National Catholic Register Attacks Fr. Zuhlsdorf And Michael Voris

Update 12 21 2012: See update below….

Rockford, Il – ( – 12-19-2012 – by James – There have been rumblings for a long time that the National Catholic Register has bought into some aspects of our modern culture.  Sadly, in a recent post on the National Catholic Register web-site, one of their writers posts an article that in effect mocks the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, prayer, faithful Catholic talks, and belief in orthodox Catholicism. 

The writer of this article takes the ultra-left wing approach to Christianity that it is only those who give money to the poor who are real Catholics.

She ridicules a retreat being held by Fr. Zuhlsdorf and Michael Voris that will be focused on the Mass, prayer, Confession, and faithful spiritual conferences.  She then goes on to list charities people should contribute to that clearly leaves the impression that spiritual things like the Mass, prayer, and Confession are not only secondary to “social justice” but “dopey” in her words.

This article that attacks spiritual practices appeared not in the National Catholic Reporter but in what is supposed to be a more faithful paper, the National Catholic Register.  It is very disappointing to see that in the end there is not much difference between these two publications.

Mocking the spiritual life, Mass, prayer, and confession then crowning “social justice” as our new god is not what our Church and our world need now or ever.


This morning, December 21, 2012, a staff member of the ProLifeCorner sent a note to Michael Voris regarding the upcoming seaborne retreat.  We are very grateful to Michael for taking the time out of his busy schedule to share with us some of his thoughts and plans for the retreat.

Hello Frank,

Thank you for your kind words and support.

We are very much looking forward to the retreat as are the nearly 100 people who have signed up in the past few weeks.  So many are coming, in fact, that we have had to go line to the cruise line to ask for more rooms.  We are putting together what we think will be a wonderful opportunity for meditation and reflection during the Year of Faith, with a concentration on The Blessed Mother, The Scriptures and The Sacraments, in addition to The Church in the Modern World.

We are also VERY excited that many many Catholics who up to this point, have not known each other, will have the chance to BE catholic with each other and develop what almost assuredly will become lasting friendships despite some great distances once they return home.  We have people coming from Europe, Asia and Oceania, which is wonderful.

They are coming because they want their faith to be reinvigorated, and emboldened – to meet, in short, others in The Communion of Saints.  The presence of priests on board for Mass, Confession, talks and private guidance is literally a God-send.  And one additional consideration – our cruise organizers have said they only with rare exception due members of the crew ever get to attend Mass because of their very long work hours.  So we are going to open up our Masse for them and try to also have additional Masses said for them, in case some of them cannot attend Mass during our regular schedule.

And you may be certain, that with 100+ solid Catholics on board, it wont be surprising, we hope, to see some perhaps wayward or lax Catholics, or others of good faith be invited to sit in on a conference or two.  What added benefits of holding a retreat where other non-retreatant passengers can learn about the faith in the formal setting of a conference, or informally just talking with them casually over dinner.

Thank you again for the opportunity to share our excitement.

GOD Bless,



53 thoughts on “National Catholic Register Attacks Fr. Zuhlsdorf And Michael Voris

  1. This is sad, attacking these two good men because they want to help others grow in their faith. My Church had taken a trip to holy sites that involved a cruise ship, many good retreats inolve a cruse ship. I know Catholic answers takes retreats on cruse ships.

  2. Now even the Register has bought into the social justice is all that matters mind-set. God bless Fr. Z and Mr. V, they both know the truth that both souls and helping the poor matter and that you can’t do one with out the other.

  3. Both Fr. Z and Mike Voris defend the faith. Is this the best people who don”t like them can do? Say they are bad because they are holding a retreat on a ship during lent?

    You know you are winning the battle when this all all those who don’t like you have. The Catholic Register should be ashamed for this petty attack.

  4. Jim Mitchell
    11:18 AM
    to jdemelo
    Was really confused by Simcha Fisher’s attack mode beginning to an otherwise very worthwhile article [linked the article below]. I don’t get it. Did she attempt to contact either Fr. Zuhldorf or Michael Voris before slamming their cruise? Perhaps she might try a little Lenten humility and do a better job hiding her dark envy of better talents.
    ~ Jim Mitchell

  5. When I first saw this I thought whats the big deal, then I realized it’s in the Register NOT the Reporter. I then looked for some reason for the Registers dislike for these men and could find no valid reason in the article. I guess the Register does not like spititual retreats, they have joined the social justice crowd who doesn’t like any faith sharing.

  6. In Mrs. Fisher’s defense, she was *not* criticizing the retreat because it offered Mass, confessions, etc. There was nothing – I repeat, nothing – in her post that was sacrilegious or blasphemous regarding any of the rites the Church performs.

    Her “beef” is with the fact that the retreat is on a cruise ship and costs $1000 to attend. Her point was that a cruise ship, which is what I assume drove the cost of attending so high, is perhaps not a fitting venue for a retreat. I’m sure that if Fr. Z and Michael Voris changed the location of the retreat and dropped to cost to attend, Mrs. Fisher would cease to protest.

    I will say it again, her post was not blasphemous. To frame her post as a mockery of the rites of the Church is at best a poor reading of her article and at worst calumnious slander.

    • Aquanis, It is a nice thought but you are VERY wrong. Her post is a direct attack, belittling, and dismissal of the profound spiritual good that can and will come from this retreat.

      She just does not like these men so she used the Register to attack them.

    • PS Igantius press had a retreat that that cost $3500 with an upgrade to $4500.

      I did not see her rip into this retreat but she sure did complain that the rather economical retreat by Fr. Z is bad —-this is unfair and shows her real intent..

      • Yup. I recall that IP Retreat very well. Good friends of mine run IP – I was shocked by the cost. 1000.00 is cheap for one of these things…

    • Why is she so concerned about the cost? Is anyone asking her to pay their way? I think not.

      And now comments on the article are closed. Guess NCR and Ms Fisher can’t take the heat.

  7. If you go Mrs Fishers blog she has posts mocking Mr. Voris hair, ridicules both Mr. Voris and Fr. Z calling them “gilligan” from the old TV show.

    Catholic Answers, and many other Catholic groups hold retreats but she saves her venom for Fr. Z and Mike Voris.

  8. Can anyone say “ax to grind?” I followed your link to the blog post and it is pretty clear the author see’s no value in the spiritual blessing that will take place on this retreat or she just has an ax to grind with the people holding the retreat. Lent is one of the best times to hold a retreat.

    I just wish I could get off work to go on this retreat. Mass with Fr. Z and talks by Voris and Z, what a great blessing.

  9. I am SO glad you put the link in to the original article. I hope people read it for themselves. I am one of the critics of that lethal first paragraph in which the cruise and Michael Voris and Fr. Z were the objects of questionable adjectives, “dopey” being one.

    As one who criticized Simcha for the way she came across, may I now step to the defense of both her and the National Catholic Register? Regarding your response, the very thing you are criticizing Simcha for, you have done that and taken it to the next level of twisting her article and reporting on it falsely. I will defend Simcha as much as I defended Voris and Fr. Z. They are all seeking to serve our Lord in the Catholic Church. Simcha is quick and witty and as such, it’s easy to be too loose in reporting things. I am guilty of that sometimes too; it’s a learning curve of writing, public reaction, and self evaluation. I actually agree with Simcha that taking a cruise is a questionable way to spend money when there are so many poor among us. I’m not making a statement of absolutes, only that one must consider the Gospel message when spending on luxuries. I differ with Simcha on the way to question that spending when bringing people into the debate–and that is all.
    You have accused Simcha of: “…mocks the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, prayer, faithful Catholic talks, and belief in orthodox Catholicism.
    The writer of this article takes the ultra-left wing approach to Christianity that it is only those who give money to the poor who are real Catholics.”

    That is NOT true at all. You have just defamed someone’s character–a faithful Catholic Mother of 9 children who clearly did none of those things. Please for the sake of your own spiritual well-being recognize you added your own interpretation and Simcha NEVER did those things. I took issue with that article, but I’m guessing if Simcha was in my neighborhood, we’d be good friends. I would not be good friends with the someone guilty of your accusations. As for attacking the National Catholic Register, really? Do you want to take down an entire staff of people who love their Catholic faith and are serving the Church in a big way. The devil takes great delight in Catholics ripping each other apart. He hates humility and truth. I encourage you to rethink your post and consider taking it down. Thanks for allowing me to express myself. May God bless you abundantly.

    EDITOR: Thank you for your eloquent response. We assure you we will pay attention to all you have said. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will see we are a staunch defender of the National Catholic Register. The author, James, has contacted EWTN and NCR regarding this article. We will continue to pray and try to serve our Lord as best we can.
    May our Lord bless you and your family with a holy and Merry Christmas.

    • I have read and thought about what you posted and I think you are doing what you accuse James of doing. Notice please that he never uses the name of the peopeon who wrote the very wrong blog about Z & V.

      The only logical conclusion a person can reach from the original story against
      Z & V is the Mass, Confession, and the prayer that the retreat will focus on are “dopey” according to the blog writer.

      I thank pro-life corner for loving the Church and the original blog writer to speak the truth that Z & V are good men and the retreat they are holding will be a great blessing for many people.

      Patti, you say you would be good friends with the blog writer who mocks the retreat. Would you also mock people who want to grow in their faith? Is that a good basis for a friendship?

  10. Patti, you are wrong. Mrs Fisher by implying that it is wrong to take part in the Mass, Confession, prayer, and spiritual talks is with out a doubt say giving money to the poor is more important. Why does she and you have to split these good things? We need to do them all.

    You ask this web-site to take down their post, I hope they don’t. why not ask the person who slanderd Fr. Z and Michael Voris to take down her post.

    • I did suggest that other post be taken down too. Simcha’s point was that it an expensive cruise for a Lenten Retreat was not a good idea. I did not support the way she introduced her thoughts and I also commented as much to her. By saying Simcha said all sorts of things she did not specifically say is wrong. I am confident she is not against the Mass. Debates are great but we should not be accusing people of saying things by extrapolating.

  11. Okay, I just went to the link to Simcha’s blog with specific opinions of the cruise.. I think it’s wrong to make fun of people and attack. But I think you are doing the same thing. Stick with the facts and your issues, simply don’t expound beyond what was actually said.

  12. The real issue here is: how appropriate is it to make a retreat on a luxury liner cruise? There may be justifiable reasons, but in my opinion it is not appropriate to spend so much money, especially today when we live in a consumeristic, materialistic society.
    What kind of witness does it give? I can’t imagine saints known for their devotion to poverty, like St Francis, St Clare, etc., approving of this.
    It has nothing to do with orthodoxy or lack thereof, but of what it means to follow Jesus who said, “The foxes have lairs, the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head….” A retreat should be a somewhat penitential time of simple fare, prayer, and penance.

    • How many times have I seen Woman of Grace , Fr Pawka, and others from EWTN have trips and conferences, that cost more than this, nothing said about them. I am sure that the people who go on these retreats spend there money learning more about the faith than laying on a beach tipping waiters and paying for 10.00 drinks.

    • Is it possible that someone may need both a “vacation” and “spiritual respite?” Can one not do both? Many people have very stressful lives and need to be completely removed from normal surroundings to get back in touch with God. Why not on a cruise? Being literally in the middle of nowhere on the sea, it would be impossible not to see the immensity of God, I’d bet. I do not believe that God expects “rich” Catholics to give all of their money away and never take trips/have luxury items. The purchases they make and services they use give others employment opportunitues. NOT everyone is called to a life of abject poverty.( For the record, we are NOT a “rich” family, and never go on trips b/c we can’t afford it.) But I do not fault anyone for choosing that type of break, nor do I find it innappropriate. It’s not my cup of tea, but God reaches each of us in HIS own way. I hope that one day we will be able to save for a trip to Disney with the kids, and when they’re older, some sort of pilgrimage. I do not feel that God expects me NOT to do that so long as I try to care for the needs of those around me. Blessings~

  13. Would the rich man in Christ’s parable of Lazarus feel at home on that cruise? Would Lazarus? Would St John the Evangelist?

    Would Our Lady, who spoke the Magnificat prayer?

    Would Christ?

    Rich US Catholics have a lot to learn about the Catholic faith, before they meet their Maker.

    EDITOR: What better place to learn than by attending a retreat with Mass, confession, and communion?

    • Hi Paul,

      Would all the people you mentioned feel at home with your being judgemental? Would all the people you mention support Simca Fisher call Fr. Z Gilligan and Michael Voris a clown? Would all of the people you mention think the Mass Confession, and spiritual talks should be mocked the way Simca Fisher does?

  14. Spot on, Mack. A Christian retreat is supposed to be a rather ascetical, temporary withdrawal from the world, not a masqued ball. I wonder if the ship, itself, is called the Ayn Rand, or The American Dream?

    Would the worshippers of Mammon and Moloch go on a cruise in clapped-out, old boat, somewhat the worse for wear? The importance of a sense of moral beauty and moral ugliness is central to Christianity, since it should be so obvious, which is why we don’t read of Christ, personally, inveighing against sodomy. Its total sinfulness would have been obvious and well-known to all.

    Not all offences against moral beauty are quite so obvious, but Moses imposed the Commandment from Yahweh that the people were not to seethe a kid in its mother’s milk. An obvious offence against moral beauty, but perhaps not to everyone. Nevertheless, without such a sense, or at least the willingness to acquire one, Christianity is not possible.

  15. A luxury cruise during a penitential season IS hypocrisy, on its very bald face, and Voris et al aren’t going to get out of that. Especially when untold millions are living in tent cities, and many folks in their own parishes are going without food or what is needed for living. Providing a ‘defense’ of the faith, IF that’s what Voris does, is not a sufficient justification. I don’t know who’s idea this was, but clearly the donations to Voris are way too high if he can afford to extend Mardi Gras days into Lent.

    • Come on Meg, I wonder how much the laptop you are using cost? You could have given that money to the poor. i wonder if you have an expensive TV, an expensive car, how many clothes you have. Look at yourself Meg before you lible others.


    Dear Jeanette,

    I appreciate the response but as has been pointed out on a few websites Simca Fisher on her blog has ridiculed Michael Voris for things like his looks. One of her posts goes on about his Donald Trump like hair, calls him a clown and says something about Mr. Voris should be on a ship with other drag queens.

    This post making the rounds asks which one of Fr. Z or Michael Voris is the foolish character from the show Gilligan’s Island.

    I am extremely disappointed in the National Catholic Register for hiding the facts that Simca Fisher has viciously attacked Michael Voris then you try and claim her post is only about a cruise ship during lent. You and I both know this has nothing to do with a cruse ship during lent and everything to do with the National Catholic Register allowing Simca Fisher to use your website to carr on her attacks on Fr. Z and Michael Voris.

    If you can look at the string of vicious personal attacks she has unleashed against Michael Voris and sweep all that under the rug then you are sad excuse for a Catholic paper.

    I read on one site where the Register is being compared to the Reporter. That is unfair. I read a story about this cruise in the Reporter and it was more respectful than your story. I think a better comparison would be the National Catholic Register is turning into the The National Enquirer.

    I just can’t believe you would do such a thing. You may not care but a lot of people are feel very let down by this,

    Susan Goral

  17. It is interesting getting all these different opinions as to whether a retreat should be conducted on a cruise ship or not. We will recall that Jesus was criticized for breaking bread with the tax collectors, the people of money back in his day. Jesus went to where the sinners were. Don’t misunderstand what I am about to say, I am not implying that people who go on cruises are sinners, but we might be surprised as to how much hanky-panky goes on in one of those cruises. It is a strong possibility that when a potential sinner is aware that there is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and confession available, they might take advantage of its presence on board. Let’s be honest, we are all sinners rich, poor, and in between; we all need God’s grace brought to us by his Sacraments. People on a cruise ship are no different than the rest of us. We all need God and his grace.
    $3000 to go on a holy cruise for my wife and I is certainly not in our budget. If I could afford such a trip I can’t think of a better way to enjoy God’s wonderful creation. The beautiful blue seas, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, hearing the word of God, Mass, Communion and Confession sounds good to me. If people can afford a cruise of this nature, I say more power to them.
    I don’t know about you but we are blessed with a very holy priest in our parish. He preaches Christ and has guest priests to come in for parish missions and is only a phone call or e-mail away. He is feeding us the word of God, and that’s all for free, and there are many other parishes out there just like ours.
    One of the other posters asked Simcha if she contacted Father Z or Michael Voris to get their opinions as to why they think a retreat on a cruise ship is a good idea. It would be most interesting to hear what they have to say.
    Some of the people making comments might be putting words in Voris’ mouth. They are making statements such as “a Lenten retreat should be… “. I checked out the Church flier regarding this cruise. It says “Retreat at sea”. It seems to me that they can have a retreat wherever they see fit. Some posters are trying to define what this retreat at sea should be; this doesn’t seem fair to Fr. Z or Michael Voris. I would like to see what these people have to say. Simcha should have started with them, got their thoughts, and then built her article around that.

    • Prayerful son, whoever you are you could be my spiritual director anytime. Well said. Let’s build up the body of Christ not tead down those who hold good reteats.

  18. To all those self rightious people who are defending the attacks on Fr. Z and Mr. Voris.

    Maybe, just maybe you should take a look at Simca Fishers online store (THAT SHE DOES NOT CLOSE DURING ADVENT or LENT) and see the strage things she sells durning Advent and Lent to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Like pink underware with writing across the backside.

    Seems kind of funny that she can profit off of this kind of trash during Advent and Lent then she attacks men who are holding a retreat focused on the Mass, Confession, and Prayer. Hummmmmmmmmm

  19. P.S. she also sells during Advent and Lent a $400.00 pair of pants with writing across the butt to draw mens attention to the backside of the woman who is wearing them.

    It’s a fact: men’s eyes are automatically drawn to a woman’s crotch.



    • wow! I did not think that this whole controversy could get any weirder. You have uncovered the definitive proof of sheer hypocrisy on the part of Ms. F…how can anyone who can justify the sale of a $400 pair of pants (during Advent as you note) which are very immodest, with that truly yucky ad copy, criticize a retreat on a ship or anywhere else? did you also see her “pants pass”? what is that for? to imply that traditional Catholics sit around judging women who don’t wear dresses or long skirts? I bet it is some kind of snarky statement against trads…wow, sad really sad.
      However I did have a homeschooling NON CATHOLIC Christian mother tell me once that I was going to go to hell if I did not homeschool my kids! She was wearing a long skirt actually… :)

      Ok, so I know I am totally being guilty of gossip now, and I am gonna stop! Please forgive me Jesus. This has been a very strange day…

      • PS: as a new Christian at the time, I sort of thought she might be right, so I did homeshool my girls for many years, until I thought I would blow my brains out if I kept on…they turned out ok.

  20. Robert, I think you just put an end to this conversation. I don’t think those who claim a retreat at sea is a bad thing can defend their position any more wearing their $400.00 pants!

    EDITOR: You’re right-this should nip it in the bud! At the very best, what she is doing is tacky. Three pair of her pants and you have the cost of a 7 day cruise. she just doesn’t make sense.

  21. Recognize it for what it is..along with the many other subtle attacks on our faith..the flock is being struck and will scatter…the church..the Bride of Christ is on her way to Crucifixion…we are in the beginnings of an eventual persecution.The church will be crucfied to the point of death..then rise again like the Lord.Hold close to the faith..don’t ever give up or give in no matter what comes upon us.

  22. I am familiar with Father Z, Michael Voris, The National Catholic Register, and ( more recently) with Simca Fisher. I believe that ALL of them love our Lord and are seeking to serve the Church. At moments like these I do believe that less is more: that is, less chatter and more prayer. We have an enemy who enjoys watching us be angry with each other. But just like in our individual families, we must EXPECT that we will ALL get it wrong now and then and be ready to forgive immediately and look only for the best. As was proven this week past, our charity, prayer and love are needed in this world very much. We can start by extending it wholeheartedly to those of our own family, Christ’s Church. From there we can bring many more souls to Him. God bless.

  23. Are you kidding me? Simcha is entitled to her opinion and I don’t for one second believe she feels mass, confession, and prayer are secondary to social justice. This is what you call a tempest in a teapot. Shame on you for fanning the flames of discord, don’t we catholics have enough to contend with without turning on each other? I must admit, I enjoy reading Simcha, Fr. Z. , and listening to Michael Voris on the Vortex, but when I first read about the upcoming retreat on the Churchmilitant website, I thought it seemed inappropriate. I don’t think Lenten retreats and a cruise on a ship go together so I guess I should be stoned the same as Simcha.

      • Honestly, Marcus, I read the whole article as I read just about everything by Simcha that comes from the Register. But since reading through more of these responses I followed one of the links to her blog and I was very disappointed. She does indeed seem to be attacking Michael Voris in her blog in a very nasty manner. It is so discouraging. I am a devoutly catholic stay at home mom just trying to navigate my way through the catholic blogosphere. Really don’t know who to believe anymore. But I still stand by my original thought that a Lenten Cruise is not appropriate. Sorry if that offends, but it was my first honest reaction. When I first heard Michael Voris he reminded me of a voice I sadly miss, Fr. John Corapi. So when I read Simcha’s comment I had an “a-ha” moment. Although I thought she was over the top with sarcasm, I could appreciate that we had the same sentiment. I don’t begrudge catholics taking cruises for religious retreats, I guess I just held Michael Voris to a higher standard and I was surprised.

        • Susan, Did you read the Michael Voris letter above? What a wonderful retreat that will help so many people. how could anyone be against this?

  24. Susan, you are right Simca is entitled to her opinion. But so are the people who have pretty clearly shown that her opinion of Fr. Z and Mike Voris is an opinion based on bad information and a personal dislike for them.

    I think it’s good that all these opinions can be looked at. I for one would consider it an honor to go on the retreat.

  25. This comment below was posted on Simcha Fishers blog Simcha Fisher, see for your self.

    The bigotry and contempt she hold others in is disgusting!

    Simcha Fisher
    Oh, Karl Keating! What’s a guy like you doing in a place like this? The Jerk is still sleeping off last night’s Night Train bender, but maybe until he’s more alert, I can respond.

    I think you are misunderstanding The Jerk’s role on my blog. People don’t read The Jerk to get the facts; they read The Jerk to see in print what everyone’s secretly thinking in their heart of hearts, after going on a Night Train bender.

    The Jerk and I both saw the Michael Voris cruise, and thought, “Ugh, who wants to be stuck on a boat with Michael Voris?” But then we saw that it was being advertized as a Lenten retreat, and that’s when we realized it was time for The Jerk to respond.

    Catholics on cruises? A-ok with me, not that anyone needs my permission. Catholics throw the best parties. While cruises don’t appeal to me personally, I don’t go after Catholics who live the high life, on land or on sea. Drinking and having fun while pursuing intellectual and spiritual growth are utterly Catholic, and there’s not really anything more to say about that.


    Making it during Lent, and calling it a “retreat” — that’s indefensible, and laughable.

    Voris’ lackeys are the same ones (literally the same people — I checked their emails!) who, trained in the school of Voris, fell all over themselves condemning Cardinal Dolan (literally condemning. They said that he was going to Hell, and that I was, too, for defending him) for living it up at the Al Smith dinner. They just couldn’t believe that a PROMINENT CATHOLIC would be eating FANCY, EXPENSIVE FOOD during this SOLEMN SEASON (by which they meant “right before the election”).

    The Jerk wasn’t going after Voris for hosting a cruise. He was going after him for his ludicrous, tin-eared hypocrisy. There’s no exaggeration there. Here is a guy who makes his living training people to sniff out sin in their fellow Catholics, and he pulls some spectacularly inappropriate nonsense like this — and his hordes of internet assassins has got everyone so terrified that they don’t even dare to speak the name “Voris” for fear of being overtaken by the mob. It’s just disgusting, and I firmly believe that The Jerk has done a service here by reminding people not to be afraid of this dope.

  26. A $400.00 dollar pants!!!!!!!!! And this person is saying $1000 for a week long retreat is to much??????

    Yike, for two pairs of pants and one pant leg you could have a great retreat and she is complaining.

  27. For those of you who are concerned about Simcha’s shop where there is a pair of $400 pants w/writing on the backside — you need to read more of her blog before you go attacking her for that. The “shop” is a JOKE. It’s not meant to be serious. When you click on the link at the top of her main blog page that reads Simcha’s Store, it takes you to another page w/in her blog which reads: “Don’t forget your custody of the eyes and check out my CafePress store of Dreadful Products.” To me, that statement alone is a HUGE indicator that this shop of hers is just meant to be a JOKE. Simcha’s style of writing should be another indicator. She can be snarky and a bit dry-witted in her writing and both of these traits indicate that she likes a joke. Simcha is also very smart. She knows her blog appeals to a great number of faithful Catholics who would be very put-off if they thought she was seriously hawking goods that were of a questionable nature. If she was seriously trying to make money with her “shop” it would be full of things with her blog name and/or logo or things that would appeal to the people who read her blog. One final thing that points to her “shop” being a joke — look at the prices of the other items. Two of the women’s t-shirts have odd looking prices — $25.19 and $31.19 and the other one has a normal looking price but only nets her $5.00 profit which is ridiculously low if she’s really looking to make lots of money off of this as previous commenters seem to imply. The vast difference between a profit margin of $1.00 (on the pink panties) and the $372.01 she’d get for the yoga pants should be enough to clue anyone into the fact that this “shop” is obviously a joke. Anyone who pays half attention to what Simcha writes on a regular basis can tell you that she likes a good joke and often pokes fun at herself as well. Clearly, those who are so concerned with this shop of hers, haven’t read or don’t read her on a regular basis.

    As for the rest of the attacks on Simcha and her blog posting, I will say it again, you *clearly* need to read more of her blog. One blog posting does not an entire blog or blogger make. I know Simcha a little bit better than I’d warrant the majority of the commenters here know her. She is a good, faithful Catholic who is being much maligned by a lot of people over a teensy bit of snark and a nugget of truth as well. You can disagree with her without calling her names or maligning her character.

    EDITOR: A Catholic living their faith should not be “snarky”. If it isn’t Christ-like it should not be done.

  28. Why does the National Catholic Register continue to allow writers who post articles that mock the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, prayer, faithful Catholic talks, and belief in orthodox Catholicism to continue to write for them. These individuals need to be dismissed immediately!

  29. Just came across this. Simcha’s problem was not with the retreat but that it was during Lent. She thought people shouldn’t be spending money on luxuries during Lent. She gets on my nerves too with some blogs including this one with some of her comments because I like Father Z and Michael. However, the fact that it was Lent was what bothered her. I can’t see that anyone got that point. The other blogger I don’t like at National Catholic Register is Mark Shea.

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