Betrayal in Rockford?

Bruce Rauner the Illinois Republican Candidate for Governor is 100% pro-abortion.

Rockford, Il – ( – 6-8-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We here in Rockford have a lot of experience with an abortion clinic that celebrated the killing of babies by abortion as a demonic victory over God. 

We here in Rockford know about an abortion mill that did not sanitize surgical instruments and treated mothers like they were less than animals.

So why are Rockford area Republican leaders trying to bring abortion back to our city by raising funds for the pro-abortion Bruce Rauner?

Republicans like Rep. Joe Sosnoswki, Sen. Dave Syverson, Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christensen, Gloria Cudia, and many other Republican leaders have turned their back on the unborn by raising money for Bruce Rauner who supports the murder of babies.

Bruce Rauner is a HUGE supporter of Planned Parenthood and the promotion of abortion has been the center of Rauner’s Campaign. 

If Rauner is elected we can expect a push to bring another baby killing center to Rockford and all with the support and approval of our local Republican politicians.

Who would have thought that the Illinois Department of Public Health would close the horrific Rockford abortion mill under Democratic Governor Pat Quinn and our local Republican leaders would be doing all in their power to elect a man who would like to begin the killing all over again in Rockford.

Please join us this Wednesday June 11th from 4:30pm – 6:00pm to hold a pro-life sign and pray outside of Giovanni’s restaurant 610 N Bell School Rd, Rockford, IL, where Bruce Rauner and Rockford area Republican leaders will be raising money to promote Bruce Rauners pro-abortion campaign.

Together we can show Bruce Rauner and the Winnebago County Republican establishment that every child in the womb is loved by God and is our sister or brother.

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11 thoughts on “Betrayal in Rockford?

  1. You are right, Rauner is a supporter of planned parenthood and he will owe them for their support in the campaign. If a PP mill comes to Rockford under Rauners watch as Governor then Rep. Joe Sosnoswki, Sen. Dave Syverson, and Scott Christensen will be responsible.

  2. I’m glad this is a both a protest and prayer event. This country is losing it’s soul and we need a lot of prayer.

  3. There will be no liberty in America without virtue, which gives us the right reason to self-regulate our behavior in favor of what we should do, as opposed to what we want to do. Mr. Rauner has abandoned virtue, so there will be no enhancement of liberty on his watch, should he be elected. Citizens of Illinois, along with those of the rest of the nation are suffering under the onslaught of “Progressive” social polies, which promote evil and call it good. Mr. Rauner is all in favor of this, he just wants to control the purse strings.

  4. I am sure that Bruce Rauner will find out, that there are more prolife people out there that just do not vote for a person who believes it is okay to kill a baby in the womb. God help this nation.

  5. I am not surprised about the spineless Republican party. What a worthless bunch. I am very disappointed to see Gloria Cudia listed. She was once a very big pro-life activisit.

    • The Republicans are becoming the party of money only when the abandon life. Money without morals leads to ruined lives

  6. Perfect is always the enemy of good.
    Attacking Rauner’s wife? Really? Anything good to say about Quinn? Is this just another public union ploy to split Republican voters? Bruce Rauner is not running for Supreme Court Justice, that’s where the ultimate decision to protect the innocent lies. The Governor of Illinois plays little to no role in Roe vs Wade.

    You won’t find Bonnie Quirk or Irene Napier at this event. They are the real Pro-Life people of northern Illinois. Why? Because they support Bruce Rauner.

    Listen, the Public unions spent 6 million attempting to defeat Rauner in the primary with the likes of Kirk Dillard, a staunch public union supporter. They attempted to recruit Sam McCann to run for Governor as an independent and failed. Now they are stirring up pro-lifers to shoot themselves in the foot. And ya all are falling for it.

    This State goes down the toilet if Rauner is not elected Governor. What does Rauner have that makes him such a great candidate for Governor? He can’t be bought. And personally he has admitted he is pro-life.

    So protest away. Stupid is as stupid does. Might as well bring VOTE FOR QUINN banners with you, cause that’s your only option idiots.

    • Hi Michael,

      So a person who says as Rauner does the intentional mass murder of millions upon millions of human children in the womb is OK is a guy you will vote for? Well I hope the couple extra dollars Rauner might put in your wallet soothes your conscience.

      Would an extra dollar in your wallet for 100 babies killed be enough for you.

      The position of Governor in HUGE when it comes to saving babies lives. From clinic regulations, to abortionist admitting privileges, to limits on late term abortions, to tax payer money for planned parenthood, to parental rights, to school nurses taking teenagers for abortions without parents knowing, to countless other legislative issues that mean life of death every day for babies in the womb.

      Make no mistake a vote for Rauner is a vote to murder babies. But the couple of extra bucks in your wallet may make you feel better.

  7. Unfortunately, most of the elected Republicans in Winn. Co. are RINO’S. Winn. Co. has the highest property taxes in the state and one of the highest in the nation, behind only counties in New York and New Jersey. Winn. Co. has a long tradition of elected RINO’S, going back to John B. Anderson. These aren’t just any RINO’S, but are particularly pro-abort. Of course, it’s all moot considering that economic liberalism follows social liberalism. Winn. Co. has the highest property taxes in the state. Good work, elected Republicans. A county as politically competitive as Winn Co. is SHOULD NOT be this way. John Kerry lost the county. But for Obamanoia, the county would have went the same way in 2012. These people need to be primaried.

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