Catholic Charities Anti-Poverty Summit – Is Also Anti-Life!

Rockford, Il – ( – 3-29-2014 – by Joe Christopher –  Catholic Charities has a long history of partnering with abortion supporters.  After all, according to our culture one of the best ways of eliminating poverty is eliminating the poor by abortion.

Now Catholic Charities has upped the ante. They are hosting a National Poverty Summit on April 2, 2014 in Washington D.C.

One of the speakers invited by Catholic Charities is Rep. Jim McGovern D-MA, who is described as a “thought leader” by Catholic Charities. Rep. McGovern is one of the most pro-baby-killing members of Congress.  He even supports partial-birth abortion.  No member of Congress is more deadly toward children in the womb than Rep. McGovern – the new “thought leader” for Catholic Charities.

The man selected by Catholic Charities to “give the context of the war on poverty” is the very pro-abortion James E. Clyburn D-SC.  Rep Clyburn is a favorite of Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice America.  It is doubted that when Rep. Clyburn speaks on the war on poverty for Catholic Charities he will also speak about his own war on the unborn that has left millions dead.

Organizations sponsoring this Catholic Charities event or having members invited to speak are a who’s who of pro-baby killing groups.

Save The Children

United Way

Jewish Council For Public Affairs

Bread For The World (This group posted this stunning attack on human life and the Catholic Bishops)

Is it any wonder Americans have slaughtered 55 million children in the womb when groups like Catholic Charities honor people and groups that fund and make possible the crushing of the skulls and the stopping of the beating hearts of children in the womb?

7 thoughts on “Catholic Charities Anti-Poverty Summit – Is Also Anti-Life!

  1. Ya gotta luv it, the “cocktail party” to close the anti-poverty summit!!!!!!

    All these abortion supporters trying to end poverty but they are bringing the greatest poverty possible, the murder of babies, to the world.

  2. This Rep. Jim McGovern is even for partial birth abortion. So what exactly does this baby killer have to teach that Catholic charities feel is so special? Maybe it’s how to eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor by abortion.

  3. Pro-Life Corner,

    The below statement is taken from your link to Bread For The World. A group Catholic Charities has participating in their summit. All I can say is Catholic Charities in NOT Catholic.

    “On the eve of the of the first step to realizing greater access to healthcare for millions of Americans, the Catholic bishops once again proclaim that their opposition to reproductive health care is more important than women’s health and liberty, the business of government, or the paychecks of hard-working government employees,”

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  5. Dear Catholic Charities,

    Fighting poverty is one of the most important works of love we have in our world today, but it is not the only work of love.

    Abortion has killed countless millions of children and harmed the souls of untold mothers and fathers.

    You are hosting an anti-poverty summit that gives honor and positions of authority to people and organizations that support the legal mass murder of children in the womb.

    This is a betrayal of every child facing death by abortion. We do not have to give pride of place to those who have a heartless disregard for human life in order to help the poor.

    The poor, the unborn, and our Savior deserve better from us.


    Pete Waters

  6. I do NOT support neither the allegation nor very likely fact that Catholic Charities may very well be financially invilved with individuals and/or organixations involved with the abortion industry and now Obamacare….and having said this, I will say that I am acquainted with a couple licensed social workers who either work for or with Catholic Charities.
    Sadly, these social workers, without revealing names, identities, etc, have shared how they’re both overworked, underpaid, under reptesented or have to deal with inattentive or hostile management….and to say NOTHING of the fact that so often these Catholic Charities caseworkers spend many hours daily, weekly and monthly dealing with individuals who neither have the desire nor initiative to be better or more or even minimally responsible involved parents.
    There were times one of these CC caseworkers remarked that quite a few of her clients didn’t or don’t deserve or shouldn’t be allowed to have children.
    She shared with me and a couple others how yes she was Catholic but that quote “Church hierachy needs to step into the real world about birth control, personal behavior and responsibility to those that make their jobs possible.”
    Sadly, in so many ways, I agreed with her……but to eliminate poverty by killing-aborting-the children of poor parents?? Honestly, I don’t have an answer, except to say, obviously, there are no easy answers-only intelligent long term, long range solutions that AREN’T going to be the socio-economic detriment of the rest of us; of society.

    I DO know, however, that those many many years ago, I was NOT allowed this luxury-of splitting hairs-of who is worthy of life and who was or is NOT “worthy” of life.
    Instead, I was physically AND sexually assaulted by my then live-in boyfriend and then alternately ignored, bullied, threatened and ultimately unceremoniously dumped into an abortion clinic after approximately almost nine weeks of emotional and verbal hatred being thrown at me.
    Already being a victim/survivor of being molested as a child for several years, emotionally, my abortion experience led me down a five year oddessy into drinking, drug use, promiscuity and various stupid, embarssing and sometimes criminal behavior.
    I truly don’t know what the answer is to this gross moral crisis…but I DO know that FORCING others and taxpayers to subsidize the medical killing of irresponsible parents’ children is neither affordable nor wise.
    Clearly, nothing short of Divine Intervention is going to help or end our ever increasing descent into moral collapse.

    Hence, my username ForcedIntoAbortion

    God help us all, INDEED!

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