Donate To Operation Rice Bowl – Support Abortion? – 2-21-2013 – by Staff – Catholic Relief Services has a long history of partnering with pro-abortion organizations.  It has been revealed today that Catholic Relief Service has been funding more pro-abortion groups in Mexico.  CRS also seems very unwilling to answer direct questions concerning these groups and how much CRS has given them.

Please read this excellent investigative report from LifeSite News to learn more about this disturbing situation. LifeSite Story

After reading this report please consider contacting the United States Council Of Catholic Bishops who oversee Catholic Relief Services and ask them to explain why CRS continues to partner with pro-abortion groups.  USCCB Link

Also, please consider contacting Catholic Relief Services and ask them why they continue to partner with pro-abortion organizations and ask CRS to fully disclose to the public the grants they make and the size of these grants.


4 thoughts on “Donate To Operation Rice Bowl – Support Abortion?

  1. This is really, really, sad. So many poor in our world and Catholic Relief Services again gives money to groups that believe killing the poor in the womb is the answer.

  2. No excuses here, CRS knew about this for years and kept pumping cash to the pro-aborts. More silent Bishops on this issue as well.

  3. Donate To Operation Rice Bowl – Support Abortion?

    It’s tragic but I think you can remove the question mark from the title of this story.

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