Clinton Campaign Office Sees The Face Of Abortion

Clinton Campaign Office Sees The Face Of Abortion

ProLifeCorner – Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Rockford, Il –  On Friday Oct. 7th, Christians held a prayer vigil and public witness outside Hilary Clinton’s campaign office in Rockford, IL.  As pro-lifers were quietly praying a man came out of the entrance of the Clinton office and began a litany of vulgar and threatening language directed at the protesting citizens.

Included in his mantra of anger were threats of physical violence against those who oppose Hilary Clinton such as “you had better watch out for a drive-by” and “someone should F….ing shoot you.”  Then, in front of the pro-lifers, he got on his cell phone and asked the person he called, “what  should I do about these people’?  

The pro-lifers called the police who are currently investigating the incident.

It was also interesting to see a group of four women standing next to the campaign office who were presumably some of the Clinton campaign office staff who came outside for a cigarette.  They started yelling, using profanity and the F-word a half a dozen times, at the pro-life advocates who were praying outside the office.

We do have a great spiritual battle taking place in this country and in the hearts of individuals. In Rockford this morning this battle between life and death was on public display.  The deep seated anger, the constant use of profanity, and the disordered emotions and words of the Clinton supporters was a stark contrast to the prayerful demeanor, actions, and attitude of the pro-life advocates.

In the weeks leading up to the election, citizens for life  will continue to show the people of Rockford that abortion is the brutal and vicious killing of innocent children.  Please join us in proclaiming Christ and life.hillary-clinton-730x

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