It’s official: Donald Trump is the Next President of the United States

It’s official: Donald Trump is the Next President of the United States

ProLifeCorner- Frank J. Munda

Donald Trump received 304 electoral votes. Donald Trump took 36 of the 38 electoral votes in Texas. Reuters reported that at least five Clinton electoral refused to vote for her. The interesting thing is, those on the left tried to get Republicans to defect and cast their vote for Hillary but more Democrats defected than Republicans. Two Republicans defected and voted against Trump, although not for Hillary.

It has been stated “The founding fathers “said the electoral college was not to elect a demagogue, was not to elect someone influenced by foreign powers, was not to elect someone who is unfit for office.”  If that’s the case Obama should have never been president and Hillary should not have been able to run.

With nearly all votes counted, Trump had clinched 304 electoral votes to Clinton’s 224, according to an Associated Press tally of the voting by 538 electors across the country.

“I will work hard to unite our country and be the President of all Americans,” Trump said in a statement released by his transition team in response to the Electoral College outcome.

Now is the time for all of us to put aside our petty differences and work for our United States of America. In my opinion God has given us another opportunity to once again become a great nation. We know the left pulled out every filthy trick in the book to steal this election, I believe it was God who thwarted their efforts.

Let’s all work and pray for Donald Trump and the awesome administration that he is assembling. May God bless Donald Trump, vice president Pence,  and all associated with this administration.

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