Faustina Presented this Sunday Freeport Illinois

Faustina Presented this Sunday Freeport Illinois

Editor:  A big fat oops on my part.  My original posting said Saturday.  This wonderful event  will be presented on this SUNDAY. Please plan  on attending.

Faustina Messenger of Divine Mercy

ProLifeCorner.com –  Freeport, Illinois- St. Joseph/St. Mary parishes 

Maria Vargo As StThis amazing presentation will be this Sunday at St. Joseph Church Freeport, Illinois. If you have not made plans for you and your family to attend, please do so now.

Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy, a live one-woman production performed by actress Maria Vargo of Saint Luke Productions, will be presented in St. Joseph Church on Sunday, March 5th at 4:00 p.m. Experience this timely and gripping drama of Saint Faustina whose personal encounters with Jesus have inspired a world-wide devotion to Christ’s Divine Mercy. The production is suitable for ages 13 and up.

We would like to thank the individuals and businesses who sponsored this wonderful production. Through their generous contributions they made this production possible.

Because of the generosity of our sponsors it has come to our attention that some free tickets may be available. Please contact Cynthia Saar for availability of free tickets. Or support this worthy cause by purchasing tickets @ :

Admission is $15 for advance tickets or $20 at the door. For tickets and additional information, contact Cynthia Saar at (815) 232-7400 or csaar2002@yahoo.com

All individuals between the ages of 13-19, who have attended this event for free please send a Thank you to one of the following sponsors listed below:


  1. Mrs. Theresa A. Fagan, 10 N. Galena Ave., Suite 210, Freeport, IL  61032
  2. Mr. Robert M. Fagan, Attorney At Law, 210 Lincoln-Douglas Center, 10 N. Galena Ave., Freeport, IL  61032
  3. Mr. James Molloy, Grand Knight, c/o St. Wendelin’s Kinghts of Columbus, 18 S. Linn St., Shannon, IL  61078
  4. St. Wendelin’s Ladies Society, c/o Martha A. Sturtevant, 15465 IL Rte. 73, Shannon, IL  61078
  5. Mr. John Willison, K of C District 96 Deputy, 1130 Arapaho Dr., Freeport, IL  61032
  6. Attn:  Grand Knight, St. Joseph Knights of Columbus, 229 W. Stephenson St., Freeport, IL  61032
  7. Mr. Brian Stewart, Stewart & Assoc., Inc., 50 W. Douglas St., Ste. 1200, Freeport, IL  61032
  8. Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Judy Thompson, Ultrasonic, 239 E. Stephenson St., Freeport, IL  61032
  9. Mr. Timothy S. Mahoney, Esq., 2801 Marvin Ln., Freeport, IL  61032
  10. Mr. Michael J. Phillips, Esq., 10 N. Galena Ave., Ste. 210, Freeport, IL  61032
  11. Mr. Scott E. Haugh, 1925 Devon Ct., Freeport, IL  61032
  12. Mr. Don Schwarz, Schwarz Funeral Home, 816 S. Galena Ave., Freeport, IL  61032
  13. Mrs. Joan D. Welt, Choice Realty, 718 W. Stephenson St., Freeport, IL  61032
  14. Mrs. Mary Hartman, State Bank, 1718 Dirck Dr., Freeport, IL  61032
  15. Dr. Thomas Hartog, 981 W. South St., Freeport, IL  61032
  16. Mr. Gordy Williams, Stephenson Service Company, 410 S. Hancock Ave., Freeport, IL  61032
  17. Mr. John Zajicek, 100 Tanglewood Dr., Freeport, IL  61032
  18. Mr. Mark Holihan, Farmers Insurance, 814 Busse Hwy., Park Ridge, IL  60068
  19. Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Patricia Quinn, 1736 Wood St., Freeport, IL  61032
  20. Mr. Sean Lane, Loescher Heating & Air Conditioning, 1860 S. Walnut Rd., Freeport, IL  61032
  21. Mr. Dennis Bussian, Bussian Insurance Agency, 218 W. Exchange St., Freeport, IL  61032
  22. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Born, New York Life Insurance, 1532 W. Lincoln St., Freeport, IL  61032

Editors note: On behalf of the Catholic community in Freeport and surrounding area we would like to give a special thanks to Cynthia Saar who has worked tirelessly to make this presentation possible to us. The only reward Cynthia wants for her amazing efforts is for you and your family to show up and learn about this amazing servant of God, St. Faustina.

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Also visit our website at:  www.StJosephStMary.com

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  1. Thank you Frank & Chris for all you have done to help make this St. Luke Production possible. I also want to acknowledge all the people from pro-life who read Frank and Chris’ wonderful articles. I hope everyone who reads this has a Good Lent. May your spiritual journey be one filled with love, laughter, peace and mercy. …and….if you do attend the event, I hope it helps you realize that Christ loves you so much that all he wants is for you to let His Holy Spirit into, your heart, and your daily life during this Paschal Season!.. GOD Bless everyone!

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