Is Jaywalking In Rockford IL. A Religious Issue?

Rockford, Il- 3 24 2011- by James-  Judge:  "I’m not going to let you bring your religion into this courtroom!"   The Mysterious Case Of The Policeman With A Skull On His Cap, A Jay-Walking Charge, And A City That Can’t Make Up Its Mind!

Many of our readers may remember that on November 12, 2010, an incident occurred in which  a pro-lifer asked a Rockford Police officer why he was wearing a large skull on his cap at the Rockford abortion mill.  The police officer then ordered the pro-lifer to "get out of my sight."  When the pro-lifer did as ordered and stepped a few feet onto a quiet residential street, the pro-lifer was arrested for jay-walking.
Mysteriously, nothing was said to the abortion mill landlord who crossed that exact same street in the exact same place numerous times that same morning to put up pornographic signs advertising sex acts for sale – right in front of the same police officers.
The first time this case went to court at the Winnebago County Circuit Court 17th Judicial Circuit at 400 West State Street, courtroom 125, was on Monday February 14, 2011.  The judge at this hearing did not seem happy that these charges were even being considered against a citizen of Rockford and even said with a rather mystified look on his face, "I didn’t know walking in the roadway was against the law?"
Not knowing what to do with the case, it was sent over for a hearing at the new Justice Center in Rockford, no longer to be prosecuted by the City of Rockford.  Now this mysterious case was to be prosecuted by the Winnebago County State’s Attorney on March 23, 2011, in court room C.
At 9:30 AM the accused jay-walker was brought before the judge in the new Justice Center. This judge also seemed mystified about this case at first, but then the judge said with a tone that perked up everybodies ears, "Is this case about abortion?"
The mood in the justice center court room had just changed…….and not for the better. 
As the accused jay-walker tried to explain that this is a civil rights case, the judge mysteriously blurted out, "I’m not going to let you bring your religion into this courtroom!"  This was a very odd accusation, seeing as though the judge was the only person in the courtroom who said a word about or was even thinking about religion.
A few more attempts to explain this mysterious case to the judge did not go over too well. With a scowl and a less than sympathetic tone, the judge  rebuked the accused jay-walker and said he had better be prepared to spend a lot of time showing up in court for this jay-walking charge.
Some may think this was an attempt to intimidate….we certainly hope not.  The pro-lifers of Rockford have dealt with the most openly bigoted and hate-filled abortion mill in America that has murdered over 60,000 babies…..we aren’t intimidated.
In the end even this judge seemed to find this case too mysterious to handle as he is sending it back from whence it came – to the 17th Judicial Circuit Court at 400 West State Street, courtroom 125.  With nothing at all settled, no trial date set, questions left unanswered, and not even knowing if it is the City of Rockford or the Winnebago County States Attorney’s office who will be able to demystify and prosecute this mysterious case, we are left to wonder, "What do these people hope to accomplish by trying to prosecute a ridiculous case that they can’t even understand?"  

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