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ProLifeCorner – Lena, Il – 10-29-14 –Dedicated to God is the title of a book written by Abbie Reese . She has spent the last 10 years visiting with the sisters of the Poor Clares in Rockford, Illinois.  These sisters are cloistered and have dedicated their lives to prayer and service to our lord.  Abbie has been traveling far and wide, sharing with all who will listen what she has learned about these wonderful sisters over the past 10 years.  She will be at Saint Joseph’s Church hall in Lena on November 6 at 7:00 PM. St Joseph is located at 410 West Lena Street, in Lena, Illinois.

Those who have read the book, as well as those who are interested in learning more about it, are welcome to attend this event.

It is hoped that many people will read and talk about Reese’s book in the coming months.  Pope Francis wants all Catholics to learn more about the lives of Catholic religious and Reese’s book is one way to do that.

We have first hand knowledge that many Pro-Life advocates in Rockford, Illinois are very much aware of the Poor Clare nuns and their prayer life.  Mr. Kevin Rilott of the Rockford Pro-Life initiative has shared with us over the years how he and many of his fellow pro life advocates were very grateful to God for the presence of these sisters in their community.  It is the belief of many that the intercessory prayers of the Sisters of the Poor Clares had a tremendous impact on the closing of  NIWC, the Northern Illinois Women’s Center, abortion clinic in Rockford.

It is the belief of many of us here at the Pro Life Corner that it is the intercessory prayers of cloistered nuns and cloistered monks that hasprevented the just punishment of God for the sins of our nation.  We are grateful everyday for the presence of such dedicated men and women.

We have not had the opportunity to read this book but we will secure a copy as soon as possible and staff writer AnnaRae will be doing a book report in the very near future.

We are hoping to send a representative to Lena on November 7 to meet with the author and hear some of the wonderful stories that she has to share regarding this wonderful cloistered community.

We look forward to meeting Abbie and we hope to see you there at Saint Joseph’s Church in Lena, Illinois on November 6 at 7:00 PM.


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