Gianna’s House Pregnancy Resource Center, Rock Falls/Sterling, Il.

( 7 25 2011 – by AnnaRae – The Parish Respect Life Committee from St. .Joseph in Freeport IL. recently held a collection for much-needed supplies for Gianna’s House Pregnancy Resource  Center in Rock Falls.  We  had the pleasure of delivering these items, along with a check, to Kelly Johnston the Executive Director of Gianna’s House.  Kelly gave us a tour of their beautiful center and explained some of their achievements.  As you read all the wonderful things they do at Gianna’s House, bear in mind that there is never a charge to the client for any of their services.

This is truly an excellent organization.  The day we were there Kelly was present to give us the tour and she showed us a room which will be used for the ultrasound unit when trained personnel are available. As we were leaving, two other volunteers came in.  We regret we did not take their pictures.  Please forgive the oversight.
 Below is a statement from Kelly telling us about the services and background of  Gianna’s House.
   I am Kelly Johsnton, the new director at Gianna’s House Pregnancy Resource Center in Rock falls, and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you our wonderful ministry. With the tremendous support from Msgr. Thomas Dzielak, who is an advisor to the Board of Directors, Gianna’s House opened its doors in October of 2007 to all individuals in making pro-life choices by offering spiritual, emotional, and practical assistance. Gianna’s House PRC is named after the pro-life Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, who was an Italian wife, mother, and doctor. She and her Husband, Pietro Molla, had 4 children. Gianna had complications throughout her pregnancy with her fourth child; and would continually put her child’s life before her own with any medical decision to preserve her baby’s life. Seven days after giving birth to her little girl, Gianna Emanuela, the 39-year-old mother died regardless of all effort and treatment. This modern-day saint is an inspirational role model not only to mothers and the pro-life ministry, but also to physicians.
Our facility has offered many services to women throughout Northwestern Illinois on an ongoing basis. Because of our wonderful and faithful supporters, we can provide services such as pregnancy test, assisting with practical items, referrals to local agencies, sexual integrity education, post abortion healing, and counseling from our compassionate volunteers. We are currently seeking out to become a pregnancy resource medical clinic so we may provide ultrasound services. 90% of the time mothers, who are vulnerable in choosing abortion, will actually choose life for their unborn when they are able to see them with ultrasound technology.
If you would like to support our pro-life ministry, we are accepting donations of practical items for our mothers. Such items as diapers, baby wipes, baby food/formula, clothes, cribs, car seats, strollers, etc. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept used car seats and crib mattresses, only new. If you have any questions or would like to support us in other ways, please contact Kelly at (815) 213-0290 or email: Many thanks and please pray for us and the mothers we serve!
* Our Center is open on Monday from noon -6 pm, on Wednesday from 5pm – 8 pm & Saturday from 9am – noon
* The Center has been open for approximately three and a half years. 
*  Our Mission Statement is, " By providing spiritual, emotional, and practical assistance, we will welcome and educate all individuals in making pro-life choices consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church."
* We provide assistance to everyone who comes to our Center.  Our clients come from all over not just a certain geographical area. 
* We have 2-3 trained volunteer peer counselors per shift.  We have 12 counselors at this time.  These women are the life blood of the Center.  They provide an ongoing mentoring relationship with the parents who need our help.
* The counselors and services at Gianna’s House are in place to serve a wide variety of needs.  Many of the women who come to our center are expecting a baby and typically they have already decided that they wish to keep their baby.  95% of the time they are experiencing difficulties in several areas of their life however.  They have financial difficulties, problems in their relationships with their babies father or with their own parents.  They are scared about many things.  We very often have women who report to us that they have nowhere to live.  Our awesome volunteers talk with them about each area of their lives and help them find resources to assist them.  Once the babies are born, the mother or father can come to the Center once per month for material goods, such as diapers, wipes, clothes, baby bath and for large items as they are available such as cribs and mattresses, high chairs, swings, strollers, etc. The beauty of this is that it keeps them coming back and therefore the mentoring can continue. 
* Additional programs that we offer are, three different Sexuality Integrity classes.  These are beautifully Christian based programs. The first is Relationship Reality, the second one is designed for women who have been sexually mistreated which is definitely the majority of the women we work with.  The third program helps women understand their fertility. 
* Gianna’s House has partnered with the Diocese of Rockford Respect Life Office to offer a 13 week post abortive healing Bible Study called A Time to Heal.  We just completed our first series.  We cannot overlook or forget to reach out to and serve the women who have been affected by abortion.  With every abortion there are at least two victims. 
* As I am sure you can imagine, our main goal is to work with women who think that an abortion is the answer to an unexpected pregnancy.  We do serve these women yet not the number of them that we know are in our community.  This has certainly been a source of frustration.  One of the national organizations that we are affiliated with, NIFLA "National Institute of Family and Life Advocates" teaches us that the abortion minded woman is not attracted to a Pregnancy Resource Center for assistance.  Therefore, many PRCs are making the transition to becoming a Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic.  We at Gianna’s House are also striving to make this conversation as well.  We will then be able to offer limited obstetrical ultrasounds to these women.  Research shows that after viewing an obstetrical ultrasound that 90% of abortion minded women will choose life for their child.  We would also like to offer free testing for sexually transmitted diseases.  This will bring in the sexually active population, hopefully prior to them becoming pregnant and our counselors can then begin working with them and educating them. 
* All of our services are free

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