “healthcare is a right,” no it isn’t! Or that “tolerance is a virtue” – it most certainty never was, is not now, and never will be! In fact, toleration of a sin is a sin. And finally my favorite, “You need to be nice.”

Accordingly to the Marian dictionary, feel free to look it up; the word nice comes from the middle English meaning for foolish. The middle English word came from the Anglo-French meaning silly or simple. The Anglo-French came from the Latin word Nescious. Which means ignorant and the Latin root of Nescious is Nescire. Nescire is a compound Latin root; the first root is “ne” which means not. The second root is “scire” which means knowledge. This is the same root that gives us the English word “science”. So, Nescire in Latin literally means “to know nothing.” One Latin word through France into England and let it tract and corrupt about a thousand years or so and you end up with the modern English word Nice. For many centuries up until the 20th century a nice person was a foolish ignorant agreeable know-nothing simpleton. Because if a person is foolish they can’t know knowledge so they tend to agree with anything anyone says. Otherwise, they are afraid they will be branded a “hater,” or a “racist,” or something else equally absurd!

Is this starting to click? Enter the Satanic Marxism milieu into Western Civilization in the early 20th century through both the school system and the Church. Suddenly hot from the blackboard and preached from the pulpit, nice-ness evolved into the single most admirable quality that a person and a society can possess. That’s right. We’ve been steadily conditioned to be ignorant fools that agrees with anything that anyone says in order to be nice.

? Is it now completely obvious to you and I that we have been totally set up for the fall? This leads us to the terrifying realization that our entire culture most especially leadership through the civic leadership in our government, the intellectual  leadership through our academic media and the moral leadership through the Church has been completely intellectuality and morally hamstrung by this false teaching on being nice.

In our culture, niceness seems to have been elevated to a new cardinal virtue and we now know that niceness is really ignorance and foolishness so what this means is that ignorance and foolishness can be considered moral virtues. And knowledge and reason are considered vices which merit being labelled as haters or racists. One needs look no further than the inner city to see confirmation of this. Anyone who utilizes facts, logical argument, objective Truth or God forbid, Common Sense is cast as an intolerant, bigoted, hateful and even in a sense a subhuman person.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, so what is my point in all this? What am I saying here?  What I am saying is that you and I need to stop being conditioned to accept always being nice. In fact, you and I need to stop being bullied into being nice. We need to stop agreeing with every lie and stop agreeing with every objective falsehood that we hear for the sake of being nice.

No more going along to get along because otherwise the place that we might be going along to is Hell itself. Not only that, but we need to start loving God with all our hearts, with all our bodies, with all our souls and all our minds and when someone says something that is false, we all need to fearlessly boldly and in complete Truth and fraternal Charity stand up and correct them. Stand up and say, “No that is not true. We need to start calling EVIL by its name when we see it. Radical Islam is Evil! Abortion is Evil! Contraception is Evil! Cohabitation is Evil! Same-sex marriage is Evil! And yes, Socialism is Evil!

If we continue to persist in this NICE garbage our civilization will be exterminated by Evil and it will happen very, very quickly. My only advice is when things get really bad; seek out the most not nice person you can find. Because that is the person who will lay down his or her life fighting to defend you from the Evil we opened the door to in the first place while we were busy denying Christ and instead worshipping at the Satanic alter of Nice.  And, by the way, the next time someone says to you that “you are a nice person,” please respond, “I’m good, but not nice!” and then explain to them why. That’s the only way things are might change.

Mary, Mother of Truth, pray for us!

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