Hang Together or Hang Separately

Freeport IL.- ProLifeCorner.com-  By Frank Munda-  2-19-2014-  Benjamin Franklin said “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”  Thomas Paine wrote “These are the times that try men’s souls.”  Even though these quotes came from heroes of the Revolutionary War, it can apply to this moment in America’s history.  Up until  9/11, all attacks on American religious freedom and our way of life has been from external sources; not so anymore.  For the past 6 years the Obama administration has waged open warfare on Catholics and all other Christians.  These attacks are well documented, so therefore it is not necessary for me to recap them in this article.

What has prompted the writing of this article?  About a month ago, a six page letter was placed on the windshields of the cars at my parish at the Saturday night Mass.  This letter went on to tell us how we Catholics are all Hell bound because of our beliefs.  This is not an isolated incident.  This same thing has occurred throughout the Rockford diocese on several locations.

If you know anyone who is doing this, please extend to them this invitation from our Pastor, Father Timothy Barr , the pastor of St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s parishes.  We invite you to come in and silently sit in the back of the church and see and hear what is going on.  If I want to know about what a Lutheran believes, I ask a practicing Lutheran.  The same applies to the Catholic faith.  If you want the truth about the Catholic faith, you don’t ask a fundamentalist, you ask a practicing Catholic.

At a Sunday Mass you will hear, contrary to what some say, the love for God’s printed word, the Bible.  You won’t see jumping up and down.  What you will see is a reverence and respect for the Bible like you have not seen before. There will be two readings, one from the old Testament and one from the New.  In between those readings will be responsorial readings from Psalms.  This will be followed by the Gospel and Father’s homily.  Come on in and see for yourself.  Don’t take just anyone’s opinion, go to the source and you will see a love for the Word, Jesus Christ.  See how Biblical the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is.

Who would be more likely to have the truth?  The Bible Church down the street, started 200 years ago, or a hundred years ago, or even last month?  Or Christ’s Church, the Catholic Church that can be historically traced back to Jesus Himself?

Don’t stop in the parking lot!  Do you have the courage to know the truth?  Come on in!

Can We Now Pray And Work Together?  Believe it or not, like it or not, we need each other.  “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Abortion on demand is an attack on the rights of the pre-born child to live.  The Declaration of Independence states We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…”  At the Pro Life Corner, our motto is, “Without life nothing else matters” .  Think about how meaningful that statement really is.  To stop abortion we must all work together, no matter what our religious beliefs, and end this culture of death in our nation.

It is NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the media that put forth their propaganda and convinced the world that the pro-life movement is a religious issue.  Why do they say the majority of those involved are Christian?  Answer:  Christians comprise the majority because they love God and His gift of life.  However, there are many non-Christians in the movement as well.  The majority involved in the fight to free the slaves and later on to fight to end segregation were Christians.  Slavery and segregation were not branded as “religious” issues.  Then why is it that this clearly civil rights movement to protect the pre-born and now the infirm and elderly, is called a “religious movement”?   Dr. Bernard Nathanson, NARAL,  and Planned Parenthood had a strategy in place before Roe v Wade that they would vilify the Catholic Church and all Christians as the enemy of abortion on demand.  One can read Dr. Nathanson’s own words in “Aborting America”. 

Abortion is actually  a civil rights issue .  The pro-life movement is comprised of mainly Christians, just like the movement to free the slaves and end segregation had been.  The decision to vilify the Church in the early 70’s was straight from Hell and has worked so well that Obama and his minions is using the same tactics to promote his pro-death agenda by seizing control of our country’s health care system,  making abortion, euthanasia and socialized medicine his unholy trinity.  Divide and conquer is his tactic.  Many Christians in the 40,000 non-Catholic denominations must be thinking they are going after the Catholics, it has nothing to do with me.  If the Catholic Church cannot stand up to the attacks on our religious freedoms and caves in, what makes you think that the little Bible Church down the street, with 100 members will fare any better?  If 60,000,000 Catholics can’t do it, the small congregations will most likely fall like dominos.

If you are a Baptist, a Lutheran, a Presbyterian, a Methodist, a Catholic, a non-denominational church, etc., then strive to be the best Christian you can be according to your teachings.  Stop judging the other denominations for what you think they believe or teach.  Every person in those 40,000 denominations is a brother or sister in Christ, admittedly separated, but a brother or sister nonetheless.

Remember we need each other.  If we don’t hang together, they will hang us separately. A house divided cannot stand.  It starts with you and me ; we must recognize each other as fellow Christians.  The enemy is not in the Bible Church down the street or in the Catholic Church across town.  The enemy is in Washington, DC.  Not because I say, but because Obama and some in Congress, etc. have declared war on citizens who want to defend all life and to practice their God given and Constitutionally guaranteed right to practice our faith without government intrusion.

So let’s see if we learned our lessons.  Are Lutherans, Pentecostals, Baptists, Presbyterians, etc. Christians?  YES!  Are Catholics Christians? Yes!  Are the majority of these faith communities different?  YES!   Do all of these above have a common denominator?  YES!  What is it?  It is their love for Christ.  My brothers and sisters, Christ started His church with the Holy Spirit and 12 men, and today we are over a billion strong worldwide.  What wonders can we accomplish.  We have the same Holy Spirit from God.   If we unite with the Holy Spirit and one billion Christians souls, what wonders we could accomplish through, with, and in Christ Jesus risen.  We could transform the whole world.  Let us pray for peace and unity, first within the Church; then when this peace and unity is in our hearts, we will be able to throw the doors open and boldly go out into a darkened world and share the light of Christ.

May the peace, joy, and love of Christ be with you, all of your family, and friends.

In Christ,

Frank Munda


5 thoughts on “Hang Together or Hang Separately

  1. Powerful statement of truth! All I can say is “Amen, brother!” Keep writing – you have authority as well as deep heartfelt conviction behind you – what to speak of your years of perseverance in taking a stand to fight for the rights of the helpless! It is clearly a battle, the battle lines have been drawn, and all people of faith, especially all Christians, need to be of one mind and heart to celebrate the victory that only Jesus Christ can win.

  2. Frank: I always read your articles with admiration, for your determination and for your work. This one is no different, and your commentary regarding the letters left on cars, fostering gross misunderstanding and hate towards religion, and Catholics in particular is so sad and so disturbing at the same time.

    There can be no doubt that Obama and his administration is actively waging a war on religion and seeks to punish those who will defend the faith and stand for God’s law and Christ’s teachings. As you state, the enemy is in Washington.

    However, it seems obvious to me that there is a second enemy among us; one which is in the body of the church itself. Most churches today refuse to take a stand in support of biblical doctrine as it relates to current societal trends. It is downright despairing to watch as clergy and people who claim to be Christians meekly tolerate and accept such abominable standards as those steadily encroaching on our schools, homes and work places. For the church boards and elders, they seem more concerned with their 501-C3 status than God’s truth, and for the church members, it has reached the point that many actually think it is Un-Christian to speak against these evils.

    The term “RINO” fits the political posture of many. The term “CINO” probably applies to many in the Christian community today.

    The intent is not to be totally negative or defeatist. To be sure, there are a great many people like you Frank, who work courageously, truthfully and tirelessly to spread the Good News and make a difference. My thoughts go to your observation that if a Billion Christians truly understood and truly stood up, what wonders they could accomplish. “The church” could do more to make that possibility a reality.

    God Bless,


  3. I agree with Frank’s thesis, and George’s comment on the apathy of the Christian churches. I have been heavily involved in many organizations, not the least of which is the Winnebago County Republican Central Committee, and the same problem appears to be prevalent everywhere. There are a handful of active people who are always volunteering to run for office, accept committee positions, or just pitch in to lend a hand in what needs to be done. The rest of the members are all to happy to sit back and let those few do all the heavy lifting, while they go along for the ride. If, and until, the majority of people in any category decide they must get involved in a meaningful way by carrying their end of the log, not much is going to change. Sadly, this has been the cast of human nature for longer than I have been around. I would truly love to see the population of the U.S. rise up in protest over many obama policies, much as they did after 9/11, only with more staying power than they displayed in that incident.

  4. We need to pray God for the courage to stand up and proclaim the good news of the Gospel and we need to pray for Saints to lead us!

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