Memorial Day Mass and Ecumenical Service.

Freeport, Il 5 31 2011 by Annarae – Memorial Day is the day when we honor those who made the supreme sacrifice so that we can all live in a free society.

At the All Veteran’s Memorial Park in Freeport, IL.  the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered by Father Timothy Barr, of St. Joseph’s/St. Mary’s parishes.  Taps was played and then Pastor Carol of St. John’s United Church of Christ gave a tribute to those who gave their all for our country.  The Memorial Park was a result of many years of planning; it took ten years of hard work to bring the All Veteran’s Memorial Park into being.  The All Veteran’s Memorial Park was built by donations and cost approximately $95,000.
Father Barr spoke of how, on this Memorial Day, we memorialize those who in service of our country made the supreme sacrifice and offered themselves so that we may live in freedom.  He went on to say by having this freedom we can do good or bad.  He encouraged us to use our freedom to do what is good, right, and just.  By doing this it will give us our dignity and will give dignity to those who have given up their lives for us.
Hymns were sung and Taps was played.
Pastor Carol stated she would like to bring us a message of hope and peace.  She spoke of Abraham Lincoln two times and read from a letter he wrote to a Mrs. Bixby of Boston who lost 5 sons in the war.  She also addressed the need for us to encourage veterans to speak out and tell their stories to others; to tell what war is really all about.  She went on to say we need to finish the job that our fallen have started. 
The pastors had many other wonderful things to say; we regret we cannot bring you all of what they said at this time.
In a separate service, Mass was also offered  at Calvary Cemetery that same morning.
We are grateful to those who led us in prayer and to those who came this day to honor our nation’s dead.  May their deaths not be in vain and may we, as a nation, come back to one nation under God.
God Bless America.

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