Legal Rights Trampled Again in Rockford

Two Rockford Aldermen Take A Courageous Stand; Aldermen Beach And Mark Were The Only Aldermen To Vote To Help Mothers And Children, As City Denies the Legal Rights Of Pro-Lifers Again.

The Rockford Pro-Life Initiative would like to thank Alderman Frank Beach and Doug Mark for their support for a safe parking place for the mobile ultrasound motor-home in its effort to offer free help to mothers and children in Rockford. 
On Monday December 20, 2010 the Rockford city council defeated a request for a parking permit for the mobile ultrasound unit.
One of the major reasons for the defeat of the request was a lie told by a representative of the City Works Department to the Rockford Traffic Commission concerning the Pro-life citizens of Rockford. 
On November 10 2010, a representative of the Rockford City Works Department told the Traffic Commission that if a permit was granted for pro-lifers to park on 10th street, that pro-lifers may begin to jump out from behind parked cars into oncoming traffic to stop cars and force pro-life information on them.
No pro-lifer in Rockford has ever jumped in front of a moving car on 10th street or Broadway to force information on anyone.  What was most telling about this lie is pro-lifers were denied their legal right to video tape what was said at this open meeting.  
This denial of our legal right to video tape enabled the City Works Department and the abortion clinic lawyer to keep hidden from the public the misinformation they disseminated to the Traffic commission.
It is very clear the city of Rockford had something to hide at this meeting and was very willing to take away the constitutional rights of pro-lifers to keep what they told the traffic commission from the public.
Below documents how the vote went that defeated a request for a parking permit.  If the city of Rockford acted honestly it may have had a different outcome.
27. Alderman Johnson moved the adoption of a Code and Regulation Committee Report recommending that "No Action" be taken on the following item:
1. Request from Kevin Rilott, for assigned parking spaces on 10th Street.
MOTION PREVAILED by a Roll Call vote of:
Ayes: Curran, Wasco, Hervey, Jacobson, Johnson, Timm, Elyea, Robertson -8-
Nays: Mark, Beach -2-
Absent: Thompson-Kelly, Beck, McNeely -3-
Below is a link to the Illinois Open Meeting Act that the city of Rockford was in clear violation of when it forced pro-lifers to turn off both video cameras we had at the Traffic Commission meeting on November 10, 2010.
The city protected Wayne Webster again by denying the public the right to hear false testimony from a representative of the city works department, the misrepresentations of the abortion clinic lawyer, and the testimony of Wayne Webster hand picked Alderman Karen Elyea.
Taping and Filming: Section 2.05 of the Act (5 ILCS 120/2.05) provides that any
person may record a public meeting "by tape, film or other means." The section also provides
that "[t]he authority holding the meeting shall prescribe reasonable rules to govern the right to
make such recordings."

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