Letters Needed To Protect Life

Letters Needed To Protect Life

UPDATED: 9:55 PM – ProLifeCorner – 2-7-2016 – by Editor –  Many of hospital no txt 300xyou know of the tragic and scandalous situation of an abortionist who is allowed to see patients at Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Health care, in La Crosse WI.    Both the Bishop of La Crosse and the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual adoration, who have sponsorship of the hospital, allow this life and soul threatening situation to continue.

Appointments are scheduled with mothers in high risk pregnancies with a perinatologist.  Perinatologist, are specialists who come to the Mayo/Franciscan Hospital.  These specialists, perinatologists, do NOT perform abortions in the Mayo/Franciscan Hospital.  However, they do inform mothers of all options including abortion.    These same doctors, perinatologists do perform abortions in  MN at the Mayo Hospital.

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As an act of charity this Lent, would you please consider writing a letter to Bishop William Callahan and Sister Karen Lueck, the President of the Religious Order that has sponsorship of the hospital, asking them to remove all staff privileges for any abortionists from the hospital. We know no Bishop or Religious Order wants to be associated with an abortionist.  Polite letters that ask them to take an honest look at this horrific situation may help to give them the wisdom and faith they need to cut any association with the abortionist.

It is hard to comprehend the thinking behind a hospital’s decision to direct mothers facing a difficult pregnancy to an abortionist.  It is equally as difficult to understand why the Bishop has not yet enforced Catholic teachings regarding this matter.  At this hospital with religious sponsorship, the children most in need of our love may be the ones who are being sent to an abortionist.  Your letters can play a part in ending this tragic situation.

We have provided a link below which, hopefully, will give you a better grasp of the situation. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in late May of 2014, Bishop William Callahan, Bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse Wisconsin, issued a letter regarding life issues. It is a good letter and it appears that the Bishop reaffirmed the Church’s position regarding abortion. The problem, as I see it, is this pastoral letter is being ignored, not enforced, or both. Please write a polite letter asking the Bishop to enforce Church teachings against abortion, abortion referrals, or sterilization referrals at this religious sponsored facility. We pray for the guidance and the courage of the Holy Spirit to lead Bishop Callahan to the right decision. And that decision can only be the removal of any anti-life policies within the boundaries of The Mayo Clinic-Franciscan Healthcare, La Crosse Wisconsin.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We made two corrections on the article above.  The first correction is:  The Franciscan Sisters do not own the hospital; they have sponsorship.  The second correction is:  The abortionist has staff privileges; they are not on the hospital staff.
8:30 AM, 2-8-2016 – Additional article updates

We at the ProLifeCorner apologize for any inconvenience or upset that this report may have caused.

The Most Reverend William Patrick Callahan

3710 East Avenue South P.O. Box 4004  La Crosse, WI   54602-4004

FSPA President Sister Karen Lueck 

912 Market Street La Crosse, WI 54601

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