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Freeport IL- By Staff- This past Sunday pro-life Christians all across America and Canada hosted their annual prayer life chain. Citizens stand at a designated location; this location in Freeport has been, for the past 20+ years, at Stephenson and West Street. Each participant offers prayers to the Lord in their own way for an end to abortion and euthanasia. They also hold a small sign with a simple message such as:

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Abortion kills children- Jesus forgives and heals- Adoption: the loving option- Lord, forgive us and our nation- Abortion hurts women- Life-the first inalienable right.

If Obama is re-elected do not be surprised when loving and prayerful statements like these are banned by a dictatorial central government as hate speech.

The fight for life is the greatest civil rights battle since Martin Luther King Jr. led the fight for the rights of black citizens here in America. The pre-born child has no one to speak for him or her. It is your voice; it is my voice that the lawmakers would hear. Never in the history of our country has there been an administration which is so anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, and anti-Bill of Rights then has President Obama’s administration. Through the HHS mandate they are attacking Christians of all denominations. If Obama has his way he will silence every Christian pastor’s voice. And if that isn’t enough he will be forcing all Christians to pay for abortions and abortifacients, such as the morning after pill. It is our right and our duty to resist this kind of tyranny, to stand up and say no, we will no longer tolerate your anti-life anti-freedom dictates.

Father Barr, of St. Joseph and St. Mary’s parishes in Freeport Illinois had this to say regarding life issues:

“Our society tends toward the more cynical view of life. They like to focus on the doubts and fears of the people. This is how abortion, contraception and euthanasia are promoted. But we as Catholics (Read all Christians) do not succumb to such pressure or pessimism. We are a people of faith, hope and love. This is Respect Life month. This is the month we stand up and proclaim our faith in the goodness of God; profess our hope that Jesus is always there for all His children; and live the love God has for them so that they too be people of faith, hope and love. We are called to be light to the world. I invite you to participate in the Holy Catholic Church, the beautiful Bride of Christ by bringing your joy to the Respect Life activities in our parish.

Aquin (Our local Catholic high school) is offering the Spiritual Adoption program started by Bishop Fulton J Sheen. One spiritually adopts a child who has a mother contemplating abortion by naming and praying for that child.

Aquin is also coordinated the Life Chain on Sunday, October 7. Prayers were offered at the corner of West and Stephenson Streets. This was a great way to witness to the gift of life and support the Aquin teens.”

Father Barr further stated that respect life month, October, is more than just one event. Father makes references to the crosses on Galena Avenue; he placed 55 large and one small cross to symbolize the 55 1/2 million pre-born babies killed in their mother’s womb by surgical abortion since 1973.  Father continues, “Each of the crosses along Galena symbolizes the one million babies aborted every year in America since Roe v Wade.

There will be a Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally in Rockford on October 20. It will take place at the Stanley J. Roszkowski U.S. Courthouse; 327 South Church Street.

I would also like to encourage you to educate yourself on life issues. We have pamphlets in the rack at the back of the Church. To keep up with current and local issues, you can go to:  http;//  The reason our society keeps going with the culture of death is that good people remain silent. You can make a difference for the good.

As I reflect on the gift of life, I cannot help but reflect on the gift of our children. I can’t imagine how much the world is missing out on such blessings. If we can help one woman contemplating abortion see this, then that activity is worth it. Changing the world, one blessing at a time.”

By participating in events like this we are taking the light of Christ and putting it on a lamp stand so that the entire world can see that we are people of life, and with God’s help we will defend life at all costs. We wish to thank all who participated in this year’s life chain, and we ask that you pray unceasingly throughout the year, for the conversion of all Americans; pray that we will all turn from our sinful ways and as a nation turn back to our Lord and rededicate our country to the Judeo- Christian principles that our nation was founded upon.

May our Lord have mercy on us.  Let us pray that this November we will elect a president who has respect for life and the Constitution and will restore all freedoms granted to us by that wonderful document which has served this nation so well.

Below you will see a brief video shot by our staff reporter at the Freeport life chain. Also below the video we will include a link to the Rockford life chain.

Barney a faithful ProLifeCorner reader sent us this link.  Thank you Barney.

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