New Author To Appear On The Prolifecorner

New Author To Appear On The Prolifecorner

ProLifeCorner- Dubuque Iowa-  Frank J. Munda-

Trina 175xWe at the ProLifeCorner have been very blessed in many ways. One of the ways our Lord has blessed us abundantly is by providing to us some wonderful writers. Over the years we have carried the writings of Mark Pickup, Kevin Rilott, Christopher Clukey, and Larry Plachno to name just a few. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to a new writer. Her name is Katrina Hingtgen, Speaker, Author, and Blogger. She and her husband Lonnie reside in Dubuque Iowa. Katrina has been involved in the pro-life movement for many years. She spoke at our parish and she is a gifted speaker.She has been a key member of the Dubuque County Right to Life for many years. She is a practicing Christian now, but in her earlier days she was heavily involved in the New Age religion. She speaks on various subjects such as pro-life, her conversion story and much more. At the end of this article I will provide full contact information, her blog site, etc..

Katrina told us “When I am not praying, working or speaking, I am writing. I love to write and encourage others. When I am not doing these things, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our daughter -when she comes home or we travel to her.” Katrina further stated “From my personal experiences with difficult health issues, I speak to groups about healing through faith and laughter. I share my faith and humor to keep myself healthy and have helped others to feel better through their health difficulties.” She continued by saying “I am the Executive Assistant for a local Right to Life office. My job, along with an assortment of administrative tasks,  includes writing various pro-life articles, speaking in the tri-state area of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin and editing our pro-life Newsletter.”

As one of editors of the ProLifeCorner I am looking forward to sharing with you some of her writings. I know you faithful readers will make her feel welcome by leaving any thoughts or comments that you might have on her writings.

The article which we are about to present is, in my opinion, very insightful. We get so tied up with fighting abortion that we often forget that abortion is the effect and the promiscuity of the sexual revolution is the cause.

See contact information after her article.

Pray to end….

By Katrina Hingtgen –   For years and years we have been praying for an end to abortion. In front of abortion clinics, in church, in our cars, in chapels, in private homes, in Washington, D.C. and countless other places. We have waged war against the Roe v. Wade decision made in 1973. It has been a long battle and it has been very necessary. We need to continue this battle and we need to continue our prayers.

But praying for an end to abortion is defensive. Abortions are committed and we pray to end the killing spree. We help women and men pick up the pieces when they regret their abortion decisions, praying with them and leading them to retreats to help find healing. We talk to girls and young women and try to help them receive the help they need to carry their baby to term and either raise the baby on their own or offer their baby for adoption. We even help people working in the abortion industry to find new jobs and get a new start in life and for life.

While we need to continue our defense, we also need to bring in the offense. Play both at the same time. Instead of continually doing clean up work, we need to do preventative maintenance and a lot of it.

Please continue to pray for an end to abortion, but start praying for an end to the sexual revolution. The sexual revolution started in the 1960s and since then, we have legalized abortion, contraception, a great increase in STD’s, pornography, sex trafficking, and so many other problems. We need to pray for an end to casual sex, “hook ups”, pornography, sex trafficking and every other sexual activity that has led us so far away from God’s plan for our sexuality.

Our world has taken something beautifully designed by God and perverted it almost beyond recognition. We need to pray to get back to the original plan, God’s plan. His plan is always perfect and left to our own devices, we stray far from where He wants us to be…heaven!

Katrina’s blog:

Katrina’s Contact page!contact/ca3v

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