Eyes Are Being Opened In Rockford Concerning True Evil Of Abortion

Up Date Nov 26 2011    Rockford, Il – (ProLifeCorner.com) – 11-25-2011 – by James – On Friday. Nov 25, a group of Christians gathered at Rockford’s abortion mill to offer prayers of thanks to God for the lives saved while the Rockford mill is closed and to pray for the continued closing of this child-killing center. It is certain  that many people in Rockford now have a much clearer picture of what Rockford’s abortion mill is really about. 

A truck stopped this morning to ask if the clinic was still closed and when the driver was informed that at least for now no babies are being killed, he was very pleased.  Many of the cars that passed this morning while the prayers were being offered honked, gave thumbs up, or shouted words of encouragement.


It’s nearly impossible to find anyone in Rockford who has a good word to say about the Northern Illinois Women’s Center or will defend this seedy and dangerous abortion mill.


Even with the truth becoming more public concerning the facts that abortion is murder and that the Northern Illinois Women’s Center is a dirty, disgusting, and dangerous killing center, there are those who profit from the misery of women and the deaths of children who are still trying to reopen Rockford’s abortion house of horrors.


Much prayer, penance, fasting, and public witness will still be needed.


Up Date:
Think about this.
It’s not so much  the disgusting conditions inside the mill that warrant its closure. It’s the mindset that allowed it. The mess can easily be cleaned up. The callous disregard for Women’s safety cannot be changed except by a change of heart. It’s their unprofessional attitude that allows them to see no problems.
A professional can be defined as,  Someone who puts the interests of his client above his own because he has a specialized knowledge that allows him to counsel and act in a way that the client cannot act on his own. Doctors, nurses, architects, engineers,teachers, lawyers are called to put their financial considerations second to their client’s interest. It is a privileged position. This is to be distinguished from a professional athlete who is considered a professional because he is paid. Abortionists, in general, and these abortionists, in particular, are not behaving professionally. Not because their sign is lacking paint, but because they do not put the interests and safety of their patients above their own interests. 




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