Planned Parenthood Protest This Saturday in Aurora, IL.

Planned Parenthood is on the Ropes

ProLifeCorner- Rockford-   A reminder from Eric Scheidler of the Pro-life Action League. There’ll be a protest against the mega Corporation Planned Parenthood in 290+ locations nationwide. For northern Illinois that will be at Planned Parenthood Aurora Health Center 3051 E New York Street, Aurora, IL 60504. See link below for information and map location for the Aurora killing center.

Congress held another hearing on the nation’s largest abortion chain yesterday, and the effort to revoke their massive government subsidy is continuing as well.

Meanwhile, a federal judge in San Francisco just ruled that Congress can have access to ALL of the Center for Medical Progress videos — even those the abortion industry has sued to keep out of the public eye! Continue reading

A Fetus is Not Just ‘Blobs of Tissue’

A fetus is not just ‘blobs of tissue’

ProLifeCorner-   Loves Park IL.- By Vicki Johnson-

An article in the Sept. 17 paper reported on the ongoing atrocities of Planned Parenthood, doing abortions and selling-off the fetal body parts, that have been shown in the flesh in 10 different undercover videos done by a pro-life group. The article uses the words “fetal cells” three times, and “fetal tissue” seven times. These are nice, medical, inoffensive terms that lend themselves well to the pro-abortion narrative — that what is being aborted is only a “blob of tissue.”

Let’s be accurate. Nowhere do the Planned Parenthood officials simply say fetal cells. What is shown on the videos, is that Planned Parenthood is selling arms, legs, brains, livers, hearts, eyeballs and head — human body parts.

Although an unborn baby, once it is killed, doesn’t really care what you do with its brain, her death is the real abomination. What upsets Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion supporters is that the actual body parts makes the baby killed more human.

There aren’t too many “blobs of tissue” with arms, legs and beating hearts. The injustice is the killing, not selling body parts. But these videos are righteous. America will not turn against abortion until America sees abortion. Continue reading

Fence Sitters

Fence Sitters

ProLifeCorner- (CAN) There was a large group of people. On one side of the group stood Jesus.   On  the other side of the group stood Satan. Separating them, running through the group was a fence.

The scene was set, both Jesus and Satan began calling to the people in the group. One by one, each having made up his or her mind, each went to either Jesus or Satan. This kept going on for a while, and eventually Jesus had gathered around him a group of people from the larger crowds, as did Satan.

But one man joined neither group. He climbed the fence that was there and just sat down on it. Then Jesus and his people left and disappeared. So too, did Satan and his people.  And the man on the fence sat alone.

As this man sat there, Satan came back and appeared to be looking for something that he’d lost. The man said, “Have you lost something?” Satan looked straight at him and replied, “No, there you are. Come with me.” “But,” said the man, “I sat on the fence. I chose neither you nor Him.” “That’s okay,” said Satan. “I own the fence.”

[By David Langerfeld]

Satan doesn’t care if you read the Bible, as long as you don’t apply it to your life. Continue reading

Planned Parenthood Protest This Saturday in Aurora, IL.

Planned Parenthood Protest This Saturday in Aurora, IL.

ProLifeCorner-   Eric Scheidler, of the Pro Life Action League, is planning another demonstration against the mega killing center in Aurora, Il. Many of our readers may not be aware that Aurora is in the Rockford Diocese. Many dedicated pro-life citizens from the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative and pro-life citizens from southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois pray and witness at the Aurora killing center on a regular basis. Some of you may recall that the Pro Life Action League and other dedicated groups protested Planned Parenthood on August 22 of this year. These protests were nationwide and were held at many Planned Parenthood centers across the country. Over 78,000 people attended the August rally and it is hoped to increase that number significantly this Saturday.

The scandal surrounding Planned Parenthood’s illicit trafficking in aborted babies’ body parts is still raging, and we need to keep the pressure on. Continue reading

Planned Parenthood’s Continued Atrocities Towards The Preborn

Planned Parenthood’s Continued Atrocities Towards The Preborn – 10-5-2015 – Believe it or not, there is yet another video concerning Planned Parenthood, their atrocities, and their total lack of any humanity.  PP makes Hitler and Mengele look like choirboys!  LifeSite News once again brings this to the forefront for us to see.

New video: Planned Parenthood abortionist jokes about harvesting baby’s brains, getting ‘intact’ head.
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Let The Children Come To Me

Let The Children Come To Me

ProLifeCorner- Oct 4 2015- Respect life Sunday: A dear friend of the ProLifeCorner delivered this homily today.

“And people were bringing children to Him that He might touch them, … Then He embraced them and blessed them, placing His hands on them.”

In a poignant scene at the end of Morris West’s novel The Clowns of God, Jesus has made His presence known in the midst of a small French community the night before Christ­mas. It’s the eve of World War III, and a terrified world is bracing for nuclear holocaust. Continue reading

Unsung Heroes!

Rockford Pro-Life Initiative 300xUnsung Heroes!

ProLifeCorner-  Rockford Il-  Respect Life Sunday- Oct 4 2015-

Who are the unsung heroes, willing to risk their lives in order to preserve life? They show us what it means to be Christian. Many are poor, yet they give whatever they can to pregnancy centers, maternity homes and other pro-life organizations. They have bake sales, garage sales and baby bottle drives and sponsor other events to help fund pro-life outreach.

Day after day, week after week and year after year, with nothing to personally gain, they make sacrifices to reach out to total strangers. They are prayer warriors feverishly petitioning heaven to spare the life of an innocent child and his/her parents from a life of deep regret. Continue reading

Why Do They Hate Jesus So Much?

Why Do They Hate Jesus So Much? – 10-3-2015 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – We all know anti-Christian persecution is on the rise and is the only politically correct form of hate our society accepts.  From Christians being beheaded in the Middle East to college students in America being executed for admitting they are Christians, the progressive culture of death is doing all it can to destroy Christian faith.

On Saturday morning, Oct 3, 2015, St. Bernadette Church in Rockford, Illinois had two ten foot signs stolen from their property and the poles that held the signs vandalized and destroyed.
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ProLifeCorner-     Rockford’s Life Chain will take place Sunday Oct 4, from 2-3pm at the corner of Alpine and Highcrest. Easy parking and pro-life signs will be available in the parking lot of Holy Family Church. Now more than ever we need to show our community that the people of Rockford will stand in public and defend life as long as one child is in danger of abortion.

This years Life Chain takes on special significance with the revelations of the industrial scale nature of the killing of children by Planned Parenthood and the trafficking of human body parts by the abortion industry. As Christians we must expose the killing of innocent children to the public. We must also pray and do penance for the killing of so many children by abortion.   Continue reading

More Fraud at PP the Fourth Branch of the Government

More Fraud at Planned Parenthood

ProLifeCorner – 9-30-2015 – by staff – It seems the stories of abuse at Planned Parenthood never stop.  Here we go again.  Now they have been caught engaging in fraud using taxpayer money.  There are billing violations, misuse of Medicaid, and the list goes on.  They murder the unborn then sell their body parts for more money.  Just how much does it take to satisfy their blood lust?  Please read the article below from   They have been at the forefront of breaking news on the abuses at Planned Parenthood.

If this Corporation was Chrysler or GM the public would be screaming their heads off and demanding that the corporate heads be punished and sent to prison. But this Corporation Planned Parenthood is protected by those on the extreme left in our government and our left leaning citizens. Somehow this evil Corporation has assumed a undeserved status of the fourth branch of our government. We have  The legislative, The judicial, and The executive branches of government all dancing to the tune of Planned Parenthood the unofficial Fourth branch of the of our government. Isn’t it time for the American people to say we refuse to allow this giant corporation to continue to force its will upon the American people. Isn’t it time for decent people to say enough and reclaim the rights of the people to be heard. Isn’t it time to end this corrupt government of the lobbyist, for the lobbyist. Isn’t it time to return to a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Continue reading