God’s Love for You

ProLifeCorner.com-   These are some thoughts from Father Von Balthasar. He is writing from the perspective of Jesus and His infinite love for each one of us.

Of whom was I thinking when, as a freezing, child, I lay in the crib, if not of you?

Why as an infant was my family homeless and refugees in Egypt, except to give you a home forever. What do you think I spoke about on the Mount of Transfiguration with Moses and Elijah, if not of my love for you?

For whom did I ask my Father for signs, work miracles, calm the storm, and raise the dead if not to give you faith? Why do you think I left you My Church and Sacraments? So you can know me and grow in holiness.

Why do you think I give you my body and blood in the Eucharist, if not to be with you and in you always? For who’s sake did I suffer and die on the cross, if not because I love you? And my divinity and the embrace of my Father: for whom did I leave these if not for you?

Do you ever forget that every hair on your head has been counted, that your every thought and feeling is important tome, that I love you with an endless love, forever, just because you are you.

Do you want to love me in return? Do you want to be called my disciple? Then put on the mind that I have shown you, then live the love that I have given you.

You, your love, your life are indispensable to my divine plan to bring all people to the love of my Father.

Trust in my love for you, allow love to triumph in your heart, mind, and soul.

Surrender to the tender embrace of your heavenly Father. Boldly and completely you must over come self and become the image and likeness of the one who loves you best and most of all, the one to who you belong, the one, your Father, with whom you will be blessed beyond measure for all eternity.

2 thoughts on “God’s Love for You

  1. Dear Friends,
    It was a A silent night…in that silence, the shepherds heard the joyous song of the angels! In the silence of that Holy night, they saw the CHILD in a stable; an innocent, helpless feeble child in the manger!

    Today is Christmas! Do you feel the silence in your heart to hear the song of the angels? Could you hear the helpless cry of that feeble CHILD? Could you feel the helplessness of HIS parents?
    You and I, today miss that silence of the heart, thus, we often miss Christ in Christmas.

    I wish you may be blessed with that silence of heart, the gift of the holy night of Christmas.

    Happy Christmas!!!

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