National Catholic Register – We Deserve Better  Rockford IL-  8-15-2013   The National Catholic Register is an excellent Catholic newspaper.  They have many professional and experienced writers who report the news with truth and faith.  Sadly, they also carry a writer named Mark Shea who seems to be making a career out of distorting the truth about conservative Catholics and painting them all with the same vicious and hate-filled brush. 

Here is an example of how Mr. Shea puts all conservative Catholics in the same boat and then attempts to sink that boat with lies and distortions.

Mr. Shea has every right to hate “Conservative Catholics” as he puts it but he is tarnishing a good news paper like the National Catholic Register with his vitriol and outright lies toward people who take their faith seriously.

Does the National Catholic Register share Mr. Shea’s opinion of faithful and Conservative Catholics – time will tell.

If you have concerns about Mr. Shea’s dishonest attacks on faithful Catholics please contact Jeanette DeMelo at the Register

11 thoughts on “National Catholic Register – We Deserve Better

  1. Shea is a talented writer but talent does not make up for good manners, common sense, and his bigotry against conserative Catholics.

  2. Mr. Shea has bravely defended the dignity of human life when some others did not. Many folks have also testified online that his writings have brought them into the Church. Attacking Catholic apologists by name and in public does nothing to advance the Faith.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

    EDITOR: Thank you for your comment. We do not deny the fact that Mr. Shea has written some wonderful articles. What Mr. Shea needs to do is to be consistent in his writings. It has been stated one cannot do good with one hand and evil with the other; we recognize the fact that there are some who call themselves conservative, some are Pius X, etc.. What we and all Catholics need to do is to go back to the basics. Follow the teachings of Holy Mother Church, in particular study and follow the Catechism of the Church; we need to be one in Christ now more than ever.

    • Editor:

      Thank you for your reply. And in general I certainly agree with you. But I think that a public attack, by name, on another Catholic apologist willl in the end be counter productive to our efforts in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

      God bless

      Richard W Comerford

      ED: Please pray for us and our Church.

      • Editor:

        I certainly will do so. You folks are wonderful defenders of life and quite heroic.

        God bless

        Richard W Comerford

        EDITOR: Thank you and God Bless you.

  3. Thanks for posting this link on the Register! I’ve emailed Mrs DeMelo to tell her how much Mark and Simcha’s writing has meant to me over the years, and how truly helpful and inspirational it continues to be.

    • Wow KM, you are inspired by lies and attacks on your fellow Catholics that Mark Shea wrote in that article.

      Thank you pro-life corner for posting a link to Mark Shea’s writing. It sure opened my eyes to what he thinks.

  4. If you read Mark Sheas article the only reason he wrote it is to attack fellow Catholics. To attack ALL Catholics who believe in Tradition.

  5. Mark Shea does all this so people will talk about him. He is like the race baiters we see in the news. Mark Shea is a Catholic baiter.

    His bigotry has grown very thin.

  6. Send a note to the Register about this. It’s up to them to either accept Marks Shea and his contempt for Catholics who believe Tradition is a good thing or to accept his flame throwing.

    We can learn a lot about the Register from this situation. Are thy concerned about promoting the faith or attacking Traditional Catholics.

  7. To the National Catholic Register, EWTN, and Mark Shea,

    I was shocked beyond words when I read the contempt Mark Shea holds Conservative Catholics in. He paints all of us with the same bigoted and deceitful brush.

    Just because I am not a liberal does not mean I want to lynch people. Just because I love a beautiful Liturgy does not mean I want to impose the Catholic faith on the world by force.

    I am mostly disappointed because every time I see an article from the Register now I will know that the Register employs a writer that hates with a passion people like me.

    Mary Haskell

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