Creation vs Evolution

Creation vs Evolution 

ProLifeCorner-  A good friend of the ProLifeCorner sent us this. He presented it as a homily to his congregation. I see it as one of the best articles that I have read in recent years on this subject. The half truths and the lies that our secular school system puts forth is a betrayal of responsibility to educate our children. Instead of reporting all the scientific facts, they choose to teach only what promotes their agenda and disregard any facts that contradict their spin.

I hope this article inspires you as much as it has inspired me.

Sincerely Frank J Munda


Creation vs Evolution

“The Lord God formed man out of the clay of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and so man became a living being.”

In his book Confessions, St. Augustine describes his search for truth:

“What is this God?” I asked the earth and it answered, ‘I am not He,’ and all things that are in the earth made the same confession. Then I asked the sea and the deeps and the creeping things, and they answered, ‘We are not  your God; seek higher…’

So, I asked the heavens, the sun, the moon, the stars, and they answered, ‘Neither are we the God whom you seek.’ And then I said to all the things that throng about the gateways of the senses, “Tell me something of Him.’ And they cried out in a great voice, ‘He made us.’ My question was my gazing upon them, and their answer was their beauty…I asked the whole frame of the universe about my God and it answered me, ‘I am not He, but He made me!”

In today’s first reading from the second chapter of the first book of the Bible – the book of Genesis, we hear of the creation and fall of man. Both the first and second chapters of Genesis describe the story of Creation, but in a slightly different order and manner. In the first creation story, the creation of man is on the sixth day. The second creation story has God creating man somewhere on a middle day. This does not mean that the Bible contradicts itself. That’s one main reason why the Catholic Church does not interpret the Bible on strictly literal basis, as the Early Church Fathers soon found out, but also on deeper theological basis – because there are two authors of Sacred Scripture – a human author, the literal meaning, and a divine author – God – the deeper theological meaning! This slight difference in the order of creation means that the divine author wanted to call attention to or emphasize the same point, but in a different manner. The first creation story emphasizes that God created man as the culmination or highpoint of His creative work, hence, on the sixth day.  The second creation story emphasizes that God created man as the centerpiece of His creative work, hence, on a middle day. In either creation story, man is God’s focal point.

As Christians, we accept on the basis of faith, the story of creation in a simple and straightforward way, regardless of the literal intention of the inspired human author and oral source of this Old Testament book, Moses. However, not everyone accepts the creation of man on the basis of faith, as they should. Instead, the theory of evolution has permeated the texture of our modern society. It’s much easier and convenient for some to subscribe to the theory of evolution, instead of creation, as an opportunity to rationalize their lack of faith in God, so as to perhaps give license to all sorts of immoral behavior. In other words, if there is no God, then there is no sin.

An astronomer was lecturing a group in France, and declared, “I have swept the universe with my telescope, and I find no God.”

A musician appropriately rebuked the astronomer: “Your statement, sir, is as unreasonable as it is for me to say that I have taken my violin apart, have carefully examined each part with a microscope, and have found no music.”

The theory of evolution unfortunately, is so entrenched as conventional wisdom at universities, promoted as a world view by the secular mass media, and taught as dogma in the schools, that it now enjoys a prestige that it neither merits nor deserves.

Furthermore, it’s in regard to the Deposit of Faith that the philosophy of evolution really begins to show its true malice. According to this evolutionary philosophy, nothing is exempt from SUBSTANTIAL change. Everything is in process of becoming something else. Hence; the notion of an unchangeable deposit of faith seems to be an illusion. Moreover, evolutionary philosophy sees all events on a time scale which assigns value to those events according as they are more or less evolved. Hence, Vatican II Council is of greater value than Vatican I Council, and of far greater value than the council of Trent or the earlier Councils, because it represents a more recent stage of the evolution of the Church. The ancient Councils like Nicaea and Ephesus can be dismissed lightly as representing a comparatively primitive and relatively un-evolved stage of the Church’s development. And Jesus Himself, being even farther back in time, can be ignored as a marginal Jew, and His teachings readily replaced by “liberation theology” or “radical  feminism” or the deconstruction of Christ’s divinity via the “Historical Jesus theology”, or any other fad of the 20th Century, which by definition, is more fully evolved than the thought of anyone of the 1st Century.

With that being said, the theory of evolution, would not be able to gain such widespread acceptance unless there were some element of truth to it that allows it to remain credible.

The theory of evolution actually has two parts to it – one part which is scientifically valid and compatible with Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, called micro-evolution; and another part which is not scientifically valid and not compatible with our Christian Faith, called macro-evolution.  Unfortunately, these two theories (micro and macro evolution) are generally blended together and mistakenly accepted as one theory (repeat). In other words, it’s not what they tell you, it’s what they don’t tell you, is what does all the damage. And the mistake is this: “if micro-evolution is valid, then macro-evolution must also be true, too.” The truth is that macro-evolution is not and never will be true, theologically or scientifically!

Micro-evolution is the scientific theory which states that a species, whether it’s rabbits, horses, fish, or humans, evolves naturally within its own species over a long period of time, usually several centuries, into a more mature state, while still remaining within its own species. In other words, for instance, rabbits become a more evolved species of rabbits with longer ears, horses become a more evolved species of horses with stronger legs, fish become a more evolved species of fish with larger fins, and humans become a more evolved species of humans with improved coordination, and so on.

Macro-evolution, on the other hand, is a scientific theory which states that a species, whether it’s rabbits, horses, fish, or humans, evolves naturally into different species. In other words, rabbits become horses, and fish become humans, over a long period of time.

It should be noted that there exists an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence against the theory of macro-evolution (repeat), which is the theory that one species can evolve into another different species over time, which by the way, even though fraudulent, seems to not make any difference to many in the secular mass media. Since I am limited by time and space, I am only able to mention some of the scientific evidence against the theory of macro-evolution.

The theory of macro-evolution contradicts the basic law of biology which states that life cannot come from non-life, which Francesco Redi in the 17th century, Louis Pasteur in the 19th century, and the Viking I and II space missions of the late 20th century proved with their experiments.

The theory of macro-evolution contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states that the quality of matter is developing, from order to disorder, from complexity to simplicity. In other words, the universe is in a process of decay, the very opposite of what evolution presupposes and requires.

The fossil record which Darwinists hoped would confirm the theory of macro-evolution is actually hostile to evolution. Scientists have been digging for well over a hundred years, searching for transitional fossils of any intermediate kind. There is not a single proven transitional fossil to bridge the gaps between species, when in reality there should be millions.

The argument for macro-evolution based on the supposed “ape man” have dissolved. Macro-evolutionary theory presupposes polygenism; In other words, not one first man and woman – Adam and Eve, but groups of brutish men and women, mutating from parents who were not human. The “Nebraska Man,” the “Neanderthal Man,” the “Piltdown Man,” and the “Java Man,” and the like, have all subsequently been proved to be fraudulent. It’s ironic that when these discoveries were made there was considerable media coverage and pomp, but almost nothing was heard when they are later proven false.

A Sunday school teacher once read the story of how God created man. She asked the class if they had any questions.

One of the little boys raised his hand and said, “My dad says we come from monkeys.” Sweetly the teacher replied, “Bobby, let’s talk about your family problems after class.”

The argument for macro-evolution based on so-called vestigial organs like the appendix, has evaporated. Practically all of the so-called vestigial organs, especially those in man, have been proven in recent years to have definite uses and not to be vestigial at all. The thymus gland, for example, once claimed as vestigial, has been found to be the master gland which protects the body against infectious disease. Some other examples of vestigial organs are the thyroid gland, the appendix, the tonsils, the co-six, the pineal gland, and ear muscles. At one time, evolutionists listed about 180 vestigial organs in man. Practically none is claimed today.

The argument for macro-evolution based on embryology is now discredited. Embryology asserts that the human embryo re-enacts the stages of its past evolution, from marine protozoan to human being. Modern studies in molecular genetics have shown the impossibility of such concepts. In other words, the DNA for a man is not the DNA for a fish, nor is it the DNA for a fish with something new added. The DNA for each kind is uniquely programed to produce its own kind, not to produce a temporary replica of some other kind, like a tadpole, which somewhat resembles an embryo.

The aspect of macro-evolutionary theory that holds genetic mutations to be the mechanism for evolutionary change is being seriously challenged by advances in modern genetics. Modern genetic science has shown that virtually all mutations are negative, that is, harmful to the organism and disadvantageous for reproduction. In man, for example, some common mutations are cleft palate, Siamese Twins, and Down Syndrome. Over ninety-nine percent of mutations are harmful and many are lethal.

The theory of punctuated equilibrium, the theory which replaced Darwin’s natural selection, is itself doomed to extinction by the lack of any substantiating evidence. In the absence of evidence in the fossil record of transitional fossils, this basic idea is that evolution proceeds not by an accumulation of small change, but rather by a few quantum leaps. Devotees of punctuated equilibrium may insist that birds hatch out of dinosaur eggs, but if this is science, then so is Cinderella. In that fairy tale, a pumpkin turns into a carriage, and mice turn into horses, but we do not call it science.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, faith and science can be reconciled; because if something is true, then both Faith and Science should come to the same final conclusion, although from different paths, especially if the truth is revealed by God. In the case of creation and evolution, faith and science can be reconciled, to a certain decree.

Faith and science can be reconciled with regards to creation evolution in the sense that neither Sacred Scripture nor Sacred Tradition indicates when or how creation took place, but it does tells us who created us and what was created.

It’s permissible to say that God created the universe billions of years ago and allowed it to evolve into what it is today. This does not contradict our Christian Faith.

It’s also permissible to say that God created the earth millions of years before He created human life. This does not contradict our Christian Faith.

And even though, as Christians, we first and foremost believe that God created human life out of non-life and immediately infused the soul into it, we can still say without contradicting our Christian Faith that God could have “possibly” created the body of a human and allowed it to evolved to a more mature state over a period of time, and then infused the soul into it after it had matured. In fact, the late Holy Father Pope St. John Paul II has admitted that this is possible, in order to avoid any potential embarrassment like that of Galileo. By the way, even now, Galileo’s theories are being disproved by science, and some of these scientists are even atheists!

However, it is not possible for the soul to evolve from non-life! Only God the Creator could infuse the intellectual awareness of the immortal soul into a human body.

Therefore, as Christians, we can accept the possibility of the theory of micro-evolution; in so much as it does not contradict our Faith in God as Creator. We can accept that all forms of life were created by God and allowed to evolve within their own species.  Science has proven this.

But, we cannot accept the theory of macro-evolution, that one species can evolve from outside or into another species, i.e. apes evolving into man, because not only does this contradict our Faith, that God is the Creator of all life – from non-life to life, but science has not been able to even come close to proving this theory. In fact, science has done more to disprove the claim that species evolve into other different species or from non-life!

Therefore, we cannot accept the entire theory of evolution; that is both micro-evolution and macro-evolution, based solely on the acceptance of micro-evolution alone; more fake news that our modern media culture would like us to believe.

Our prayer today and every day is that we ask Our Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth for the simple grace to recognize Him and His goodness, as St. Augustine did, in the beauty of His creation, and to remind us of our duty to be good stewards of His creation that He has entrusted to us.

Mary, Mother of Our Creator, pray for us!

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