Coronado Claims Maher’s Bigotry “..big laughs.”

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 5-24-2014 – by Staff – Coronado Web-Site Claims Bill Maher’s Bigotry Is “unflinching honesty and big laughs.” The City of Rockford has upped the ante concerning its support for bigot and racist Bill Maher who will be appearing at a Rockford-owned venue on June 7.  The website for the Coronado Theater is now describing Bill Maher and his history of vicious bigotry as “unflinching honesty and big laughs” as well as “uproarious.”

We apologize for the language posted below, but we believe it is important for this community to see the kind of hatred that is being described as, “unflinching honesty and big laughs” as well as “uproarious.”

This is what Bill Maher will be bringing to Rockford:

Dec 2011 “Jesus f**ked Tim Tebow”

Nov. 2013 “Catholic-f**king bishops, priests, cardinals.”

Nov. 2013 Maher showed a picture of the young boy who approached Pope Francis, and then sat on the pope’s chair. Pope Francis welcomed him, but Maher’s picture showed the pope’s hand on the child’s head and Maher said “No, Pope Francis, I thought you were different,” implying that the pope is a child rapist.

Oct. 2013 “Look, I’m no f**king Catholic or Christian, but one is herpes and one is cancer.”

June 2013 Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a “dumb t**t” and a “c**t” then mocks her son who has Down Syndrome as a “retard”.

Follow this link for more of what Bill Maher will be bringing to the citizens of Rockford:

Why does the city of Rockford-owned Coronado Theater web-site consider this type of hate-filled bigotry and horrific language “unflinching honesty and big laughs,” and “uproarious”?

We don’t know why our city leaders such as the RAVE Board remain silent about or even promote words and actions that degrade and encourage hatred for the people of our community.

Do they support this bigotry?   

Do they just not care? 

Are they just being “politically correct” in mocking the Christian faith?

What we do know is when our community leaders accept and even make money from vicious hatred and bigotry against their neighbors and then call it “unflinching honesty and big laughs”, we have all been betrayed and our community is in serious trouble.
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8 thoughts on “Coronado Claims Maher’s Bigotry “..big laughs.”

  1. Don’t expect any courage or decency to come from the RAVE board, they are making a lot of money off of Bill Maher and we know for people like these money is king.

  2. Bill maher is nothing better than the scum of the earth. He will rot in hell
    For all his disgusting comments about everyone.

  3. I agree, if there is money to be made, then that answers that. The Lord made the first commandment FIRST because the OTHER GOD is money. So the road to HELL is wide and MOST are on it. Along with the fight against these low life types, we still need to pray for them….for when fighting EVIL, which is what motivates them, it is ONLY PRAYER that stands a chance. Our world is changing, look EAST, who knows who you may see coming on the horizon. :-)

    • Bill maher should never be able to perform in any way of public speaking& most definitely not be payed.He is
      A complete total disgrace to humanity. I would not walk
      One step to see him.He is one of the many most
      Disgusting people among celebrities. They are the most
      Deceitful,out of touch people one earth.

  4. We appreciate pro-life corner so much for keeping tabs on situations like this.

    Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and virtues like this. Bill Maher teaches exactly the opposite.

  5. We, the public, have known of his hateful and disgusting views for years, yet the left wing media ignores the facts and glorifies scum like Bill Mahr. We must fight this hateful and deceitful language of his and expose his ugliness at every opportunity. Write letters to the newspapers letting them know how objectionable and offensive his rhetoric is until he is publicized for what he really stands for.

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