Long Awaited Tour of the Madonna Renewal Center

ProLifeCorner – Freeport, Il – 10-25-2014 – by Staff –The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, are pleased to present a brief tour of the building which will house the Madonna Renewal Center.  Some of the restoration has been completed already; for example, the roof has been replaced and the grounds have been restored to their beauty.  While much has been accomplished, there is still much work to be done.  See and hear where the Sisters currently are in their project. Continue reading

As a free people will we allow free speech to be censured?

ProLifeCorner-   Our government continues its relentless attack on our rights to freedom of religion and our rights to free speech.  Back in 2012,  Eric and Joe Scheidler of the Pro life Action League, and countless thousands of other people all across this country, sent out warnings that Obama and many others in our central government were planning a Marxist style takeover of our medical industry and every day they get closer to accomplishing this dictatorial takeover of the medical industry.  Part of this takeover is the blatant attack on the rights of Christians to practice their religion, because it dictates that we pay for the murder of the preborn and the euthanizing of our infirm and elderly citizens. Continue reading

Madonna Renewal Center Event Big Success

Freeport, Il – Pro Life Corner – 9-28-2014 - On September 20 the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary held a Bratfest “come and see” event for the community in and around Freeport.  As we reported in our article of 9-13-2014, this was to introduce the renovation of the former St. Francis Hospital/School into the Madonna Renewal Center.

The many people who attended this event were treated to good food, camaraderie, and the music of our “Blue Nuns”.  Please watch the video below and you will see that the music was enjoyed by all and the Sisters really enjoyed sharing their musical heritage with everyone.  You can see Nuns do have fun!  The joy was evident on their smiling faces and it was also seen in the faces of everyone at the Bratfest! Continue reading

The third Sunday of Advent, Rejoice Sunday

ProLifeCorner.com-  Today is Rejoice Sunday; rejoice in the mercy and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Let us also remember it is the third Sunday of Advent.  A time of preparation and repentance in preparation for the coming of our Lord and Savior into our lives, our homes, our hearts and our minds. Continue reading

“The Five Laws Of Liberty” A Great Book

ProLifeCorner – Virginia Beach, VA- 10-18-2013 – By Frank Munda- The Five Laws Of Liberty was the topic of discussion on a  interview of the author, Scott Hyland, on CBN(Christian Broadcasting Network). It is rare to be able to recommend a book to all Christians, no matter what their denomination. I will even take it a step further: If you are an American patriot and don’t even consider yourself a Christian, this book is for you as well. Continue reading

Evolution versus God

ProLifeCorner.com-  By Frank Munda -  8-7-2013-  One of the simple pleasures I have in life is watching a good documentary on nature, planet Earth, or the intricate movements of the planets and the stars in our skies.  When I sit to watch a documentary, I get a can of soda and some popcorn, and watch the wonders God has created for us.  But just like clockwork, in no time at all,  the announcer will take the grin right off my face by slapping me alongside the head with their big stick called evolution, indoctrinating the viewers with the “theory” of evolution which is taught as fact.  Continue reading

Prayer Service For Life, Freeport Illinois

ProLifeCorner.com- Freeport IL.- 1-24-2013-   40 years after the infamous Roe v Wade decision, babies are still being killed in their mothers womb.  Who would have thought that in America we would be destroying our own future by allowing the killing of the pre-born baby in the womb.  On January 22 all across this once great land of ours people gathered at courthouses, churches, gravesites and Memorial sites for the purpose of remembering the babies who have been killed and the mothers and fathers who are wounded by the act of abortion. Continue reading

Hymns Of Praise In Honor Of Our Lord

ProLifeCorner.com- A wonderful group of Christians called Journey of Faith, sang hymns of praise in honor of our Lord Jesus Christ at a shopping mall, the South Bay Galleria, in Redondo Beach on December 18, 2010, much to the delight of local shoppers. They sang traditional Christ centered hymns to celebrate the birth of our Lord. Continue reading

Freeport life Chain 2012

Freeport IL-  ProLifeCorner.com- By Staff- This past Sunday pro-life Christians all across America and Canada hosted their annual prayer life chain. Citizens stand at a designated location; this location in Freeport has been, for the past 20+ years, at Stephenson and West Street. Each participant offers prayers to the Lord in their own way for an end to abortion and euthanasia. They also hold a small sign with a simple message such as: Continue reading

Plan To Attend Rockford’s Religious Freedom Rally

Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 10-5-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – You are needed at Rockford’s Religious Freedom Rally this Oct 20th.  Below are just ten of the many reasons to be part of the Religious Freedom Rally to be held at noon on Saturday October 20th, at the Stanley J. Roszkowski U.S. Courthouse, 327 S. Church St., in Rockford IL.  Continue reading