La Crosse Has Its Own “Irish Orphanage”

La Crosse, WI – – 6-6-2014 – by Staff – At an orphanage run by the Bon Secours Sisters in Tuam, County Galway, a former septic tank was found filled with bones of infants who died of natural causes and possibly neglect.  County Galway death records showed that the children, mostly babies and toddlers, died often of sickness or disease in the orphanage during the 35 years it operated from 1926 to 1961.


All good people are horrified by this find. All good people should also be aware that those who ran this Irish orphanage may have been responsible for the poor conditions that could have been partially responsible for some of these deaths. Sadly, this kind of horrifying scandal continues today as we have a Catholic hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin, run by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, that is directly responsible for the vicious, brutal, and direct murders of babies by the abortionists on the hospital staff.

There are very disturbing similarities between these cases:

1. In both cases Catholic religious orders that are supposed to protect life are contributing to the deaths of innocent children.

2. In both cases the Bishops of the Dioceses are silent as children are abused.

3. In the case of the Irish orphanage, the bodies of the children were thrown into a septic tank. In the case of the babies killed by the three abortionists on staff at Franciscan Mayo Hospital, the bodies of dead girls and boys are treated as medical waste. In both cases children are treated as human sewage and in both cases these deceased children are denied a Christian burial.

We do have some very real differences in these cases as well:

1. The situation at the orphanage may have resulted from the poverty and lack of resources available to sisters who ran the orphanage at the time. We do know that this is not the case at Franciscan Mayo Hospital because abortionists can make millions of dollars by killing children.

2. Many Catholics are speaking out today against the deadly situation of three abortionists on the staff of the Catholic hospital. 

3. By the grace of God, the situation of poorly run orphanages in Ireland has come to an end whereas the Franciscan Sisters in La Crosse show no sign of ending the deadly practice of having abortionists on staff at their Catholic hospital.

What this story comes down to is a lack of leadership and compassion in the Church, a silent Bishop, and a religious order that refuses to acknowledge that a grave and deadly injustice is taking place.  They refuse to say, “We will have no doctors on staff who directly and intentionally murder babies in the womb.”

This story also comes down to you and me. Will we be silent or will we, with charity and truth, say to Bishop Callahan and the Franciscan Sisters, “It is time for the killing to stop and the healing to begin.”?

Please email your thoughts to Bishop Callahan and Sister.  Maybe they will listen!

Sister Karen Lueck, FSPA

Bishop William Patrick Callahan

NOTE: All of our comments below are excellent and are worthy of taking time to read, but we draw your attention to the latest comment from “ForcedIntoAbortion”.  As this poster so rightly asks, “Is anybody out there?”  “Does anybody care…”

10 thoughts on “La Crosse Has Its Own “Irish Orphanage”

  1. The Franciscans have such a wonderful history of helping the sick.
    Why are they throwing that all away just have some baby killers on staff.

  2. These are dark times when a Catholic hospital has abortionists on duty and a Catholic Bishop won’t do anything about it.

  3. Andy: Point blank – it ALL boils down to wholesale, endemic; complete, total and utter GREED.


    Simply follow the BLOOD MONEY TRAIL

    Doing so WILL tell EXACTLY who it leads to.

    The “leaders” @ St. Francis hospital CLEARLY are absolutely freely deciding AND choosing to DISREGARD Church tradition, teaching AND law concerning abortion.

    Their “leaders”, quite frankly, do NOT, give a damn – as long as they make their quotas AND money and LOTS of it.

    What mainstream folks do NOT know about the goings-on @ St. Francis and countless hospitals, churches, establishments, etc could easily fill a metropolitan city sized library.

    I’m firmly convinced that having @ least 3 ABORTION “doctors” on staff @ an ALLEGEDLY CATHOLIC HOSPITAL absolutely comes down to GREED and GREED on a scale that most folks simply CANNOT even BEGIN to fathom.

    How much longer is this politically correct, most certainly expensive and deadly game of moral relativism, excuse making, hush hushing and entitlement “supposed to” continue, before either it collapses under the weight of its own self inflicted moral decay AND/OR wholly insurmountable zero way to repay debt?!?!??

    They too WILL eventually be forced to close their doors – just like Rockford’s House of 50,000 PLUS Dead Babies called NIWC 1400 Broadway aka Rockford’s Auschwitz.

    As a sexual assault survivor that was bullied, harassed, yelled at and ultimately unceremoniously and coldly FORCED into the “choice” of abortion, I say WITHOUT HESITATION that St. Francis hospital “leaders” are WILFULLY and dare I say happily skipping down the Road to Perdition as they count their hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of dollars in what is little more than butchered babies BLOOD MONEY.

    Again, the REAL face AND consequence of so called “choice” and “reproductive rights.”

    When will already enough become ENOUGH ALREADY?!??

  4. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. May God please help get the abortionist out of our Catholic hospital so we can all work together for the Kingdom of God.

  5. WHERE are…where IS the Knights of Columbus….or ANY solid soldiers of our beloved Ecclesia Militans – the Church Militant – to put down AND help END this outrageous scandal and OBVIOUS BLATANT SCANDAL OF BUTCHERED BABIES, GREED AND CORRUPTION??

    HELLO ???

    Is ANYONE “out there” ??

    Does ANYONE care sufficently enough to do MORE THAN grossly superficial hand-wringing, teeth gritting and grumbling……or has the butchered, mashed bloody semblance of baby faces, disguised as “choice” and “rights” infected the individual AND collective souls of a prestegious Catholic hospital and other Church authorized institutions?!?

    “WHY” would ANYONE consciously, freely decide AND choose to happily step onto, let alone skip hand in hand with colleagues….as they count and divvy up [abortion] money; proverbially stepping over the bodies of medically butchered preborn babies and all too frequently, the hearts AND souls of girls, women and society….as hospital “leaders” count up their blood money on the Road to Perdition.


    Thank God I’m exhausted from work.

    I’ve spent another day verbally and mentally hand-holding certain colleagues and individuals who are absolutely capable of WILLINGLY assuming but a sliver of personal responsibility….yet like the “leaders” of St. Francis hospital, just CAN’T seem to be bothered with anything AND/OR anyone that *might* be a reproach to “whatever” passes for their “consciences.”

    Im simply too tired and too pained after reading this thread to continue.

    Goodnight AND God bless PLC staff, friends AND lurkers and haters too.

    FOLLOW THE BLOOD MONEY TRAIL @ St. Francis hospital and elsewhere.

    Can we say SCANDAL….then horrific lawsuits?!?!??


  6. According to this report Franciscan Mayo in La Crosse has THREE yes THREE abortionists on staff.

    Dr. Carl Rose, Dr. Norman Davies and Dr. Kristi Borowski are abortionists.
    All three of these doctors come to Franciscan Healthcare to work with pregnant women.

  7. “Is anybody out there?” “Does anybody care…”

    This says it all concerning a Catholic hospital with abortionists on staff.

    The answer is yes we have some good people fighting this.

    and No, the Bishop and Sisters are participating in baby killing.

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