God’s Plan For A Happy Marriage

ProLifeCorner.com – 7-21-2014 – by Staff – Are you aware that even as you read this article there exists a way in which we can reduce the divorce rate from a staggering 50% down to only 2 %?  A way to improve and heal families?  A way to help reduce breast cancer in women?  A way to reduce abortions?  All these things and more can be accomplished by married couples using NFP-Natural Family Planning.

The current contraception mentality has contributed to the downward spiral of our nation.  Because of the easy and often free availability of contraceptive products, both men and women have become nothing more than mere objects to be used and cast aside.  The pornography industry is capitalizing on this and as a result, has become a trillion dollar industry.  It surpasses the income of three major businesses added together!  Pornography degrades everyone, especially women, but it is also responsible for the throwaway use of children.

Some of the contraceptive products have been shown to contribute to cancer.  Many, if not most, have a high failure rate that leads to abortion.  Many women are using abortion as a form of birth control without realizing the horrible effects that will haunt them in years to come.

The chemicals in the birth control pills are being found in our rivers and creeks, upsetting the ecological system.  Why is that?  Sewage treatment plants do not remove all the chemicals released via urine, into the sewage system.  This effects the fish and wildlife who use the streams for their survival.  People complain of the additives in our food supply or the genetic engineering of crops, etc. but how do the chemicals in the pill effect the fish and wildlife that people consume and in turn effect all of us?

NFP has been shown to be 99% effective in planning a family.  It brings husband and wife closer because they both participate in this most intimate of acts, planning a family.

Family life and morals have been heavily damaged by the contraceptive mentality that had brought forth as its results a break up of family life, a disrespect of women, an enormous increase in promiscuity, abortion at any stage of pregnancy, an increase in breast cancer, a pornography industry that is destroying our culture and an unbelievable increase in the number and types of sexually transmitted diseases.

Much more information on NFP is available at:  http://usccb.org/

Go to search and type in NFP.  It will take you to all kinds of information concerning this subject.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, But Still A Looming Concern to Many (post-homily research about the widespread dangers of internet pornography)

If the saying “ignorance is bliss” is true, get ready to suffer some bliss loss!  You may wonder how much ignorance can you lose in a mere 11 minute homily?  Probably not much, especially if there’s no personal follow-up by researching some of those shocking statistics about internet pornography and addiction.  The homily left me feeling uncomfortable enough to at least investigate and uncover more facts; it had alerted me to a big problem existing in past, present, and future times, invisible yet capable of doing damage to our brains, to our characters.  It was a call to action I couldn’t ignore and stay blissfully ignorant!

In the daily use the internet from the safety and comfort of my own home, I’ve never experienced any pornography sites trying to lure me into their clutches.  Because I am not personally and in “real time” impacted by pornography, doesn’t mean that its addictive dangers do not really exist.  Even though I’m an “oldie but goodie” whose internet surfs are only to trusted sites, does that mean the internet is safe travel zone for my kids and grandchildren, all who are on the internet every day? 

During last Sunday’s homily, our pastor painted an awful picture, with facts and figures from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops website, about pornography.  Fr. Barr warned us about extensive spread of the lucrative and addictive posting of pornography on the internet.  The first part of the 11 minute homily was devoted to explaining Natural Family Planning (NFP) and introducing the link to pornography as an evil tool devised to turn our attention away from Goodness, Love, and God. 

We have been warned, but this warning should only be the beginning of what we do about it.  Here are three basic steps which I’ve investigated and found most helpful to educate myself.  Seems common sense that I’ll not be feeling a conscience call about something if I’m not already conscious of it. 

Turns out that our own Catholic Church (has been investigating and compiling materials for some time – Here are three place to start: 1) go to their website; 2) in “search box” type “pornography addiction”

(MAIN WEBSITE OF US Conference of Catholic Bishops – USCCB):

(22-PAGE PDF which clearly explains the dangers and extent of pornography)

(2 page pdf which summarizes why we should ACT now to KNOW more – why not okay to ignore this attack on our bodies, minds, and souls)

Here’s an excerpt:

Emotional Impact of Addiction
Some of the original studies of sexual addiction found common emotional factors among the families of adult sexual addicts. One of these emotional factors relates to growing up in a family that was emotionally disengaged.  Thus pornography can be used as a way to feel connected and close, at least on the viewer’s own terms.  It can also become a “solution” to dealing with stress by seeking comfort.  As this behavior continues, an individual robs himself (or herself) more and more of the opportunities to learn from difficulties and grow in character.  This cycle is reinforced by shame.  Many make comparisons of themselves to others (“I must somehow be lacking”) and therefore remove themselves from relying on God and others for support.  Shame makes an individual more vulnerable to continue using pornography as solace from pain
Be sure to listen to Father’s homily as he explains more about NFP.

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