“It is Finished!”

“It is Finished!”

ProLifeCorner-  Justin’s and Chelsea’s joy at the news that they will soon be parents is shattered a few weeks later, when doctors discover that their unborn baby, Melissa, suffers from anencephaly, a fatal congenital defect in which most of the brain is missing or severely underdeveloped. Anencephalic infants die within weeks after birth, and the couple is advised to terminate the pregnancy.

But after much thought, intense prayer and many tears, they make an incredibly selfless and courageous decision. They decide to continue the pregnancy in the hope that their doomed baby’s organs might be used to save other children. The baby is born, baptized, and dies within days. Melissa’s little heart, liver, corneas, and heart valves are transplanted in other children. Justin’s and Chelsea’s little Melissa lives on.

Good Fridays take place throughout the year, in many lives, when unselfish and visionary love manages to transform disappointment, hurt and pain into life, hope and compassion. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is repeated whenever men, women and children of faith, when suffering or tragedy befalls them, waste little time on bitterness, but use their suffering as an opportunity for giving life and hope to others.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, there is more to the passion of Christ than His crucifixion. It’s the suffering of Christ that instructs us, that gives us insight into our own lives that gives us strength for our own difficult and sometimes painful journeys. Few of us of course will be crucified, but all of us will, somehow and in some way, walk the road to Calvary before our long days and lonely nights come to an end.

As was the case for Justin and Chelsea, choosing to show compassion and deciding to give life and hope to other children and their parents, through the passion they suffered, the memory of Jesus’ passion gives us a choice, too; either with the same understanding, the same steady faith, and the same awareness of God’s providence for us as we go, OR we can stumble our way through, bitter and alienated from the very Good Friday moments, like the tragedy of little Melissa, which can lead us to our Easter glory.

Mary, virgin most sorrowful, pray for us!

Good Friday –Cycle B

Friday, March 25th, 2016

John 18:1-19:42

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