Marie and Vicki-two faithful servants for life in Rockford.

Well Done Good And Faithful Servants -Two Women Have A Combined 50 Years Of Sidewalk Counseling At Rockford’s Abortion Mill.

Rockford IL.-  Marie Gestrich and Vicki Johnson, one Catholic and one Protestant, have been praying and sidewalk counseling at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford since it opened in 1985.
The love and perseverance of these two women in their efforts to help mothers and children in need is an inspiring story of Christian faith and love that has touched thousands of lives for decades at the Rockford killing center.
They have seen it all at the Rockford mill.  The callous disregard for human life from the abortionists and staff, combined with the deranged antics of the mill landlord, has never stopped them in their ministry to bring life to this place of death.
When Marie was asked why she has spent over 25 five years in the cold, heat, and rain to stand at this abortion mill and she quietly answered, "Because no child should be left here to die alone."
We also asked Vicki a couple of questions, “Why haven’t you given up after all these years?" She responded, "Because abortion has not ended yet and over 1,000,000 babies still die every year in this country.  As Christians, we all have a duty to "love our neighbor."  There are many ways to live out our Christian faith but for me there is no greater need than to try to "rescue those being led to death."  Our world aborts 50,000,000 unborn children every year.  There is no greater evil in the sheer number of deaths."
"What are some of the good things you have experienced sidewalk counseling at the mill?"  "A mom leaving and her baby living.  We all know that there are many children alive today, perhaps hundreds, because of the prayers and counseling on the sidewalk outside the abortion clinic.  We only meet a few of the babies over the years, but we know that we will meet many more when we reach heaven.  I also feel honored that God has called me to this work, as difficult as it is.  I am serving a high purpose in the work of the Lord and it renews my soul."

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