Jesus Christ, our Economy and our Politics

ProLifeCorner-   By Larry Plachno-  How much of a connection is there between Jesus Christ, our economy and our politics?  The answer is considerably more than you might think, particularly once you understand that moral relativism is effectively the opposite of Christianity. Having spent more than 20 years working with statistics surrounding interconnected social problems, I can tell you that all of this not only becomes increasingly simple but also logical.

When pressed, Jesus Christ gave us two very simple and basic commandments: love of God and love of neighbor. Since God sent His Son to suffer and die to atone for our sins, love of God means judging our actions and decisions as to whether they are good or evil. Being a follower of Jesus Christ means that good is what is best for others and society.

These commandments of Jesus Christ become very pointed in our day-to-day life. When faced with an action or decision that could impact others, we have two choices. We can be unselfish and do what is best for other people and society. Or, we can be selfish and do what we want regardless of whom we hurt. It does not take too much thought to figure out which of these two options represent the Christian heritage.

All of this comes together when we study the reports and statistics surrounding social problems. More than five decades of computer-generated data echo and endorse the love of God and love of neighbor commandments of Jesus Christ. Why? It is because our society operates much like a team. When we judge our actions and work together we all come out ahead but if we are selfish, then we have problems including social problems.

Obviously, Jesus Christ told us what it takes to make society run well. Hence, basic Christianity is not so much a religion as it is a guide for creating a Heaven on earth. Moreover, the research clearly shows that those who are unselfish and work with and help others come out ahead. For example, the statistics show that married people are less likely to commit or be the victim of crimes, they are less likely to be homeless, less likely to live in poverty and less likely to need government assistance. They are also healthier and have children who do better in life.

So, how do the commandments of Jesus Christ impact politics? During both recent Presidential elections demographers noted that the states with the highest fertility levels voted for conservative candidates and conservative issues while the states with the lowest fertility rates voted for liberal candidates and liberal issues. Hence, we find ourselves in a polarized society where the conservatives believe in the good and evil of Jesus Christ while the liberals believe in moral relativism.

When you look at the numbers it becomes obvious that liberals statistically are less likely to believe in large families, less likely to support traditional marriage and the family wage, and more likely to support abortion and moral relativism. Hence, we can say that liberals are people moving away from God, away from families, away from religion and moving to moral relativism.  As a general rule it can also be said that the life of conservatives tends to be centered on others while the life of liberals is more likely to be self-centered.

Those people watching the statistics are finding that our country is becoming even more polarized because people are moving to be near those with similar morals. For decades, conservative families have moved out of big cities and into suburbia and rural areas. Conversely, the “swingers” move into the big cities where the “action” is. I have long lost track of the number of individuals and couples I have seen move into the big city for jobs and then return to rural areas when they start a family.

I am tempted to point out that respecting the commandments of Jesus Christ is not limited to Christians. Over the years I have known several atheists and other non-Christians who have done a better job of judging their actions and putting others first than many Christians. Many of our founding fathers were not Christians but they understood the necessity to work together and put others first for our society to thrive. This worked well for nearly 200 years before people began moving away from Jesus Christ and to moral relativism.

Next, how do the commandments of Jesus Christ impact economics? The answer is that people who adopt moral relativism in regard to traditional marriage cause problems for society. On the economic side, it becomes obvious that two can live as cheaply as one but not when they live in two different households. Hence, when people don’t marry or get divorced, we have to take money out of our economy or even welfare to pay for an additional household. Causing problems for others is not Christian.

But the problems go beyond economics. One is that the most likely indicator that a kid will end up in prison is being raised without a father. Another problem is spreading moral relativism. People who adopt moral relativism in one area are statistically more likely to adopt moral relativism in other areas. An excellent example is that people who accept moral relativism in regard to traditional marriage are statistically more likely to accept moral relativism in regard to abortion. Something like 80 percent of all women seeking an abortion are not married.

The other thing that should concern us is giving bad example to others. People imitate what they see and giving good example is expected of Christians. For those who cause others to adopt moral relativism I can refer you to the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke that suggest that it would be better for you to have a millstone tied to your neck and be thrown into the sea than to lead others astray.

I recently heard an interesting comment on marriage and children. For untold generations we worked together to support marriage and children. Now, there are people who say that all of those previous generations were wrong and that this world was created just for them so they could adopt moral relativism and do whatever they want. You need hip boots to wade through that selfishness.

So now you know why the liberals are trying to eliminate God, religion, marriage and the family wage from our society. It is because moral relativism is pretty much directly opposed to Jesus Christ’s basic commandments of love of God and love of neighbor.

What is amazing to me is that moral relativism is neither logical nor tenable. Is it OK to set aside good and evil where you want and replace it with personal opinion? If your answer is yes, then don’t worry about selling drugs to kids or shooting guns in schools. If your answer is no, then tell me whether supporting marriage and traditional families is good or evil for society.

We have reached a crisis situation on both a religious and a secular level. At this point I can’t even guess at the consternation in Heaven over the moral relativism on our earth. God even went so far as to send His Son to atone for our sins and teach us what makes society work. Moreover, the modern reports and statistics confirm what He taught us. But, too many of us have turned our back on Jesus Christ and adopted moral relativism. We might question what God has in store for us in the way of punishment, but it looks like we may be creating our own punishment.

The crisis is just as real on the secular side. Researchers and historians are increasingly concerned because a similar decline in marriage, children, family and fertility was observed in the Greek and Roman civilizations before their downfall. Caesar Augustus tried to reduce this problem in Rome by placing a bachelor tax on single men to promote marriage and children. But, individualism had become too entrenched. Rome fell apart and we entered what came to be known as the Dark Ages. That is where we are headed.


Editors Note:   Larry Plachno is a successful businessman, publisher, author, and composer of an incalculable number of articles relating to family, life issues and associated problems and solutions. This barely scratches the surface of what Larry really is. His love of God, family and country is inspiring.

For years now Larry has shared his writings with us here at the ProLifeCorner and we are truly humbled by his generosity.


3 thoughts on “Jesus Christ, our Economy and our Politics

  1. Moral Relativism has gone beyond thumbing its nose at Critical Thinking – it now rejects even Common Sense! But how are we going to wake up the Selfish Pod People who have landed from who-knows-what planet?

    Perhaps we should focus our energies on our own environment which is protected by prayer and provided for by the Mercy and Love of God. Thus has our household decided to put our attention on surrounding ourselves with people of faith and participating in church activities.

    Then when we are called upon to speak up about why we are cheerfully facing whatever challenges come to us, we have one answer, we respond with the one Name above all others – Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord, Son of the Father Almighty. That’s why we are smiling!


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