Bruce Rauner – Republican, Pro-Abortion, Anti-Family

Rockford, Il – ( – 5-14-2014 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The Illinois Republican candidate for Governor has again shown he is no friend of the unborn or the family.

Bruce Rauner attended a gala fundraiser for the ACLU that was a celebration of abortion in the state of Illinois.  We here in Rockford know what that means.  A celebration of the murder of babies by dirty, dangerous, and unsanitary abortion mills that take pleasure in the deaths of babies and mocking God.

Bruce Rauner refused to attend a dinner with pro-life politician Mike Huckebee and Rauner also refused to attend a dinner with a pro-family Pastor because this Pastor dared to support what the Bible says about marriage. Click Here

Bruce Rauner’s wife is a member of the host committee team for the ACLU event that celebrated the killing of babies.  She is also an admitted lifelong democrat. Click here

You can decide for yourself if you want to vote for a pro-abortion anti-family candidate for Illinois Governor.  If you do Bruce Rauner is your man. 

9 thoughts on “Bruce Rauner – Republican, Pro-Abortion, Anti-Family

  1. Most of this information about Bruce Rauner was known prior to his primary election. In the case where neither candidate for office (Rauner & Quinn) meet the Pro life standards, Catholics are instructed to pick the one who will do the least damage. Quinn’s fiscal record demonstrates that he is not a friend of the common man and has seriously harmed the employment climate in Illinois. Rauner has pledged to return the state to fiscal sanity and prosperity. Rauner focuses on fiscal issues..Quinn on social issues including abortion, same sex marriage etc and openly has championed those causes. Rauner says he will not. I’ll vote for Rauner, although he was not my 1st choice.

    • Mr. Block,

      Clearly you are a man of good will who is trying to do what is right but you are very wrong.

      NEVER, NEVER, NEVER vote for a person who says they are for murdering babies. No excuse, no reason can ever justify voting for a person who has pledged to murder the innocent.

      If Hitler was running for chancellor and pledged to murder six million Jews and Gobbles is running against him but only pledged to murder three million Jews would you vote for Gobbles?

      • This is a conundrum because refusing to vote for Rauner will insure that Quinn wins again. So no matter what you do a pro-abort politician will be in the governor’s office. So perhaps you must make your decision on other issues. Which one of the two will cause the least damage? Abstaining is the same as voting for Quinn.

        • Abstaining is NOT voting for Quinn…..abstaining is NOT voting for a man who will murder babies.

          All it comes down to is our responsibility to NOT vote for a person who murders other people.

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