Christmas-A Clear & Present Danger? ¬†¬†Columnist Cal Thomas notes the drive to erase religious rights from public schools. Back in 1992, the superintendent of Frederick County, Virginia, public schools Thomas Malcolm issued a memorandum instructing teachers & administrators to no longer refer to Christmas by its traditional name, but to substitute “winter holiday”. Christmas parties are OK for schools to hold, but the must be called “holiday parties”.

Malcolm did this on his own. He was not responding to a complaint or lawsuit, just the “possibility” that someone might be offended. Teachers were instructed to refer to Easter as “spring break” or use other terminology that does not convey religious meaning. When threatened with a lawsuit by the Rutherford Institute, a law firm that argues religious freedom issues in court, Malcolm withheld implementing the policy until a committee he created studies the matter further. This strike against traditional American holiday & the beliefs and practices of an overwhelming majority of Americans is another blow to what remains of our heritage. Malcolm acted at a time when mandatory sex education is the rule in every Virginia public school. Children as young as kindergarten must now be sensitized to AIDs, homosexual & lesbian lifestyles, but apparently the words “Christmas” and “Easter” are regarded as a clear & present danger!

With the assistance of pressure groups, government now indulges in the final frontier of bigotry what writer & Catholic theologian Michael Novak calls “Christophobia”. Traditional Christians & Jews are the new counterculture, aliens in a land their fore fathers’ beliefs & values established. Anything that seems to come from or lead to a world not of this one is deemed offensive, illegal & unwise.

[ Daily Herald 12-13-92]

Think about this: That was 20 years ago and they are still waging war on our Lord, My Jesus mercy.

Comment: More the reason that as God’s people, we need to speak up whenever things we hold so dear to our hearts are being attacked by a minority of godless people. We’re called to be “salt & light” in a world that desperately needs direction. We cannot & must not go along with the flow. When someone greets “Happy Holidays” return the greeting with a “Blessed Christmas”, for that is exactly what it is, a blessed birth! Be sure to send “Christmas” cards and not “holiday” cards. We should go out of our way to keep Christmas a sacred day!


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