Is McNamara coming out of the Pro-Abortion closet?

dead baby 300xIs McNamara coming out of the Pro-Abortion closet? – Rockford Illinois – April 2, 2017 – by The Rockford Pro-life Initiative–  After repeated requests, the Democrat candidate for mayor of Rockford has not responded on his stance on the abortion issue.  Before you cast your vote on April 4, please take time to read the following article:

Tom McNamara is the Democrat candidate for Mayor of Rockford and has not responded to repeated requests for his position on the killing of children by abortion.

Through an inside source we have learned that the radically pro-abortion Barb Giolitto who is the leader of The Winnebago County Citizens For Choice (you can read here: For slaughtering babies)  has come out publicly in support of Tom McNamara and was even working the McNamara phone banks on Saturday April 1st.  

The Winnebago County Citizens For Choice were active at Rockford’s abortion mill attempting everything they could to ensure mothers were blocked from hearing offers of help from pro-lifers and they celebrated on more than one occasion when they saw mothers chose death for their babies in the mill.

When The Winnebago County Citizens For Choice support a political candidate you can be assured that politician has chosen the murder of babies and the blood money it brings over Christ, life, and love.

Back in July of 2011 Rockford Pro-life Initiative gave a report on the radical and shameful behavior of the pro-death forces in Rockford Illinois. Follow the link below;

Accosting By Abortion Supporters Now Called “Escorting”

Posted on July 21, 2011 by admin

Rockford, Il – ( – 7-21-2011 – by James – Is Physically Grabbing And Seizing Women Off The Street The New Strategy Of Rockford Abortion Supporters?  On Friday, July 8, 2011, a group of abortion supporters physically laid their hands on a woman and took her into Rockford’s abortion mill.  This mother had been at the driveway of the abortion clinic, but after speaking to a Spanish-speaking pro-life sidewalk counselor the mother told the driver of her taxi to pull over to the mobile ultrasound clinic

Read full article here:

3 thoughts on “Is McNamara coming out of the Pro-Abortion closet?

  1. I hope none of you thought that the baby killers were going to give up the fight. They will be doing all they can make sure no child is safe in the womb.

  2. Nothing sadder than a group of old pro-aborts trying to convince women to kill their babies. That picture of a baby in the womb you posted is all anyone needs to see to know abortion is murder.

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