Is Rockford "Choosing" Tattoos Over Mothers And Children?

Rockford IL. – ProLifeCorner – 5 28 2011- small group of pro-abortion Rockford aldermen are attempting to rewrite city laws to have a free mobile ultrasound clinic banned from city streets.  The abuse of power by some Rockford city council members continues.  Some city aldermen continue to abuse the rights of pro-life citizens to free speech and assembly by blocking access to the mobile ultrasound clinic, one example is their attempt to implement a bubble zone law which is an attack on citizen’s free speech and assembly. 

When a small clique of tyrants control the city council it can jeopardize all citizens.  Remember when we were a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?  There can be no justice in Rockford until our citizens, through the voting process, insure that we are represented by aldermen who are open to the will of the people and cease using  political offices for the promoting of their radical agendas.
Think about this:  if you’re thinking of bringing a business to Rockford or are just going to come here to live, knowing that a clique is in control of the city council and will use existing law or create law to use against one segment of society, be aware that as long as this is tolerated, anyone can be next.  This group of radicals have proven themselves to be untrustworthy.  What if they don’t like your business practices or your point of view?  Look out!  You could be next.
Ask yourself if Rockford, IL would be a good place for your business or home.  Know that a small group of anti-life radicals are using their political powers against some citizens of Rockford because they disagree with their views.
While the operators of a mobile ultrasound clinic that has saved eleven lives in Rockford are under continued persecution by these aldermen, who are working with abortion clinic building owner Wayne Webster,  a for profit mobile tattoo parlor motor-home is getting a free pass.  This mobile tattoo parlor is just one of many mobile-home businesses/organizations who are getting a free pass to operate on the streets of Rockford, IL while the life-saving ultrasound clinic continues to be terrorized and persecuted against by the agenda driven aldermen of Rockford, Il.
Below is a link to a recent Rockford newspaper article regarding the city council.
Our video speaks for itself!

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