National Catholic Reporter And Accountability – 1-28-2013 – by Staff – This newspaper could accurately be referred to as the National Dissenting Reporter (NDR).  The news paper known as the National Catholic Reporter has used the sexual abuse crisis as an excuse to attack Catholic teachings on Papal authority, celibacy, our male Priesthood, and the structure of the Church.

On the National catholic Reporter’s web-site they have a section called “Accountability.”  In this section they have promoted articles by members of non-Catholic liberal denominations attacking the Church and our Bishops, along with hundreds of articles trying to use the abuse crisis as a tool to attack and change Catholic teaching.

Now it is time for some real “Accountability.”

The National Catholic Reporter has been held accountable by the Bishop of their Diocese for grossly distorting the Catholic faith. They no longer have the right to call themselves Catholic.

Will they accept the Bishop’s decision and stop calling themselves Catholic or do they think they are above being held accountable?

It will be interesting to see if they continue to distort the facts to call others to be accountable, but will continue to abuse the minds and souls of their readers by continuing the lie that they are a Catholic publication.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: We’d like to remind our readers not to be confused by the two “NCR’s” that are out there.  The National Catholic Reporter (NCR) is the wayward newspaper.

The National Catholic Register (NCR) is the newspaper that promotes true Catholic teachings and information.

Please feel free to contact the editor and publisher of the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) and ask if they are still going to call themselves Catholic in defiance of Bishop Finn.

 Tom Fox Publisher

Dennis Coday Editor

Please sign petition………

 USCCB – Please De-Credential National Catholic Reporter


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  1. You are a faithful member of the holy Catholic Church, the Church Christ founded, if you accept and adhere to ALL the teachings of the Church and the Magisterium.
    Otherwise, your eternal soul is in jeopardy. Please read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Our Lady Mother of the Church, pray for us.

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