Catholic Church And School Vandalized on Halloween

Catholic Church And School Vandalized on Halloween – Students Respond On All Saints Day-  

Rockford, Il – ( – By James- 11-1-2013 – Dozens of windows and doors at St. Bernadette Catholic Church and School in Rockford IL, were shot out on Halloween night.  The destruction was extensive as very large windows in the school were destroyed along with a stained glass window in the Church and large glass doors were shattered.

Halloween night is often used by hoodlums as an excuse to desecrate Christian places of worship and education.

But this time the students of this school are the ones who are giving our community a real education in Christian forgiveness.

When St. Bernadette School students arrived for morning Mass on Friday and to celebrate All Saints Day they found their beloved Church and School horribly vandalized.

The initial response was shock and disappointment but that quickly turned to prayer, forgiveness, and a hope for the conversion of those who so methodically tried to wreck their Church and school.

Students wrote prayers of forgiveness and prayers seeking the repentance and a change of heart for those who damaged the Church and school.  These prayers were then posted next to the 36 windows and doors that were destroyed. Some of these prayers even included the hope that whoever is responsible for this damage would one day in good faith and repentance join our parish community.

Some people use Halloween as an excuse to destroy.  The students of St. Bernadette used this destruction and All Saints day as a way to live our Christian call to charity, forgiveness and sharing the message of Jesus Christ and His love for all people.

11 thoughts on “Catholic Church And School Vandalized on Halloween

  1. Since the current administration in Washington, DC has been blatantly anti-Catholic for five years, what kind of example does it set for other simpletons to follow? Christians and Catholics especially are “fair game” for any and every kind of bigotry and intolerance and nothing is ever done about it. Our nation is headed for destruction if we cannot turn this situation around.

  2. This reeks of Keith and Wayne.

    God bless Kevin, the children and the school faculty.

    May the vandals be brought to justice. I would start questioning residents of Broadway in Rockford. Hey – you have to start somewhere!

  3. Anti Christian hate is the last acceptable bigotry. I am so glad the people at St. Bernadette’s responded in mercy and charity. This parish is an example to us all.

  4. These young people really did act like saints on all saints day.

    The parents and people of this school and church should be proud of them and we all can lean from this.

  5. When I first started reading this I was getting very mad and upset.
    But the reaction of the students taught me a valuable lesson. Thank you.

  6. Interesting how the Rockford Register-Star doesn’t have so much as a filler article on their website about this. Rockfordians (is that the word?), was there anything in the print edition?

  7. Cinthia, Come on, this is a Christian Church and school that was vandalized.
    If it was a house of worship of any other faith vandalized this would have made the news and Christians would have been blamed.

    What a fantastic group of students to forgive.

  8. Just as a point of information, it was covered on WIFR’s 10pm news. As the Principal of the school, I have tried not to bring too much attention to the story because I am afraid it would be misinterpreted as an unsafe environment. Even though most people would be able to distinguish, you never know how the media will play it. Been burned one too many times.

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