“I Walked – After a Decade In A Wheelchair”

ProLifeCorner.com – 5-14-2014 – by Staff – This is one of the most delightful and welcome articles we have ever had the pleasure and privilege of putting on our site.  As most of you are aware, Mark Pickup has contributed so many wonderful articles and we always love putting them on the PLC.  This one,  however, stands out from the rest!  After so many years of being confined to a wheelchair because of his MS, Mark was able to get up  and walk!  He has been a tripligic for many years and has suffered greatly because of this terrible disease, and yet yesterday, through the grace of God, Mark used a walker and actually was able to walk a short distance.  Please take the time to go to his site and read his remarkable account of this miracle.

We are so happy for Mark and his family and it is our prayer that this marvel will continue and he will not revert back to the wheelchair.  MS is unpredictable, so we ask our readers to remember Mark and his family in your prayers each day.  Also, take time to drop him a line encouraging him and let him know he is in your prayers also.

“I Walked – After a Decade In A Wheelchair”

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