Gov. Andrew Cuomo Needs To Be Publicly Excommunicated

Rockford, Il – ( – 1-18-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York is again viciously attacking human beings in the womb by pushing on-demand abortion legislation that, if enforced, could even put Catholic hospitals and many state-funded ministries out of business.

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The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative is respectfully requesting Cardinal Dolan and the Bishops of New York to make public the excommunication of Gov. Cuomo that he has already incurred privately by his relentless attacks on children in the womb.

It is astonishing and a grave scandal that is deeply harming the faith of many Catholics that a man like Gov. Cuomo who by his policies, directives, and promotion of the killing of children in the womb and is directly and intentionally responsible for the mass murder of tens of thousands of children, is still a Catholic in good standing in New York.

How can anyone, friend or foe of the Catholic Church, ever take what the Church teaches seriously when Catholic politicians like Gov. Cuomo are using all of their political power to build the culture of death and destroy countless lives of children in the womb?

Cardinal Dolan and the Bishops of New York do have the power to make public the excommunication which Gov. Cuomo has already incurred. To do this Bishop Hubbard, Cardinal Dolan, and the Bishops of New York will need courage and our prayers to defend the Church and the unborn from “catholics” who murder the unborn by the millions.

When the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative called for the excommunication of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn for his attacks on marriage and support for the killing of children in the womb, Canon Law expert Ed Peters objected.

What Dr. Peters is saying is a person who directly and intentionally makes possible and is responsible for the mass murder of thousands upon thousands of innocent children should not be excommunicated. We believe he is wrong, and dead wrong for the souls of those who support abortion and the lives of millions of babies.

We believe that when a person publicly declares himself to be a Catholic, uses his Catholic Faith to get elected to public office, and then uses his political power partially gained by the very fact he is Catholic to murder countless innocent babies, he is indeed automatically excommunicated, and any Church leader of courage and charity should make that excommunication public.

We base this decision on these five reasons that are grounds for excommunication.

1-Procuring of abortion. By his policies Gov. Cuomo is helping and directly responsible for thousands of women procuring abortions in New York.

2-Apostasy: The total rejection of the Christian faith. By his slaughter of thousands of innocent babies, Gov. Cuomo is making a mockery of the Catholic faith.  You cannot murder babies with one hand and say Jesus is Lord with the other.  Would Jesus Who said, “Whatever you do to the least of My people you do unto Me” say a person who is actively attempting to murder thousands of babies has rejected the Faith?

3-Heresy: The obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth, which must be believed with divine and Catholic Faith. Gov. Cuomo who claims to be Catholic denies the truth that all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God.  He denies the right to life of thousands of children.  He denies all the Church teaches concerning the lives of the unborn.  Gov. Cuomo denies the Commandment, “You shall not kill.”

4- Schism: The rejection of the authority and jurisdiction of the pope as head of the Church. Gov. Cuomo has clearly denied and in every way humanly possible attacked the authority of the Pope concerning the Gospel of Life.

5- Desecration of sacred species, Holy Communion. Gov. Cuomo uses the same hand to receive the Blessed Sacrament that he uses to sign laws that have resulted in the direct and intentional murder of countless thousands of children.  If this is not desecration, then nothing is.

As long as Church leaders refuse to use their authority to excommunicate those who claim to be Catholics and are directly responsible for killing millions of children, we will have a Church that refuses to use her God-given authority to protect and love Her people.

In the case of Gov. Cuomo who has made it one of his priorities in life to slaughter the unborn, we will have a Church more and more people will see as cowardly, irrelevant, and hypocritical.

It doesn’t take a Canon lawyer or a Bishop to see that Catholics who are building the culture of death in America are prime examples of sad and tragic situations in need of correction.

Please respectfully contact Cardinal Dolan and Bishop Hubbard, and ask them to support the public excommunication of Gov. Cuomo.

Cardinal Dolan

Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop of Albany

84 thoughts on “Gov. Andrew Cuomo Needs To Be Publicly Excommunicated

    • Jan. 21st: Feast of St. Agnes, Card. Dolan has made it clear that he will not refuse the Eucharist to anyone because to do so would be to
      ‘politicize’ the Eucharist…this is taken right from Nancy Pelosi’s playbook…Canon Law clearly states that anyone participating in any way in a grave evil such as the slaughter of millions of human babies in the womb must not present themselves to receive Holy Communion until they have publicly recanted and gone to confession. Pelosi and Biden and Cuomo and other “Catholics” not only publicly and aggressively promote the killing of unborn babies but urge others to do so–to allow them to consider themselves Catholics in good standing and to receive the Eucharist is to affirm them in their sin and to deny them the catalyst for conversion of heart. Would Cardinal Dolan give the Eucharist to someone who gathered hundreds of child molesters to promote pedophilia? Yes, I believe those who publicly defy Church teachings in grave matters need to be privately counseled by their Pastor so they understand the gravity of this evil – but if they continue to defy the Church and promote the killing then they should be publicly reprimanded (since they promote evil publicly) and urged to go to Confession and change their position…Card. Dolan seems to me to think like a politician…this is not about politics…it’s about the mass ongoing slaughter of human babies – words have no effect. A child who does bad things but is given no consequences for his actions will continue to do bad things…perhaps Cardinal Dolan and others will become less popular – but at least they will give those who assist evil to repent and save their souls.

      • it is blasphemy to receive the Eucharist while in state of mortal sin. How sad that the most beautiful body of Christ be allowed to enter under a filthy roof!

    • I pray for the day when our bishops will get militant and excommunicate the likes of Cuomo, Pelosi, Biden, etc., etc.
      It is simply wrong that they are allowed to call themselves Catholics.

      • I don’t get it. Seriously, there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER according to Canon Law that these so called “Catholics” should be marching up to the Communion Rail to receive Our Lord HIMSELF in the Blessed Sacrament. Talk about SCANDAL. Now I have heard it all……….”Not appropriate to cause a major “confrontation” at the Communion Rail.” WHAT? And Jesus didn’t “confront” people? Ha! All they have to do is read a little bit of scripture to figure out …….YES, HE MOST CERTAINLY DID! Jesus was no “wimp”, and quite frankly He HAS to be cringing at the “wimpiness” of some of our Bishops.

  1. Lifesite news made the points below about cuomo’s new abortion bill. this makes him excomunicated right here and now.

    The bill would permit unlimited late-term abortion on demand.

    The bill would endanger the lives of women by allowing non-physicians to perform abortions.

    The bill would preclude any future reasonable regulations of abortion.

    The bill endangers the religious liberty of Catholic hospitals and other institutions.

    The bill could be used to undermine the state’s maternity programs.

    • Yes, even though Governor Cuomo is automatically excommunicated, shouldn’t it be made public? The purpose would be to highlight the serious spiritual consequences of promoting these evils and to eliminate the scandal caused by a public and powerful “Catholic” who blatantly ignores what the Church teaches and does everything in his power to kill the innocent preborn babies.

  2. All Cuomo is trying to do is be Obama Jr. Remember Obama became the prince of the democratic party when he blocked born alive laws in Illinois.

    Cuomo by pushing the most violent abortion laws in the country will become king of the democrats.

    And the Bishops will have a few words for him and DO NOTHING else.

  3. If you can kill babies and still remain Catholic then it tells us either killing babies or being Catholic does not mean much to the Bishops.

  4. If you pray for your crops to grow you also need to plant and care for them, both prayer and action are needed.

    Some in the church only want us to pray and they won’t take action to protect our children. May the Bishops pray and use their authority to send cuomo packing. Yea, he will still kill babies but at least he won’t do it as a Catholic any more.

  5. Agree. Ed Peters is wrong and frankly, part of the problem. If the bishops would have acted like fathers in the 60’s and 70’s, we would not have this unfortunate situation.

  6. All politicans who support abortion and profess themselves Catholic must be excommunicated or we will lose our moral integrity as Catholics.

  7. The Newton atrocity that sparked the NYS gun control law is mocked by the governor’s pro-abortion proposals, and the number of lives potentially saved by the governor’s good efforts will be dwarfed by the number of lives his proposed law will help to extinguish. May the governor watch the following powerful prolife video through its ending and be moved by its powerful message.

  8. The Newton atrocity that sparked the governor’s NYS gun control law is mocked by the governor’s pro-abortion proposals, and the number of lives potentially saved by the governor’s good efforts will be dwarfed by the number of lives his proposed abortion law will help to extinguish. May the governor watch the following powerful prolife video through its ending and be moved by its powerful message.

  9. It is said, and churches has said that the antichrist is already here on earth and this is true -when u get a catholic cumo denying Christ and killing babies in the womb-better America to wake up pretty soon .. Let the world know that this man has to stop the evil he is doing . What horror to read about. He is crucifying Jesus all over again and taking the life of God that was put in every baby destroyed.

  10. It’s time to excommunicate to these so-called Catholics that bring SCANDAL to the church!

    Those include Cuomo, Kennedy’s, Pelosi, Biden, Sebelius and any other public figure that publicly supports and promotes the killing of innocent babies.

  11. I would love for the Bishops to make public their excommunication as a way to inform the uninformed withing the Church. The problem is that once you’re a Catholic, you’re always a Catholic. Excommunication does not kick one out of the Church, but only condemns their behavior through the penalty of keeping one from receiving the Holy Sacrament. Either way, it’s the duty of the priest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (or wherever these folks attend the Mass) to deny the sacrament to those who are notorious excommunicants.

  12. This should be done to all so called catholics. They are catholics in name only and are an abomination to the rest of us who sacrifice and follow the church.

  13. Cardinals and bishops will have to start excommunicating. The chastisement has started. They have to save their souls as do all of us. Please pray at clinics.

  14. VP Biden is the biggest enemy of the Church,Ted Kennedy taught him everything he knows and he got a public Catholic Funeral from Sean O’malley,they do alot more damage than a Governor who is probably at the end of his political life. And i won’t mention Sen. Moynihan and all the other Kennedy’s that get a pass from our Bishops, yes disipline Cuomo and all the rest.

  15. Is the problem really the “unfaithful laity” ? After all, we have to look at the trilogy of abuses that took place just prior to, during, and immediately following Vatican II, they were; first, sexually abusive priests who were protected by their bishops, secondly, too much involvement in social issues combined with not enough focus on spirituality, had the bishops made sure the priests and laity were following the faith, becoming devout and holy Catholics, the social issue would have taken care of themselves, and thirdly, the post Vatican council abuses of the Sacred Liturgy which the bishop help create, and which the hierarchy has spent decades trying to fix. The Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments is now (as we speak) working on a booklet to help priests say mass correctly (according to the way Vatican II intended). With the Vatican II document on the Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium), the Sacramentary, and the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, and a bishop to guide them, they still can’t say mass the right way? The common link in all of this is the bishop, who seams to either not know his job, or else doesn’t want to do it. Being a spiritual leader is much harder than being a politician, so it seems they prefer the easier job of social work and politics at the detriment of the faith. Now we know WHY these unfaithful laity are the way they are, because that is where they were led, so can we really blame them?

  16. In Hannah Arendt’s famous work Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, she related her observations on the trial of one of Hitler’s henchmen and major organizers of the Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann. Arendt shared her belief that great evils in history, such as the Holocaust in particular, were not the result of abnormal ideologues or sociopaths, but rather of regular, mild-mannered folks who blindly and unquestionably accepted the conventions of the day.

    In New York we have a nice Cardinal and nice Bishops who refuse to act against evil. We have a Catholic Gov. who wants to increase the killing of babies by the thousands, we have a media who never covers the suffering of the dead babies.

    We blindly and unquestionably accepted the conventions of the day.

  17. Thank heavens some groups comes out and challenge these Bishops to do something and not just talk. We Catholics are so sick and tired of them being such wimps, it is unbelievable. Don’t they understand they (the bishops) are responsible for souls, and they are contributing to the moral decline of our nation, homes, and churches. For shame! As a convert I became Catholic because the Church has such beautiful teachings of truth that can set us all free….why don’t the Bishops stand up for these teachings? Maybe the Bishops need to be ex-communicated….they themselves are in sin by not doing anything!

    • Jan. 20th: I think it’s important to keep in mind that we are not avengers seeking punishment but rather, we seek to bring those who stand against Christ and His Church, those who aid and abet satan and his evil agenda, we seek to bring them to conversion of heart and a true relationship with Christ and His Church – Christ extends the hand of mercy and forgiveness to all who seek Him…to love as Christ loves is not easy but we will never win hearts and minds and souls through any other way – just the way of love. It’s hard to believe but the term ‘abortion’ has become almost meaningless and I know teenagers who had no understanding of just what ‘abortion’ is until I spoke to them about the development of the baby in the womb and showed them pictures…they immediately came to the defense of the unborn ‘human’ baby…we stand for life and those who do not stand for death…death and destruction. The blessing or the curse, life or death…we have to help people to understand these choices keeping in mind the words of Jesus from the Cross: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!” We have to help people to really ‘know what they do” when they choose death over life.

      Ed:Thank you, this just in this is the “Face Of Safe & Legal”

      Read More:

  18. Remember when Our Lord stated in the Last Supper to His twelve apostles, one of you eating my bread will betray me. Well I believed there are more than one who is now days in this circle. It is easy to preach in the abstract, but convert words into actions is another matter. Fortitude is a virtue and many christians and religious people are dying in the world because they refuse to compromise with evil. Let’s see what the Bishops will do as part of the body of Christ on this matters. In the meantime, Let us pray.

    • Andrews father, Mario, when governor of NY, said that although he did NOT approve of abortion, he would do nothing to stop others who did. This is Andrew legacy.

    • His father taught him how to sign bills for abortion! The bishops did nothing then and do nothing now. The Catholic Church in America is dying because the majority of bishops are spineless cowards and will not defend Our Lord Jesus Christ and His people from the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • Jan. 20th, Yes, write to the Cardinal but PLEASE do so with respect. The reason is that there are Cardinals and Bishops who will not act when threatened or spoken to in an aggressive, rude way…let us speak what is in our hearts but let us do it with charity – pleading for the lives of the unborn and the conversion of those who support the evil anti-life agenda…also, write to Cardinal Burke in Rome asking that Rome speak officially about Catholic politicians receiving Holy Communion while engaging aggressively in the promotion of the killing of unborn human babies…may the Lord bless the work of our hearts and our hands.

  19. Absolutely! Cuomo is a scandal to the faithful just like all the other wolves in sheep’s clothing like Pelosi and the rest. Their behavior demostrates that the chats they’ve had with their bishops have accomplished nothing because they continue in their error. It is a disgrace that they have the audacity to approach the Body of Christ in Holy Communion in the state they do but as is says in Scripture, we bring on our own condemnation by our denial of the Holy Spirit. I am no saint or angel but I sure know when I am offending God and causing scandal. So sad.

  20. Bishops, I would hate to be you when you stand in front of Jesus. It’s a chilling thought of what will happen to you . May God have mercy on the Bishops our teachers……

  21. To all posters and commentors: would you be willing to give up frills in your day to pray all four mysteries of the rosary and attend the Holy Mass? Would you be willing to do this and go to Confession once per month, fast on Wed and Fri, read sacred scripture, then you would be doing more than whining. DO IT in Memory of HIM!

  22. Our Cardinal here in Guadalajara announced from the pulpit last year that any one in his diocese – no exceptions – would be excommunicated for furthering abortion in any way. Isn’t it time the Catholic leaders of RTL organizations obtained a “face to face” meeting with our Holy Father to simply present to him directly the question: “Your Holiness, isn’t it time to assure that all bishops and cardinals are instructed in their duty to defend the Faith, and that this includes defending all human life and the teaching of the Catholic Church in their diocese, to fulfill the oath they took when elevated to their position – and that those unwilling to do so will be replaced by those who are faithful to what the Church teaches us as Catholics to defend – even to the sacrifice of our own lives.”

    EDITOR: That’s a wonderful idea!

  23. To my Fellow “catholics”(notice catholics in lower case): Don’t blame Cuomo. We all knew what he stood for before
    the gubinotorial election.Put the blame squarely where it belongs,
    on us “catholics” who time and time again ignore the teachings of the church and vote their pocketbooks.They are the ones who put
    this guy in office. Put A buck under their nose,and they will follow it to the very bowels of hell itself. Money talks, scripture walks. In the seven states that make up the northeast, half of the population call themselves “catholic” but always vote for the Democratic-Liberal Party with it’s anti-life agenda and other immoral issues all for the sake of monetary gain. SHAME, SHAME on you. Unless you repent, you will reap your “REWARD”

    EDITOR: Well said!

    • We reap what we sow.
      What you are writing is true but that means that all the purported catholic faithfuls AND clerics, priests, bishops, even cardinals who voted for these politicians have apostazied.
      Only a small remnant of catholics led by pious and faithful priests are TRUE catholics. The others are nothing but judasses.

    • As I said (above) Catholics are and do as they are taught and led, by their parish.How many Catholics actually read the documents of Vatican II, especially Apostolicam Actuositatem? How many simply did as Henry said and just followed the ill advised parish crowd. Catholics are responsible for their own knowledge of the faith and are to feed their own consciences with what the universal church provides, such as the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the other post Vatican II documents such as Christifideles Laichi. The Catholic people are locked into a “parish faith” not the faith taught by the universal church. Dear Catholics the church is bigger than your little parish, you have no clue unless you educate yourself.

      • I argue that the problem was Vatican II, not the laity being ignorant of the contents. The documents were written by liberals and Modernists and were conveniently ambiguous on key points. It is much safer to read the pre-Vatican II council documents (VC I, Trent), and follow the teachings of the Pre-Pope John XXIII popes, Regarding the lack of action by the Bishops, it is not only they who will fall. We are following them into perdition if we do not pray and sacrifice for them. We are all in this together. Bad Bishops and Clergy drag a multitude of souls to hell in their wake.

        EDITOR: I make this comment with caution-it is my humble understanding that Vatican II was a legitimate council of the Church. It is the progressives or liberals in the Church that fooled people, including meself, with their “spirit of Vatican II says…”. A previous commentor said we laymen were guilty of not reading the Vatican II documents and seeing what they really said. I must do my mea culpas because I failed to read these documents. The liberals have gotten away with distorting Christ’s teachings because of our failure to understand the teachings of this council. With this knowledge, let us all join together and reaffirm the beauty of Vatican II and encourage all Cardinals, Bishops, priests and laymen to adhere to the true teachings of Holy Mother Church.

      • Jan. 21th: Most Catholics probably won’t read the documents of Vatican II or the ‘Gospel of Life’, but they can learn from their Shepherds – how many of us have heard through the years homilies that would guide us to a deeper relationship with Christ and His Church, homilies proclaiming the sacredness of all human life? I worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta and she always said that the source of all modern evil is the slaughter of the unborn because, she said, if we would kill the baby in the womb, what would we not do? Indeed, we are seeing done what we ought not to do. We need to pray to know ways in which we can witness to the truth, witness to the sacredness of all human life…witness with our lives, our words, our actions…we can’t wait for the ‘other’ to do anything, we can’t even wait for our Shepherds to do what must be done…it is up to each one of us, individually, to live a Christ-like life every day, all day, in our relationships with other in the home, in the office, in the public square…how are we participating in the March for Life or in the 40 Days for Life campaigns? We can pray if we cannot be physically present – we can write letters to our Pastors pleading for more meaningful homilies on the teachings of the Church. Our Parish has a ‘teaching’ session every Wednesday night. Father Barron’s DVDs on “Catholicism” were used at first, now we are studying the Creed with the Fathers of the Church…even saying a rosary together as family or, if that is not possible, grace at meals – let prayer be the anchor that holds families together…does not have to be elaborate but it will bind and bless each family; those who can, try to get to Mass more than once a week and many ways to build up the Body of Christ! We must be part of the solution…we know the problems, but we must be part of the solution, starting with our own lives and actions and words and attitude…little ripples that will spread far and wide and bring hope and healing to the Body of Christ.

  24. The faithful Catholics in New York are led by a Cardinal who tries to portray himself to the media as a jovial humble common man. He downplays his role in the Church to the non-faithful to try to convince them of the banality of the hierarchy of the Church. After all the non-catholics and even many catholics themselves blame the hierarchy for every problem arising in even the smallest parish. But the Cardinal and the other bishops need to stop the pretending that they are just regular guys and can do nothing in cases like our catholic politicians who so gravely sin in public. They need to act more like Jesus who showed righteous anger in the temple and whipped the money changers, He even called his apostles Satan’s when they did not follow the will of His Father. I pray everyday for these men that they become the leaders we need and show the people of all faiths just what real leaders of the Catholic church are all about.

  25. Yes, Cuomo needs to be publically excommunicated, as well as V.P. Biden and all the other nominal Catholics in government. It is offensive to Jesus to have them enter a Catholic church and receive His Body and Blood. Did He not say that all those receiving in sinful states would not enter heaven?

  26. Excommunicate Andrew Cuomo? How about all of the other Democratic Catholic Politicians and all of the Catholics that voted for them? Oh Wait, that means there wouldn’t be any Catholics left. Now I remember why I left the Church.

    EDITOR: We agree that any Catholic that endorses and supports abortion should be publicly excommunicated, although by their very support they excommunicate themselves. As far as your inference that all Catholics voted Democrat, you could not be more mistaken. There are many Catholics who live their faith and would never consider voting for a candidate who is pro-abortion. Many people call themselves Catholic but do not adhere to the principles of the Church-we call them cafeteria Catholics because they pick and choose what they personally want to believe in, not what the Church teaches.
    It’s interesting how Catholics get blamed for all this. There is obviously a large portion of the population who vote for the liberal left ticket for their own selfish reasons. This includes Protestants, atheists, agnostics, the whole spectrum of values, or lack thereof. Let’s just call them the “what’s in it for me” crowd.

  27. These are scandalous, public sins: supporting a genocide UNEQUALED in the history of the world. You can’t ‘pal around’ with people that actively promote such an evil. Scripture is clear about how to approach someone who REFUSES to repent. St. Paul says to ‘reject them.’

  28. Does Cardinal Dolan really want to be a Cardinal or a politician?! he needs to decide and decide correctly if he wants to gain admission into heaven!! This whole situation and especially that photo of him and cuomo greeting each other sickens me! What are they smiling about and saying to each other? Is the ‘Cardinal’ and i use that title loosely, congratulating cuomo on all his ‘good’ work?! Disgraceful!!

  29. This article makes a strong case for why Mr Cuomo has already Excommunicated himself.
    However, it is NOT for us as Faithful Catholics to make demands for Mr Cuomo”s public Excommunication.
    Keep in mind that Our Lord Jesus Christ chose His Servants.
    It is His right alone to judge them.
    It is our duty to pray very much for all of our shepherds.
    We should also pray very much for Mr Cuomo and other Catholics in public life who are scandalizing Faithful Catholics.
    God has all of Eternity to punish those who refuse to repent (publicly).
    Then they will pay the price for their own sins and rebellion as well as for all those they have led and encouraged into the same sins and rebellion.
    Let us all pray for a change of heart for Mr Cuomo and his many colleagues who live in open defiance of God’s Laws and The Teachings of Holy Mother Church.

    These poor souls risk their Eternal Salvation at every moment.
    Seduced by the desire for power they have forgotten The Supreme Power Who may demand our very souls at any moment.

    The Holy Spirit will lead and Counsel our Shepherds.
    Let all of us then: pray, pray pray for all of them.

    It is imperative that we refrain from any and all attempts to govern our Bishops.
    God chose them to lead us in these treacherous times.
    We are chosen too.
    Let us: as children of God, remain watchful, faithful, charitable.
    Let us trust that God in His Infinite Wisdom chose His Servants well.
    That He will lead them in every way through His Holy Spirit.
    And let us not fail in our duty to pray for the Shepherds and the public sinners too.

    In Christ

    • QUOTE: It is imperative that we refrain from any and all attempts to govern our Bishops.

      Mary, Do believe no one should have ever said to the Bishops who burned Joan of Arc at the stake or the Bishops that moved child molesters from parish to parish that maybe…..just maybe they should consider another course of action?

  30. I have watched people walk out on sermons that preached against abortions. I have had people walk out of dinners when all I did was say that the life of a child was still the life of a child, no matter the circumstances of the mother or the circumstances of the conception. The sexual revolution and the contraceptive mentality (98% of Catholics practice birth control) have made the wishes of the mother (or the intimidation of the fathers or family members), more important than the sanctity of life. Of course, in the end, we will all pay for allowing this to happen. God will not be mocked.
    Is it global warming (for which there is no substantiation) that is causing all these natural disasters, or are they warnings from God to wake us up before it is too late “no more water, but fire next time”.

  31. It is high time our clergy take a stand against the like of Governor Cuomo, Rep. Barbara Pelosi, and Vice-President Biden. They are detestable politicians who have the audacity to claim the Catholic faith. These people are Catholic in name only. Each and everyone of them are heretics. It is the duty of the church to excommunicate these anti-christs

  32. Amen. Maybe Ed Peters can tell us just at what point he would recommend public excommunication for these “architects and builders of the culture of death.” Just how many more murdered babies in NY and elsewhere is it going to take to get Ed Peters (and the bishops) on board?

  33. We put people in jail if they are caught abusing animal and pets. Killing unborn children is accepted. How twisted has this society become. Most of the catholic clergy today are cowards to stand up to our politicians. They all will stand before Christ some day. They will all be asked what did they do to stop this mass killing of his children.

    • Jan. 21st: I’m glad you noticed that Bill- when I see commercials showing abused,shivering, frightened animals, it touches my heart but then I wonder where are the images of the human babies slaughtered mercilessly in the wombs of their mothers? If we were to exterminate 55 million animals in the womb, PETA would be out en masse demonstrating against this horror…but so many stand by while the mass killing of humans goes on and on and on…we have truly become desensitized to the value and sacredness of each and every human life but I believe that is changing and we must not lose hope. The numbers of those who gather in D.C. every year to march for life has grown and the majority seem to be young people who recognize that generations of their school mates are not here because their lives have been exterminated in the wombs of their mothers…there is an awakening as we continue to witness to life in our own lives…

  34. Is there any wonder why the Church is in such a mess…..The problem start from the top…..NO sheppards with the guts to stand up and defend the ones they were given to protect. It makes one wonder where is their priorities….the flock or their own interests…….In most cases they do not walk the talk….Thank God for the few exceptions to this….Keep them in your daily prayers!

  35. While I spent decades not practicing my faith and living in grave sin, there were two admonitions from Sacred Scripture I never lost sight of; I will be judged in the manner I judge others and I will receive the mercy I give others. Coupled with messages warning against speaking badly about God’s chosen priests, as they are just that, I think the advice by a previous poster challenging all of us to accept our Blessed Mother’s invitation to prayer and fasting and also penance, is very prudent.

    It would be wonderful if our bishops were all on the same page and leading souls to heaven with their actions. But they are not all on the same page and some do not accept the authority of the papacy and his magisterium. Some bishops do not accept all the eternal truths held in the deposit of faith. Going after Cardinals who aren’t orthodox enough or who aren’t as authoritative as we think we would be in their position is not going to achieve unity and it won’t end abortion or even the legality of abortion. Only prayer, penance and fasting will do that, as our Mother Mary keeps informing us from heaven.

    We all might recall the passage from scripture when the apostles had much success driving out demons from those needing cures but there were some they couldn’t drive out. Our Lord informed them that in those cases, only prayer would drive them out.
    Not just any prayer but prayer that God the Father couldn’t ignore; sacrificial prayer.

    • I agree that prayer and fasting are very important. So is admonishing sinners, don’t you agree? In fact, it’s one of the spiritual works of mercy. I ask you again, how long will you stay silent in the midst of a massacre of 50 million? Some of us are growing weary when we are on the front lines of the pro-life movement and don’t see enough of our leaders getting on board. It’s been 50 years. Keep praying and fasting but sometimes people need a kick in the rear end.

      • I do agree that admonishing sinners is required of every Catholic who knows that another is taking unnecessary risks with their eternal soul by committing and promoting grave sin. Admonition is really not optional.

        As far as importance goes, it would seem that our Blessed Mother is telling us that victory over the unholy massacre of millions of unborn children, requires above all, perseverance in
        prayer, primarily the daily rosary, daily Mass, penance and twice weekly fasting. The impression I have is that these things are not only important, they are critically necessary. None of the messages I’m aware of place a great importance on admonition.

        That is not to say that people who are called to fighting this evil on the front lines shouldn’t admonish and shouldn’t continue to pray in front of the abortion clinics as those actions save innocent lives. What I’m attempting to convey is the possibility that in some cases, righteous indignation can lead to sin, especially when one chooses to publicly demean priests. I’m pretty sure that our Blessed Mother has given strong warnings against such actions. Rather than being profitable in any way it works towards promoting further disunity even if disunity already exists.

        Professor Peter Kreeft recently wrote an article in which he identified the enemy(s) in our modern spiritual battles and they weren’t the priests or the abortion providers or the politicians but the Devil himself and of course sin.

        Again, I’m going by the messages I trust are from heaven and they point towards a total victory over Satan at the hands of our Blessed Mother; and all can be protected under her Holy Mantel if they consecrate their lives to her and live her messages.

        Belittling our Lord’s ordained priests, regardless of their actions or inactions, is not one of those messages.

        • There comes a time when lay men and women have to speak out. When bishops knowingly transferred priests who molested young people, more damage was done to more kids. We’re in a stage now that will force all of us to not only condone same sex marriage but pay for abortion and abortion causing medications. If we do not speak out strongly and respectfully, nothing will be done and it will be not only the fault of the politicians but our fault for not telling our bishops to stand up for our Church and it’s beliefs. If we do not, then we are no better than the people in Hitler’s Germany who knew of the death camps and said nothing; but at least they had a reason. They knew if they spoke out they would be in the camps themselves. We do not have that to worry us.

  36. Could someone please explain to me the meaning of
    the statement Cardinal Dolan made when he said “….I will not
    politicize the Eucharist”? Perhaps he has Politicized the office of
    the chancery in his diocese

    • Yes, he has. Unfortunately. I never expected this of him….with all his university degrees and intelligence. But, the power, glitz and laughter of banquets was just too much not to follow. Very sad.

  37. We need to remember excommunication is a call for the person who has placed themselves outside the Church to return.

    Either the Bishops think murdering babies like Cuomo does does not place him outside the Church or they know abortion is murder don’t care enough about Cuomo’s soul to call to tell him the truth.

    Bad either way.

  38. To all readers of these posts. Please ignore my last
    post when I said the Chancery office of Cardinal Dolan has been
    politicized. I didn’t mean to besmirch the Cardinal Himself. I’m just upset by his “politicizing the Eucharist” statement. Please let’s all pray for each other and trust that God will enlighten all of
    us to the truth in time.

  39. I was shocked when Caroline Kennedy spoke at the Democratic Convention and introduced herself as a Catholic woman in support of abortion. Cardinal Dolan was present to give the final benediction. Hopefully, he seriously reprimanded her behind the scenes for her sacrilegious stance and told her not to receive Holy Communion until she repents. Can you imagine her grandmother, Rose, supporting such a statement or belief? I seriously doubt that her mother or father supported abortion. Also, Cardinal Dolan’s final prayer was not heard by many Democrats, as they begin talking and partying when he stepped to the mike. His invitation was a token jesture since he prayed and was respected at the Republican Convention.

  40. Time to bring back some old-fashioned public repentance for our Catholic in name only politicians, like standing on the church steps clothed in rags or old clothing, covering oneself with ashes. Not going to happen in this “go along to get along” church. Shame on the bishops, but what else can we expect? That tax exemption is sacred, and tens of millions of unborn babies have died to protect it. God help us-we will all endure grave punishment in this life for not calling our shepherds to account for their weak leadership.President Lincoln believed that the Civil War was God’s judgment on a nation that allowed Negro blood to be shed for 200 years for the profit of slave-owners. Nothing like seeing the difference between the beautiful plantation homes in the South, and the shacks that housed the slaves; our garages look like palaces in comparison. Our media refuse to tell the truth about terrorism in the womb, and the millions of mothers suffering from depression, self-loathing, and worse. It may take a massive persecution of the Church and Catholics/Christians, including prison and death, before the USA awakens to what we have done: killed two generations of Americans.

  41. First excommunicate worthless bishops who failed in their duties. Fire them and any rotten priest and religious. Change all the locks on the rectory doors. Cut off their paychecks retirement benefits, cars, free food, utilities. Let then get a job and pay bills and taxes to obumma and the democrats machine. In addition10% of their gross income to the church, and 25% child support to the orphaned souls they abandoned.

  42. There was a time in history where the bishops worked behind the scenes in order to affect public policy. The thinking was the Catholic church was a minority religion. Speaking up for or against policy was seen as more ammunition to use against Catholics. Yes, there was a time in which Americans actually feared too much power given to Catholic politicians meant ultimately power for the popes to control America. Catholic politicians were called papists and their was actually a “Know Nothing” party directly aimed at Catholics and Irish Catholics in particular.
    Well, we are past those times in history. For all intents and purposes, Catholic politicians really can not be seen as any different than their Protestant counter parts. In fact, voting of our Democratic Catholic and some Republican Catholic politicians are not any different than liberal secular politicians. In fact many so-called catholic politicians are indeed nothing more than secularists in disguise. They are Catholic in name only. This is the reason our bishops absolutely need to change their “way of doing business”. The so-called Catholic politicians who are pro-choice, anti-traditional family, for legalizing drugs, for euthanasia, for Obamacare, and generally against the judo-christian ethic that built this country need to be called out and brought to task by the bishops. As it stands, the “business as usual” is not working and needs to come to an immediate end. The bishops need to stand by authentic church teaching and face the heritics head on before its too late. In our current state, the bishops are looked at as week, vacillating, and they seem not to really believe in what they preach. We need modern day Joan of Arcs, not Jimmy Carter/Neville Chamberlin types

  43. Cuomo,Pelosi,Kerry,Gilibrand,Sotomaya,and the like all need to be publicly ex-communicated and barred from attending mass.These so called Catholics mislead and confuse the teachings of our faith by their conduct.The Bishops are just as guilty of this if they do not act.Better to offend man than God.Are the Bishops afraid of losing govt fundings?Are they afraid of some sort of persecution or oppression?Bring it on..I’d rather attend mass in secret in someones basement than go to a church that would allow Cuomo and other wolves in to continue to bring damage and confusion ..By continuing to hobnob with these politicians and pander to them puts the blood on the hands of these Bishops that come from the abortions.they will also have to account for the damage that same-sex marriage will bring upon the church,families and children as well.Dear Bishops..please grow a spine and do what needs to be done for the sake of souls.

  44. What good is Dolan if he doesn’t use his teaching authority to teach the grave consequences to one’s salvation in pursuing this course? Cuomo, his father and his followers need a serious wake-up call that hasn’t happened so far with whatever Dolan has done heretofore. Now he needs to do something very serious and very fast for the sake of the soul of Andrew Cuomo. Not to do it is to condemn the souls of many. What kind of negligent shepherd is he?

  45. Any pro-choice, pro-Obama Catholic, in my opinion, should be “excommunicated”. They are Catholic in name only and definitely not Christian if they don’t stand for life and opposite sex marriages. I feel as if we are living in the age of Soddom and Gomorrah!

    Kathy D.

  46. Woe to those who are still allowing this Governor to receive Communion.Heaping Mortal Sin upon Mortal Sin. It causes great scandal to the faithful not to mention our Lord Jesus whereas the crown of thorns are being pushed deeper and deeper into head because of this sacrilege.

  47. You bible-hugging idiots need to find something better to complain about. I bet all of you are trump supporters too. God is dead. Get over it. Simply ridiculous.

    ED: What a pitiful specimen you must be. If you cannot see the suffering, pain, and death that abortion causes you are blinded by your foolishness.
    When you have completed your life here on earth you will most certainly find that God is not dead. Good luck when you face him.
    And by the way, no one on the staff of PLC is a Trump supporter. Wrong again, Adam.

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