Conditions Worsen At Rockford, IL Abortion Clinic.

Police and city officials are of no help. We fear for the safety of Rockford pro-life citizens. A death threat against a pro-life citizen brings no response from Rockford Police. Will a pro- life citizen end up being attacked and injured, as documented in the past, or even murdered before the police and city officials take action? The death threat to a Rockford sidewalk counselor was ignored.


Rockford IL, November 19, 2010 – Earlier in the week pro-lifers spoke with a deputy chief of police in Rockford in the hope that what has been happening at the Rockford abortion mill would be taken more seriously by the city of Rockford. If the deputy chief was sincere in what he had to say, it is apparent the word did not get down to the rank and file officers on the beat.


Today we saw the results:

1.        A man in a white SUV came around the corner of Broadway and 10th street wildly screaming inside of his car and giving the finger to pro-lifers as he drove.  He then pulled up to a sidewalk counselor and stopped his car.  When he figured out the woman he was speaking to was pro-life he said, "I wish I could kill you" then drove into the abortion mill parking-lot.
            A police officer at the scene was immediately notified.  After a few minutes had elapsed the officer got out of his car and went to talk with the man who threatened the life of the sidewalk counselor.  The conversation lasted only a few minutes, as the two were joined in conference by the abortion mill landlord Wayne Webster.
            The conversation ended with the man, who moments before had threatened a persons life, shaking hands with the abortion mill landlord and the police officer.  When the abortion mill landlord is shaking the hand of the man who just threatened to kill a pro-lifer, with the police officer standing with them, we knew nothing would be done.  The man and clinic landlord went back into the abortion mill and the police officer went and sat in his car.
2.        Shortly after this happened a woman pulled up and asked the officer a question.  The Rockford police officer quickly pointed at the abortion mill then pointed to the mill parking lot.  The woman quickly drove into the abortion mill.  Now it seems the Rockford police are even directing children to their deaths inside the Rockford mill.
3. Pro-lifers received a letter from city attorney Patrick Hayes that states, "Mr. Webster has been warned to refrain from having the vehicles bearing dealer license plates parked on city streets."
            Of course Mr. Webster had a car with dealer plates blocking the mobile ultrasound parking place again this morning.  The letter from the Rockford city attorney was presented to police officers this morning. The car with dealer plates was allowed to block the parking all morning with no ticket issued and nothing done.
4.        Just last week a pro-lifer was given a $120.00 jay walking ticket by a Rockford police officer for taking a few steps into 10th street.  Today two police officers watched as the abortion mill landlord walked across the exact same spot on 10th street with a sign calling a pro-lifers wife a "Whore."
            The sign also had her phone number and in graphic and disgusting detail listed many perverted sexual acts that the abortion mill landlord fantasizes pro-lifers engage in.  Needless to say no jay-walking ticket was issued to the mill landlord and when pro-lifers requested that action be taken because of the delusional sign put up by the abortion clinic, in essence publicly advertising prostitution, nothing was done.
Sadly, nothing has changed in Rockford.

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