How to Eliminate Abortion at its Cause

How to Eliminate Abortion at its Cause

ProLifeCorner-    By Larry Plachno

In common with many people, I am deeply disturbed and concerned over the taking of Larry-150x1 blueinnocent human lives in abortion. Some of the cruel and painful abortion procedures make this situation inhuman. However, the number of people working against abortion and for life is very positive. But, on the negative side I am concerned that much of this effort is wasted. Many if not most of these pro-life people have not taken the time to look at the primary cause of abortion and work in that area.

When you approach a doctor with an ailment, he or she will do an examination and possibly schedule tests to determine the cause of the problem. This is called a diagnosis and guides the doctor in taking the proper steps to eliminate the problem. Likewise, when you have a problem with your car and take it to the dealer or repair shop, they run tests and diagnostics to find the cause of the problem. Once the cause is known, they can take action to fix the problem. Why do pro-life people not take the time to look for the cause of abortion and then work on that cause to eliminate abortion?

The Cause of Abortion

The people who have done the research will tell you that the basic cause of abortion is the movement from putting others first to pulling yourself first that has polarized our society in recent decades. Demographers have long ago discovered that the U.S. vote in presidential elections can be determined by a state’s fertility level. States with the highest fertility levels will swing right and vote for conservative candidates. States with the lowest fertility levels will swing left and vote for liberal candidates.

Researchers have taken this further and determined that our society has become polarized with everyone represented on a line from right to left. Those on the far right will agonize over cheating on a golf score while those on the far left think nothing of murder and genocide. Those on the right believe in responsibilities while those on the left believe in rights. Those on the right are more likely to be married, more likely to attend church regularly and more likely to have a higher ideal family size. Those on the left are more likely to be single, less likely to attend church regularly, and more likely to have a smaller ideal family size. And, those on the left are more likely to accept abortion.

We are all located on that line somewhere. The question is whether we are more on the left or more on the right. Some people have suggested that the single biggest problem facing our society is not global warming but global selfishness.

The reason why this is so important is because we only have two choices when faced with a decision or action that could impact others. We can be unselfish and do what is best for others or we can make a choice to do what we want regardless of whom gets hurt. The decision we make depends a great deal on where we stand on that line from right to the left.

Hence, we need to ask ourselves: How do we move people more towards the right in order to eliminate abortion? There are two answers to this; one secular and one moral.

The Secular Answer

What is obvious is that society operates much like a team. When we all work together for common goals then everyone comes out ahead and wins. But, when people do what they want without regard for others, the team cannot make progress and loses.

Those who have researched social problems tell us that they are caused when people put themselves first instead of working with others and putting others first. Putting marriage and family first continually comes out as the best solution to eliminating social problems. Abortion statistically fits into this same category.

Marriage is the obvious solution to eliminating broken homes. Married people are statistically less likely to be homeless or to live in poverty. With the exception of major diseases like cancer, married people are statistically more likely to be healthy and to live longer. Where children are concerned, marriage is also important. The biggest factor is determining whether someone will end up in prison is being raised without a father.

If there is one thing I would like pro-life people to know it is that 80 percent of women seeking an abortion are unmarried. Hence, encouraging marriage could eliminate most abortions. Both statistically and logically, marriage and life go together. A married woman shares the joy of pregnancy with her husband as they bring a new life into their family. An unmarried woman is more likely to look at the pregnancy as a problem.

In addition, we have all heard the complaint that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The reason is lack of marriage. Traditionally, the bulk of our middle class was made up of families consisting of a husband, a wife and their children. As marriage has declined, so has the middle class. Instead we today have more single people who are poorer.

The Moral Answer

There is also a moral reason for moving to the right. God sent His Son to earth to atone for our sins. Hence, good and evil is of prime importance. Jesus Christ admonished us to love God and love our neighbor. When we love God we judge our actions as to whether they are good or evil. Being a follower of Christ means doing what is best for others and putting others first.

What the researchers have discovered is that modern statistics surrounding social problems endorse and echo the love of God and love of neighbor of Jesus Christ. How did this Jewish carpenter who walked the earth 2000 years ago know what modern computer-generated statistics would be telling us today? This has increased the faith of those who know this. It also suggests that basic Christian principles are good guidelines for society and that Jesus Christ knew about the polarization between love of self and love of neighbor centuries before the computer statistics made it obvious.

I am also reminded that the first public miracle of Jesus Christ took place at the wedding feast of Cana. In spite of the fact that His time had not yet come, He complied with the request of his mother and worked a miracle to endorse marriage.

Looking for Solutions

We are not the first civilization to be faced with this movement from others and to self. The ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome both faced similar situations prior to their downfall. Greece had laws against abortion. Roman leaders rewarded large families and encouraged marriage. But the people failed to see the problem and both civilizations ended.

Today, many nationalities in developed countries are faced with declining fertility rates and have become endangered species. Several countries in Asia have fertility rates at less than replacement levels. Much of Western Europe is in this same position and is using immigration with mixed success to replace the babies they are not having.

Here in the United States we have a government that cannot see the problem and is working against marriage and for abortion. Eliminating the family wage has harmed marriage and families substantially. Without the family wage it becomes increasingly difficult for most fathers to support a traditional family.

At the same time our government taxes married people while providing support to singles. The result is that it is financially advantageous for young couple to remain single rather than marry. No wonder we are faced with abortion.

Where to Next?

One of the best solutions I have heard is that we need to better teach and train people, and particularly our youngsters, on these issues. After all, this information almost never appears in the mainstream media. While kids learn math and chemistry in school, there are no classes covering our interconnected social problems, our polarized society, and the importance of marriage to all of us.

We can take that one step further and ask why this is not mentioned in church or in religious education classes? Those who have done the research are well aware of these problems but the average American, and even those who attend church regularly, are not. Please feel free to take any of this material and share it with your friends and associates. In particular, please share it with anyone working in the pro-life area so they can better understand the major cause behind abortion and how to help eliminate abortion.


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For years now Larry has shared his writings with us here at the ProLifeCorner and we are truly humbled by his generosity.

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