Counseling and sacrifices save lives.

At one point a van pulled up to the curb where the pro-lifers were praying. 




























A woman got out of her van, opened the side door to her van and invited the pro-lifers to come over and meet someone. 

 This same woman had come to the Rockford abortion facility over two years ago for her scheduled abortion.  Through the grace of God she stopped that morning and talked with the side walk counselors.  Because of the love and support shown to her by Christians she chose life that day – and in the back seat of the van were her smiling and happy twins that were scheduled to be killed over two years ago.  This mother just wanted the pro-lifers to see her beautiful children and thank them for being at the mill praying that morning and their willingness to help her when she needed a friend.

 Every one of you who prays, works, or sacrifices for life and an end to abortion played a part in the saving of these children’s lives and others like them. 

It was very good to see the result of God’s grace in action in the faces of these two beautiful children saved from death at Rockford’s abortion mill.

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