Freeport Pregnancy Center-Helping Families for over 20 Years Annarae- The Freeport Pregnancy Center has been helping women and families in the Freeport and surrounding area for over 20 years with a multitude of services.  Some of these services are pregnancy tests, adoption information and referrals, personal support throughout pregnancy, referrals for medical care, financial assistance, and housing, to name just a few of the services available.

Abortion recovery help and support for post-abortive mothers is a very important part of the services offered.  More importantly, they offer proper consultation to an abortion minded mothers in the hope that she will choose life and spare herself and other family members from a lifetime of regret.

One of the tools used by the pregnancy center is an ultra sound machine run by a staff of professionally trained technicians.  The following is an article written by Nurse Manager  Stacey Vock:

Ultrasound Update-  By Stacey Vock-    We stand before the Lord offering up great praises and  shouts of joy for all He has provided! After hours of research and comparing ultrasound machines to replace our 11-year-old machine, we felt led to contact Shari Richard, RDMS, and founder of Sound Wave images, for her opinion on which unit to buy. Speaking with her we learned of a portable laptop that was user-friendly and compact. She greatly believed in this machine and its ability to serve pregnancy centers well. She instructed us to wait on our purchase and promised it would be worth our wait. Worth the wait was an understatement! This machine was not only half the cost of other machines, but it was so easy to use, and it met all of our needs. It arrived in several boxes, and after a few hours on the floor, and what felt like standing on our heads, Jenn and I had it up and running. The next blessing came as we had the privilege of having Shari (who had trained us originally) back in Freeport. Our time with her was blessed as we gained a deeper understanding of the machine, and Jenn and I both  received recertification of our skills. As an extra bonus we were able to hook the laptop up to the flat screen TV mounted on the wall. This provided another level of viewing for those in the room, versus straining to see our smaller screen.

We have been richly blessed over and over, but at the end of the day we know that this is just the beginning of what God has planned for us here in Freeport through the Freeport Pregnancy Center.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, your financial support, and sharing In this life journey with all of us. With hearts full of praise and blessings to you all, Stacey Vock -Nurse Manager and Jenn Nelson – Sonographer

We invite you to check out their website at: if you have any questions you can e-mail them at: or call area code 815-232-5433    or you can text them at: 815-238-2180

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  1. Thank you Frank & Chris for sharing this great article for the Freeport Pregnancy Center and our ultrasound (and other) services. God bless you and your continued work for life. Love for life, Sherrie Bicksler, Exec. Director

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