Motherless: 'A Gift to the Age'

A great Christian tradition that has deep roots in both the Old and New Testaments is teaching through storytelling. Bestselling Catholic novelist Brian J. Gail draws on this tradition with motherless, the second volume of "The American Tragedy in Trilogy," and the result is a stirring work that confirms the comeback of the Catholic novel.

With Motherless, Gail continues to weave a tapestry of stories bursting with tragedy and hope; stories brought to life by the intricate and memorable characters of the trilogy’s first volume, Fatherless. Now in its sixth printing, Fatherless has earned a reputation as a work that stirs the hearts of readers young and old, men and women alike. Originally intended for Catholic audiences, the real life issues and moral truths have drawn readers from many faiths and has sold 20,000 copies in nearly 20 countries. The storylines manage to capture something within every reader and Gail effortlessly weaves solid pro-life catechesis into the flawed lives of his protagonists. Motherless follows in this same light, earning the endorsements of prominent Catholic and intellectual leaders of our time:

"…In a remarkably captivating manner, Motherless depicts our troubled age as it is and as it will continue to be unless we seek the help of the Mother of God…"

+Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura

Motherless we see the deepening of the characters’ struggle between good and evil as family and business conflicts begin to play out on the world stage. From the first bittersweet scene of Father John Sweeney’s hilarious bedside visit with his ailing mother all the way to the heated exchange between old friends as they wrestle with business decisions that have real life or death consequences, Gail uses his 40 years of experience as a husband, father, CEO and entrepreneur to create moments of great humor and stark reality.

"…Motherless is alive with vivid characters, wonderful dialogue and real issues. From start to finish you can’t put it down…"

+Denver Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M.

Brian Gail’s greatest strength as an author, however, may be his unique ability to explain the moral teachings of the Catholic Church through the difficulties and dialogue of the characters. Mystery and intrigue abound as Gail unmasks the architects of the Life Sciences Revolution and sheds light on their diabolical plans for mankind’s "Final Solution." Eerily convincing antagonists plot in boardrooms and laboratories around the world to remake Man in their own image. As their plans become known to the flawed and powerful central characters, hard choices have to be made that not only affect their careers and families, but threaten their lives.

"Fiction has long served as a powerful medium for social criticism and for issuing warnings rooted in a profound concern for fundamental justice and moral truth. Are contemporary fiction writers up to the task? In Motherless, Brian J. Gail proves that he certainly is."

-Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

The problems in the Church are exemplified by the storyline involving a Catholic Hospital owned by a religious order that profits from immoral practices occurring inside its corridors. This all begins to change with the arrival of new CEO Maggie Kealey who, in addition to dealing with serious personal challenges, realizes that her Catholic hospital is dispensing oral contraception, referring for In Vitro fertilization, and profiting from the creation and destruction of human embryos.

"Brian J. Gail’s Motherless depicts the true essence of human embryonic stem cell experimentation and ingeniously intertwines science with a fiction thriller to expose it. Embryonic stem cell research is not about treating our loved ones who suffer from disease. It is ultimately about human cloning. The sheer boldness of Motherless frightens me…"

-Dr. Theresa Deisher, Managing Partner, AVM Biotechnology

It is through this courageous and difficult battle for the soul of Catholic Medicine that Maggie, an abandoned mother of 5, is guided through her greatest personal and moral challenge with the help of Fr. John Sweeney. In these and other intense moments Gail reveals his ability to reach readers of all ages with this a powerful witness to the dignity of human life and the truth of the Church’s moral teachings.

"Brian J. Gail has masterfully and with startling accuracy told the story of our culture. Motherless is both heartbreaking and hilarious, but most of all it is powerfully exposes the cultural and spiritual battles my generation faces today…. I couldn’t put it down."

-Lila Rose, 21 year old Student Activist and Founder, Live Action

Motherless carries a precious thread throughout its pages rooted in the life and character of Father John Sweeney. The author uses this priest, a model of redemption, as an unspoken reminder to all of us that in times of trouble we can always count on the wisdom of Holy Mother Church. This singular Catholic novel builds on the promise of Fatherless, and leaves the reader hungry for what will be the conclusion of the trilogy, Childless, set for release next Fall.

Brian J. Gail has in Motherless the potential of another Catholic Bestseller within the same year as Fatherless! No doubt, this novel will move even more persons of faith and good will to see more clearly the wisdom of the Church, and the urgency of the fight for life and family in which we find ourselves today.

"Motherless…..a gift to the age"

-Philadelphia Bulletin

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