Family Prayer  Many people ask me why prayer is so important. There are many benefits to daily prayer. Maybe we feel we are not doing anything. But we are! If we have a conversation with others, we feel that we are doing something. Conversations have the potential to change the world. I think of all the conversations Jesus had that changed so many lives. Hitler had many conversations with his cronies to organize his evil deeds. If we have no problem conversing with others whatever the intention from idle-talk to deep convictions; why do we not value our conversations with Jesus or His blessed Mother? There are many benefits to prayer from received grace to lower blood pressure. But how we learn to pray comes from the home. When was the last time the family sat down and prayed the rosary together?

Do you pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy often? I invite parents to pray with their child when something good or bad happens. Some people pray for a safe trip whenever they get into the car and thank Jesus when they get to their destination. Praying together before bedtime is a great way to wind down so that you do not have to toss and turn as much.

Fathers, do you pray with your children. You have the power to make or break your child’s faith just by praying with them or not. Even sociologists¬† have recognize the power the father has in the faith of their children. It not only affects how the child may live their life, but also how well they can deal with life’s difficulties. Do not be afraid to pray with them, even if it is just saying grace before meals and the guardian angel prayer before bed. It will make a huge difference in their lives.

With prayer graces flow. Fr Payton would always say, “The family that prays together stays together”. This might not be true in all cases, but it definitely rings true for those who practice this virtue of religion. When we pray at home, God enters into that home. Prayer is also something very personal. It becomes an opportunity to get to know each other in a deeper way. It is a way to share your love for each other when praying for intentions. Prayer brings a bond of unity that nothing else can give.

Nobody is too young or too old to start praying. I hope that you take up the offer Jesus gives you to start your conversations with Him. It will be a relationship you will not regret keeping.

Father Barr

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  1. Our whole life is a gift from God – and still we don’t take time out of our 168 hours a week to spend a few moments having a conversation with Him? Even sadder, we try to fix broken things ourselves when we could ask for assistance, wisdom, strength to endure. I like to ask Mother Mary for help. She is the un-doer of knots, the messes I have made by bad choices. She is so loving and patient. Find out more at

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