Is Rockford Becoming "Sin City" U.S.A?

Rockford, Illinois, once a growing industrial city that was home to many churches and was a safe place to raise a family is gaining a national reputation as a city that is home to the most vile, anti-Christian bigotry, racism, and public displays of hatred for God of any city in the country.  It is becoming known as a city that is run by abortion.
Below are just a few examples of how the acceptance or indifference toward the killing of over 50,000 babies by abortion in Rockford is destroying the heart and soul of a city.  

Free Needles For Drug Users But No Ultrasounds For Poor Women
In Rockford we have a city council that has refused to allow a safe place for a free mobile ultrasound to park while many of these same city council members support giving hundreds of thousands of free needles to drug users. Read more here: Of Dogs, Illegal Drugs, And Free Ultrasounds
In Rockford A Rubber Chicken On A Cross Is "Not Offensive" While A Devotional Picture of Jesus Is Confiscated By The Police.
Rockford has an "offensive use of property" law that the city refuses to use against the dozens of public displays of racism, bigotry, and hatred by the Rockford abortion mill.  Yet a pro-lifer had a devotional picture of Jesus confiscated by the city.
Story and video here:  Pro-abortion “Justice” In Rockford
In Rockford A Pro-Lifer Can Be Prosecuted For Offering Help, But Nothing Is Done About The Abortion Mill’s Verbal Threats.
 A pro-lifer is currently being prosecuted by the city legal department for offering help to mothers in need at the Rockford abortion mill because they claim he violated a noise ordinance when he called out an offer of help to her.  The same city legal department has refused to do anything about the abortion mill landlord’s using an amplified sound system to threaten and intimidate women who are talking with sidewalk counselors to enter the abortion mill. 
Strip Club Signs On State Street But No Billboards Of Jesus On Broadway
We live in a city that allows strip clubs to operate on our main city streets with explicit public signs while the city of Rockford will not allow a large sign of Jesus to be put on the Rockford Labor News building. Why are strip clubs and strip club signs acceptable, but a sign of Jesus is refused a city permit?
City Alderman’s Boyfriend Assaults Pro-lifers, And Pro-Lifer Gets A Jay-Walking Ticket
One of the most blatant double standards that show how Rockford protects and defends the abortion mill happened in 2010.  The then live-in boyfriend, James Harnden, of Rockford alderman Karen Elyea walked across 10th street to threaten physical harm to a pro-lifer. Then, in a strange attempt to intimidate pro-lifers, this man began licking the camera lens a pro-lifer was holding.  A clear case of assault the city ignored.  More information here:  Alderman’s Boyfriend Threatens Pro-Lifers
A pro-lifer following a police officer’s orders to "get out of his sight" walked across the same city street and was given a jay-walking ticket.  A Freedom of Information Act search was done, and the results showed that no other person in the city of Rockford has ever been given a jay-walking ticket in this area.  See video here:  Skull On Cops Cap, Rockford, IL
It seems if you’re an alderman’s boyfriend, you can assault pro-lifers at will, but if a pro-lifer even walks across the street, he will be ticketed.
Gambling To Raise Revenues And The Illegal Removal Of A Legitimate Revenue Source
 Rockford is about to approve a gambling casino for our city, and all of the destructive elements that go hand in hand with gambling will follow. 
 If the city of Rockford is in such dire need of revenue, why did the city threaten the company that handles advertising on the city bus benches, Wright Advertising, with canceling the city contract with them if they continued to rent to pro-lifers?
 A case is still in the United States Federal Court against the City of Rockford because it forced Wright Advertising to break its contract with Rockford pro-lifers and remove a bus bench with a pro-life message even though that contract was bringing in revenue for Rockford.  More information here:  Rockford Refuses to Settle with Pro-Lifers
Covering Up For Child Predators And Prostitution
 The landlord of Rockford’s abortion mill has publicly stated, "the only people who come here are nigg…..’s and prostitutes."   The Rockford abortion mill is located in the heart of the prostitution district of the city.  On numerous occasions, pro-lifers have seen women being forced into this abortion mill by men.  We have witnessed the local "pimps" walk their girls to the clinic.
 Pro-lifers have also seen countless young girls brought to the mill by older men.  On one occasion a very distressed young girl was brought to the mill by an older male driver in a van with tinted windows and with no licenses plates.  The police were called but refused to investigate.
 Even though the abortion mill workers are mandated reporters of child sexual abuse, as far as we know in 25 years, they have never reported one case of an underage girl being impregnated by an older man.  They do an effective job of allowing these men to continue to prey on young girls.
See and hear the powerful video of a young girl who suffered an abortion at N.I.W.C., Rockford, IL.
Is Rockford becoming the new "Sin City" USA?  The fact that we even have to ask this question tells us the direction in which our city is going  because of the acceptance and protection of a business that has killed over 50,000 human beings.

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