The New Atheism

The New Atheism

ProLifeCorner-  Editor-    A friend recently sent a link to the video below. I had the opportunity to watch it this morning and I found it very revealing. The gentleman who presented this video on the new atheism was originally from India, and in my opinion did an excellent job in his presentation. If you have a son or daughter in college or planning to go to college, I strongly suggest that you watch this video together as a family in order to prepare them for the attacks they will receive on their faith, not only in school but in all aspects of society.

As adults we, too, must be educated to the ways of the new atheism. The wisdom and sophistication of the attacks on Christianity are straight from the lips of Satan.

During this Christmas season do not allow Satan to steal your joy. May the love and joy of our Lord Jesus be with you and your families.

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How Do I Know God Exists Dinesh D’Souza

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Mary Fest 2015 Freeport Illinois

Mary Fest 2015 Freeport Illinois

ProLifeCorner-  Mary Fest 2015 – Join the Fun – Save the Date  Aug 16  Drop in for a Taste of Freeport Illinois.

Sunday, August 16, 2015 starts with International Mass at Noon and a Festival to follow at 1:00.

 Open to public with free admission. 

 Variety of food booths with flavors representing local ethnic groups:

Irish corned beef stew, Italian Beef, egg rolls from Philippine recipe, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Ribs, German brats and sauerkraut, Hispanic favorites – gorditas, tacos, enchiladas — and good ol’ hamburgers & hot dogs with yummy desserts of homemade cakes, pies, and ice cream sundaes. 

Live music (The Way) and our own local Youth Group band, Hispanic dancers, music and song from Nigeria, and more! Facepainting (very popular for all ages), balloon sculptures, games with prizes – we’re closing the street to traffic, so come to our mid-summer block party held around the grounds of St. Mary Church, 704 S State Street,  Freeport Illinois   Continue reading

A 5th video Showing how our tax dollars are Destroying Human Life

A 5th video showing how our tax dollars are destroying human life

ProLifeCorner- (PLC)-   8-4-2915 –  Once again Planned Parenthood is being exposed for the evil, disgusting, filthy organization it is.  What else can we expect from an organization whose founder was an occultist, anti-marriage, anti-children person?  Below you will see  the latest video, and possibly the worst yet!  Take time to read and then call your Senators and Representatives and ask them, no, tell them they need to vote to defund Planned Parenthood, that you are tired of your tax dollars being used to destroy innocent human life in such a barbaric manner.

You will find a hyper link just before the video below, after viewing the video please follow the link and sign the petition to defund this sinister, heartless organization. Continue reading

Defund Planned Parenthood Rockford Rally

Defund Planned Parenthood Rockford Rally

Rockford, Il – 7-30-2015 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative:   IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

Defund Planned Parenthood Rockford Rally

Sunday Aug 2, 2-3pm, corner of State and Alpine

This Sunday we will gather for an hour of prayer and public witness to show the people of Rockford that we do not accept the murder of babies for profit.

We will have signs that read “DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD”  and “PLANNED PARENTHOOD KILLS BABIES FOR CASH”that will be attached to pictures of babies in the womb.

Please join us for this hour of prayer and to show our city that the killing of babies must stop now! Continue reading

What Will You Say to Your grandchildren?

What Will You Say to Your grandchildren?

Another (3ed) video has been released exposing the atrocities of Planned Parenthood. – 7-28-2015 – It is with total shock we bring you yet another video exposing the evil of Planned Parenthood.  We must stand up and say ‘enough is enough’!  We must oppose the politicians who loudly and clearly support this heinous organization; politicians such as Hilary Clinton, Brack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and a host of others who speak out in favor of the murder of the unborn and the selling of the infants body parts for profit!  It is sad to say these people and this organization has made Hitler look like a callow schoolboy.   Years ago Pope Pius XII was accused of not helping the Jewish people during WWII.  It has since been proven that he, in fact, saved thousands of Jews from the gas chambers and death camps.  We must stand up against the atrocity of abortion/Planned Parenthood which is destroying our country as we speak.  Politicians have given in to PP and are supporting them with our tax dollars!! Now it is planned that they want even more-to make us pay for all abortions through a bogus health care program.  Are  you willing to stand by and allow yourself to become a part of the vile works of PP?  If you are willing to support them, your children and grandchildren will one day ask you what you did to stop this atrocity, just as many people have asked why no one tried to stop Hitler, but just were indifferent to what was happening around them. Continue reading

A Time For Prayer And Action

A Time For Prayer And Action – Rockford IL.- Rockford Pro-life initiative – 7-22-2015 – On Tuesday July 21, a second video was released showing how Planned Parenthood is in the business of selling the body parts of children killed by abortion. The first video shows Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, describing how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted unborn children and admitting she uses partial-birth abortions to supply intact body parts

In the second video, Mary Gatter, a Medical director for Planned Parenthood, negotiates the pricing of aborted baby body parts, including the cost for such things as a baby’s liver, head and heart. The video shows Gatter haggling over payments for intact baby body parts and offering to use a “less crunchy technique” of aborting babies in the womb to get more intact body parts. At the end of the video, Gatter jokes about wanting “a Lamborghini” for baby body parts. Continue reading

Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

Planned Parenthood and it’s cover up.

“The footage shockingly depicts the top medical official at the Planned Parenthood corporation munching on her salad while she discusses the sale of body parts of unborn children victimized by abortions. She brazenly describes how the heads of unborn babies killed in abortions command top dollar.” Continue reading

America The Beautiful

America The Beautiful

ProLifeCorner- Freeport Illinois- By Frank Munda-  We recently celebrated Independence Day, 2015. As I look back on my many years here on Earth I have had many joys and many sorrows, and yes many regrets; regrets of things that I did and things that I failed to do. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, awesome children who married wonderful spouses, and they in turn have been blessed with wonderful children themselves.

There have been dark times as well. The darkness of Vietnam had just slipped away from the consciousness of many American citizens when the greatest travesty of injustice came upon the scene; when an activist controlled Supreme Court illegally and immorally created law declaring that a mother now had the right to kill her baby through abortion. Many of our young readers are probably not even aware that what occurred in January of 1973 was an illegal move by the Supreme Court. The three branches of government, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive are supposed to be checks and balances. The Judicial branch of the government is to rule on existing laws or proposed laws presented by the Legislative branch of the government.  This was not the case in January 1973. Through Roe versus Wade and Doe versus Bolton, the Supreme Court created law; a law that states a woman has a right to kill her baby in what should be the safest place in the world- the mothers womb. Continue reading

Emotions Causing Suffering

Emotions Causing Suffering   Pastor Timothy Barr’s homily today cautions us to not to interpret reality through our emotions. He explains that passions are not a bad thing but they must be guided by the truth.  That truth is Jesus Christ.   When we are obedient to the truth there is great joy.  He further stated that the man is the head of the family but the woman is the heart of the family sharing equal responsibility and, hopefully through their teachings and actions, are leading their children to heaven. Continue reading

Unveiling of 1957 Chevy BelAir

Unveiling of 1957 Chevy BelAir

ProLifeCorner- – Freeport, Il – It’s here!  For several weeks we have been waiting for a special car to arrive so we can present it to everyone.  That day has arrived!

First let’s get a little background to let you know why all of us involved with the Madonna Renewal Center (MRC) are so excited about this car.  After all, a car is just a car-right?  Wrong!  This car is a vintage automobile donated to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so they can raffle it off.  This will mean a wonderful contribution to the restoration of the Madonna Renewal Center.  The donor wishes to remain anonymous so we respect his/her wishes and can only say “Thank you and God bless you” whoever you may be. Continue reading