Fall in Love With the Baby Jesus

ProLifeCorner.com- From My Pastor: Christmas is almost here! Historically speaking, in about 24 hours Mary would have started her labor. When labor begins, the reality of the coming of a brand new bouncing baby can really hit you. That is when you see “first time fathers” doing the silliest things in their excitement and nervousness.

Once that baby comes, parents do the craziest things. We see grown men play tea and grown women use spit to clean faces. We see parents doting over their children and praying to God that Jesus protect them when they can’t be there. How many times does it take a parent to pick up and wipe off a Cheerio or binky on the floor so the child can throw it back on the floor? Love makes us do things we would not do for others.

Love has made God do something strange. He came as a little baby. Go figure. The all powerful and omnipotent God came to us as a little baby. He has made Himself little for our sakes; that we might hold Him and see His beauty. He has come for one purpose; to show us His love. In His innocence He was willing even to die for us.

This kind of love can be contagious. For 2000 years it has inspired Christians to pray in private and public. St Frances of Assisi would genuflect every time he saw two sticks crossing each other because it reminded Him of the cross of Christ.  We bend our knee before Jesus in the Eucharist. We listen to the Pope and try our best to love even our enemies. We talk to the saints, bless our homes with chalk and pray the rosary daily.

Yes, love has made us do strange things. I suppose it is what makes love fun. It makes our faith fun. Have fun. Fall in love with The Baby Jesus.

-Father Barr


Father Timothy Barr is pastor of St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s in Freeport, Illinois. Father has many wonderful things to say about the church and her teachings. Father has a blog and he is posting articles, videos, as well as his homilies in audio form. We encourage all Christians, to visit this site often. You will not be disappointed. http://stjosephstmary.com



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