Could The “Cafardi Method” Solve All Our Problems?

Rockford, IL – ( – 8-20-2012 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Nicholas P. Cafardi is a civil and canon lawyer, a professor and former dean at Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh. Professor Cafardi just wrote an article for the National Catholic Reporter claiming President Obama is the pro-life candidate. ( Please do not confuse the National Catholic Reporter with the real Catholic newspaper, The National Catholic Register. )On first glance this seems a bit disingenuous. Well at least the millions of unborn babies (who Obama calls burdens) murdered by the laws President Obama enthusiastically promotes, and the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars he pumps into the child killing business of abortion, may have a problem with Professor Cafardi’s statement.

Here is a list of just some of the ways President Obama directly and intentionally works for and promotes the murder of children in the womb.

But on a second look if we all thought like Prof. Cafardi life would be so much easier, we would have no problems at all.

Let me explain.  Prof. Cafardi can look at the most pro baby killing President in American history and convince himself that he is really pro-life.

If we all thought like this, using the “Cafardi method” would solve all of our worries and sooth our consciences concerning any and all of the problems in our world – here’s how:

The starving children in the world are not really starving.  They are just conserving food for future generations.

The vicious and brutal wars that are taking place in many places around the globe are really all about peace. 

Every time the bullets cease or bombs don’t drop even for a short time we have peace.  So these wars cause peace to break out all over the world!

Using Prof. Cafardi’s logic the well over 100 million world wide sex selection abortions that have targeted female babies for death are really just about parents being “pro-male child.”

The economic meltdown that has taken place under President Obama just provides more people time off of work so they can spend time with their families.  When you can’t find a job you always get more family time. This makes Obama’s economic policies “pro-family.”

The educational crisis that is taking place in America is not really about lost potential and ruined lives.  It is about providing a thrifty work force for McDonalds and Burger King.

Using Prof. Cafardi’s speak and think we don’t have to worry about any of the evils in the world.  After all, using the “Cafardi method”, our consciences will always be clear. 

The “Cafardi method” has many applications, past and present.  Using the “Cafardi method it is just as easy to claim planned parenthood’s poster child, Obama, is pro-life as it is to say to say Hitler is really pro-Israel.  After all, Hitler never personally killed a Jew and it was the policies of Hitler slaughtering the Jews that helped convince them that they needed their own homeland for protection.

It is interesting to note that after Pro. Cafardi wrote his pro-life Obama article for the National Catholic Reporter, in an act of intellectual and moral gymnastics that would put Gabby Douglas to shame, Prof. Cafardi was named a co-chair for the “Catholics for Obama” campaign.

Seems a good fit for a campaign that wants to convince the American people that the greatest holocaust and destruction of human life in history is all really about being pro-life.



6 thoughts on “Could The “Cafardi Method” Solve All Our Problems?

  1. Bravo! This Cafardi guy would have voted for Hitler because he did such a good job providing jobs and making the trains run on time. What’s a few million murdered people when the socalist agend needs to be advanced.

  2. Nick Cafardi would have you vote for a man who wants the murder of babies to be paid for by the goverment and spread around the world.

    Mr. Cafardi will not have to answer to you and I…….he will have to answer to every unborn chiuld murdered by his canidate Obama…..then he will answer to God.

  3. It is people like Prof. Cafardi who are responsible for most of the violence in the world. They call evil good and good evil. Satan would love the way Prof. Cafardi thinks.

  4. I like the “Cafardi Method”. I own a small business and using the “Cafardi Method” I can cheat the people who work in the shop.

    But using the “Cafardi Method” I won’t really be cheating them I’ll just be encouraging them to work harder to make up what they lost. And it’s always a good thing to help people work harder.

    Thanks Professor!

  5. It takes people like Prof. Cafardi to muddy the waters so the slaughter of the innocence can continue year after deadly year. He should be ashamed, and he will be when he sees in eternity all the children who he helped Obama slaughter.

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