Mark Pickup is an Inspiration to Us All

Mark Pickup is an Inspiration to Us All

ProLifeCorner- Frank Joseph Munda- There’s an old saying, ”I felt sorry for LaRee n Markmyself because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.” It is a rare individual who has not been touched by some form of physical, or mental pain. It seems some of us suffer a little more than others. Mark Pickup and his wife LaRee of HumanLifeMatters have certainly suffered much physical and mental pain over the years. Losing his mobility to MS was a tragedy that would have destroyed a lesser man than Mark. He has carried this cross in a Christ like fashion. His faith in Christ, his love of life has helped him overcome any and all obstacles in his life. They, Mark and LaRee are an example to all of us.

MP 150x Mark recently said: “Despite MS, I live in a wonderful World. Life has been good to me: I love and have been loved. The sun shines even on cloudy days, and I continually think to myself “What a wonderful world.” It no longer matters that my legs don’t work or that I have degenerative multiple sclerosis. I have love (both human and Divine).”

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