It's Not About Parking – It's About Human Lives

Rockford, Il – ProLifeCorner – 5 25 2011 – by James – A recent Rockford City Council meeting was held in which a pro-life citizen was allowed to address the council concerning the mobile ultrasound van’s parking permit.  It is one of the most powerful addresses we have ever heard.  What follows is a talk given by pro-life advocate Bonita Stahl to the Rockford city council on May 23, 2011.

Bonita-Thank you for the opportunity to speak this evening with regards to the TLC permit. 
It’s not about parking.  According to the police and city legal departments, the TLC Pregnancy Services van of Elgin, IL has violated no laws.  I have personally witnessed cars parked in violation on 10th St.  I’ve even flagged down a city policeman.  A woman had parked in the no parking zone at the abortion facility and entered the business directly west.  Though illegally parked 45 minutes, not even a verbal warning was given.   
Because it’s not about parking. It’s about non-profit corporations offering free health care.  Would Mr. Webster and Alderman Elyea be against the Lion’s Club mobile unit offering free vision checks, the McDonald’s van providing free dental checks, a mobile unit offering free counseling services at the site of a violent crime or disaster, the bloodmobile? 
It’s not about parking.  The TLC van provides free ultrasounds to women who have come to the Northern Illinois Women’s Center for an abortion.  The women who choose to take advantage of this service have the opportunity to view the life within and are offered life-saving alternatives. 
Fetal microchimerism is the persistence of fetal cells in a mother after pregnancy.  Studies show that these cells are still present 38 years after the pregnancy, maybe longer.  A woman who has an abortion will not only have the emotional scars to carry for decades, she will carry the physical presence of that child within her for decades.  I still grieve for my first child whose precious life ended by miscarriage at only 13 weeks.  Perhaps fetal microchimerism provides an answer for such strong, persistent emotions.  How much more may a woman grieve knowing that in a moment of extreme duress and fear, she allowed her own body to become the “killing field” for her child?  It’s not about parking; it’s about restricting free health care services that provide pregnant women with true options.
It’s not about parking, it’s about violence.  Headlines scream eight homicides in two weeks.  My own niece was shot by a total stranger while at a picnic several years ago.  At age 19 she became quadriplegic.  Our aldermen rightly decry the murder and violence in our city, and in their next breath 8 have done everything in their power to ensure the dismemberment of every child carried in the womb of his/her mother to 1400 Broadway.   How can we shed tears for the 16 year old gunned down at Patriot’s Gateway and not for the 60,000 children’s lives lost a few blocks away?  American citizens have, under the banner of “choice,” slain over 52 million children.  Imagine that all the residents of the following states were exterminated:  Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, and Indiana.  Were they killed by a pandemic, our nation would be gripped with fear, in mourning and desperately seeking a cure.  52 million children, why do we not seek a cure?
It is not about parking.  We as citizens of this great nation must ask ourselves just how far we want to go in exterminating our own species.  Let us attempt to reverse the damage already done.  Let us begin right here in our own city.  And let it be known, the nation is watching.
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