Court Clerk Tweeting Insider Info in Phill Kline Case

Court Clerk Suspended for Tweeting Insider Info in Phill Kline Kansas Supreme Court CaseLife Legal Defense Foundation Says Lack of Integrity in Phill Kline Case “Outrageous” (Kansas City, KS) An irreverent legal clerk in the Kansas Supreme Court has been tweeting inside information from the courtroom, implying that the “fix is in” in a controversial case against former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, who is charged with alleged misconduct in his investigation of abortion provider criminal behavior in the mid-2000s.

The Kansas authorities are treating this serious disregard for judicial integrity as a human resources disciplinary matter, but according to Life Legal Defense Foundation Executive Director Dana Cody, “Having sat as a Judge Pro Tem, I know that clerks often play an important role in the judicial process. Clerk Sarah Peterson Herr’s tweets show a total disregard for the integrity of the judicial system, for those she reports to at the Court, and for Mr. Kline. As if the disciplinary attorney’s misrepresentations about Mr. Kline were not enough to show a lack of integrity, now this? It seems that our entire culture is willing to forsake its duty to protect victims of the abortion industry. Mr. Kline is the one official with integrity, but now has his law license at risk. It is outrageous.”

Copies of suspended court clerk Sarah Peterson Herr’s tweets from the courtroom of the Phill Kline hearing have been posted here..

Read the original news out of Friday morning’s Topeka Capital Journal:

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