CCHD Report Recommends, “Be Not Afraid” to Support Pro-abortion Groups

Rockford, Il – 6-12-2013 – ( – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, known for funding organizations that support abortion, contraception, and attacks on the family, recently had a report issued on its behalf and signed by former CCHD staff members.

The report titled, “Be Not Afraid” claims that in order to continue the mission of social justice organizations that support the murder of babies in the womb, support contraception and the redefinition of marriage, they must and will continue to be given Catholic money.

This report is stunning in its ability to completely ignore the mass murder of children in the womb and its attempt to blame Catholics, who defend the right to life for all of God’s children, as lacking charity.

This report is an attempt to convince Catholics they should “Be not Afraid” to support groups that promote the culture of death as long as these groups are doing some kind of “social justice” work.

In this report Bishop Robert Vasa is attacked for not helping the poor enough and the atheist radical Saul Alinsky is held up as a model of living the social justice message.

In the past, the Catholic Campaign for human Development has given tens of millions of dollars to groups that attack human life and based on this report it appears that they will continue to do so.

Those who wrote this pro-CCHD report that attacks Bishop Vasa and holds up Saul Alinsky know full well in the opening page dedication of Alinsky’s most famous book, Rules For Radicals, Alinsky boldly states, “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.
Please consider sending a note of encouragement and thanks to Bishop Robert Vasa for his continued love for the poor, children in the womb and authentic Church teachings.

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29 thoughts on “CCHD Report Recommends, “Be Not Afraid” to Support Pro-abortion Groups

  1. How can the Church complain about religious liberty when its staff cannot even figure out the difference between good and evil? In our parish, people are increasingly unwilling to donate to the diocese and to USCCB because of where the money goes. Some people have walked out of the Church because of these policies and others are shaking their head. It is up to us, the Church Militant made up of the people in the pews, to take up the fight for good over evil and against abortion if our religious leaders are reluctant.

  2. This report is all about normalizing Catholic groups giving money to pro-aborts.

    What a bold and deadly agenda they have. I wonder if they even care about the poor at all or they just want their political agenda to destroy the Gospel of Life?

  3. I see a couple retired Bishops signed this dissenting report. I wonder if they knew it attacks Bishop Vasa?

    Thanks again Pro-Life Corner for an excellent analysis of the situation.

  4. You can’t be Catholic and pro-choice! Jesus said “let the little ones come to me”

    We also have a duty to help the poor but their are plenty of GOOD groups that help the poor. We don’t have to fund any group that is willing to mix baby killing with it’s charitable work.

  5. Look at the baby killed by abortion pictured above and your see the heart and souls of all the “co-signers” of this pro-baby-killing document.

  6. I’m speechless. I can’t believe the path that our so-called Catholic authorities are going down. This country is soon to be a Sodom for its immorality. Pray that this doesn’t happen. Pray hard!

    • The highest prayer is the Traditional Latin Mass offered by a properly ordained Roman Catholic priest. All the prayers and rosaries in the world don’t add up to a TLM.

  7. What liberal Catholics are saying is the culture of death has it’s claws so deep into the social justice organizations that we have to accept the murder of babies to support these social justice groups.

    They are caving in to the baby killers.

  8. I stopped giving money to the USCCB years ago, and I make sure that any funds that I put into the collection basket never come close to the USCCB’s hands. The damage caused by these whacky leftist pro-abortion progressives is incredible. Years ago I supported every Catholic charity I could. I’ve learned the hard way that many of them can’t be trusted, and that doubt starts with the USCCB. I wonder what the Church will look like in ten years.

  9. Barry,

    I was the same way. I use to give every spare dollar I had to Church sponsored charities figuring they help the poor and promoted the church. I have learned that a lot if not all USCCB charities support pro-abortion organizations.

  10. Satan’s vatican-2 heretic cult (founded on 8 December 1965 at the Vatican) … is not the Catholic Church of the Catholic God.

    This is why you see the moral savagery from inside the building with the Catholic signs out front.

  11. CCHD, saving the poor and killing babies. But I wonder if the poor really want to be saved if it costs the blood of innocent children.

  12. I am saddened beyond words. Still cannot trust the USCCB leadership at all.

    Lord, have mercy! Please send us faithful shepherds.

  13. The report cited is by Faith in Public Life (an independent group composed of individuals from different religious traditions), not CCHD. And CCHD is not on the list of organizations endorsing the report.

  14. Hi Bill, former top members of CCHD endorse the report. This tells us the mind-set of people who run CCHD. The are willing and have on countless occasions given big money to groups that support the murder of babies in the womb.

    Two things are clear. CCHD wants to fight poverty and CCHD is willing to fight poverty even if it means the slaughter of millions of babies in the womb.

    My family and I choose to do what we can to fight poverty and help the unborn – we won’t murder either group to help the other.

    How about you Bill?

  15. The power of he purse is the only thing these groups understand. “Follow the money” is not an axiom by accident. CCHD is simply an inexcusable perversion of true “social justice”. This is like saying “we have to kill a few babies in order to save them” or “we had to burn down the village in order to save it”. It’s ridiculous on the face of it.

    What to do? Send a message? How? How about taking a personal check, filling it out in a significant amount, then write “VOID” across the check plus neatly tear out the signature line in the lower right hand corner of the check. (The check will be impossible to negotiate). Next take the check, put it in an envelope, and send it (registered mail with return receipt) to the Bishop/Archbishop of your diocese…with a note attached…such as.. “When and if the CCHD/USCCB ceases giving scandal to the Church and faithful by funding Culture of Death organizations in the name of “social justice” I will be happy to make this check good. Until then I refuse to be complicit by silence or contributions to the perversion and scandal known as the CCHD”

  16. I read the report, on one page they show someone praying using beads. it doesn’t look like a rosary to me – does anyone know what kind of prayer beads these are?
    What a gaffe if it isn’t Catholic…

  17. We can all thank Obama for this massive culture of death we now live in…remember what he said to Planned Parenthood…”GOD BLESS YOU”,,,how dare he ask God to bless such a place…HOW DARE HE!

  18. To those who blindly support the CCHD as it is being run presently: Stop being slaves to the creature of lies. Rather, choose freely to become servants of the Father of Truth.

  19. Hey, Wake up and smell the coffee. They’ve been performing abortions in Italian hospitals staffed by Roman Catholic nuns for decades. I went to medical school in Italy. A classmate of mine got his girlfriend pregnant (around 1979) and she had an abortion. In Italy abortion is not done in an ambulatory clinic like it is here in the U.S.–the woman is actually admitted to the hospital and is followed for 24hrs or so after the abortion. Another classmate went to visit the girlfriend while she was in the hospital “recuperating”. He was surprised to see a nun bring in the girl’s meal tray!!! Several years later I was waiting at a bus stop in Rome together with an italian nun. I asked her about this–I told her that in my country christian churches vehemently oppose abortion but I see that her order of nuns work in hospitals (Saint Ann’s Obstetric Hospital) that perform abortions. She told me that the situation bothered her and the nuns in her convent but that there was nothing they could do. Apparently JPII signed a new Concordat with Benito Craxi where JPII promised not to involve himself in italian politics (JPII also acquiesced while Craxi edited the Italian Constitution which originally defined Italy as “a christian republic founded on labor” changing it to “a republic founded on labor”. Great!)

    Word for the Day–“Careerist”
    “Careerism” is a term that catholics should be familiar with. “I Carieristi” (italian) (english translation– “The Careerists”) is used to define those who enter the clergy mostly to have a comfortable life—the seats of honor at celebrations, university teaching positions, being the pastor of wealthy white parishes, appointments to diocesan marriage tribunals, to have elderly “benefactors”, etc. Careerists are non-confrontational. And they never get angry, never. They usually insert themselves into the system set up by previous careerists, perpetuating that system. Careerism is one of the big reasons neither you or I could name many of the Cardinals walking into the recent Conclave!
    When Benedict XVI came to the U.S. in 2008 he warned about careerism in a talk at a seminary– I think it was in Maryland. So yes, there is a word to describe obnoxious, lazy, self-serving , entitled, insipid clergy who make us ask ourselves “what do these men actually do all day?”. They are Careerists!
    Claude A. Curran MD

    EDITOR: Dr. Curran, thank you for taking time out to let us know your experiences in medical school in Italy. Your information is shocking and disheartening. If this is still going on today, it’s no small wonder the Church has so many problems.

  20. Liberal Catholics are not Catholic, truly, and parts of the church that support radical agendas such as depopulation through birth control, abortion and euthanasia are infiltrated by Satanists.

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